Move Monday: Prenatal Workout For Everyone

This weekend was just exhausting.  I would recap it, but truthfully, I’m not 100% sure what happened. You know it’s hectic when you can say that and you were totally sober. I recovered by sleeping for 11 hours on Saturday night. That, my friends, is a talent. The gigantic meal at Outback MIGHT have had something to do with all of that sleep. I’m pretty sure my body thought I was trying to hibernate for the winter.


The sleep was needed though and I’m (surprisingly) refreshed for Daylights Savings (though, I’m sure the true impact of that lost hour will hit me in a few days/weeks as it always does). I am ready to tackle this week and new workouts!

Speaking of workouts… I am frequently getting more double takes and questions at the gym about how and why I am still working out. It amazes me the comments I’ve heard, especially from other (fit) women about how they never realized that they would still work out while pregnant. WHAT? REALLY? Thankfully, I also go to a very supportive gym where I’ve seen at least 2-3 other pregnant woman working out until the bitter end. The majority of the instructors have been also been pregnant at some time or another (and continued to work out and teach). It’s a weird mix!

Have I mentioned  that I’m surprised to discovered that the workouts that I find the easiest to do actually involve strength training? Yes? Oh, well I’m going to mention it again. Since I’m currently in Best Body Bootcamp limbo (yes, I am crazy and I’m all signed up for Round 5 – which starts April 1st <– you can sign up too!!), I’ve been making up workouts on the fly and I’ve found myself doing this workout more than once (mainly because I am not very creative at 5:30am). It’s a safe prenatal workout that anyone can do!

Warmup: 10 minutes of cardio. (I usually walk at a 4.2-4.3 at a 3.0 incline. Although when I’m feeling inspired I do my 20-minute walking workout!)

Recommended Weights: I generally use 10-12lb weights with each move (except the pushups, obviously).  Prior to getting pregnant I was using 12-20lbs, so this is a step down for me. I find it tricky to figure out which weights I should be using when pregnant. I don’t want to overdo it but, I also want to still feel like I’m actually getting in a good workout. I try to test them out before I start a set, reminding myself that I am doing 4 sets total.

Instruction: Repeat each superset 4 times before moving on the the next one. (see below for video links to some of the moves)

Prenatal Full Body Workout

The killer to this workout (for me) has been set #3. It’s not just working my chest and back – but balancing on the ball  also works my butt and hamstrings (and as much as the core as it possibly can). My legs are usually screaming just as much as my chest/back when I’m done!

I will warn you, every time I’ve done this workout, I’ve been sore everywhere afterwards. It doesn’t necessarily make me sweat like crazy – but it is definitely effective. Try it and let me know what you think!

So… did you survive Daylights Savings and find that extra hour somewhere in your day? Or are you like me – just waiting on the change to reek havoc later this week?


  1. Maryellen says

    11 hours!!!
    What a nice, sweet husband you have!! Good for you!! Walked my 2 miles today with my little 2lb’ keeps my hands busy although it doesn’t give me anything back!! Maybe I should kick it up notch.. 5lb’s?? Glad that you got to sleep in!! <3

    • says

      Nice job on the walk!! I will stand by my thought that carrying the weights while you walk isn’t going to do much for you – if anything it can lead to injury! I would do the cardio first and add in some subtle strength moves through the rest of the day for better results :)

  2. says

    I like all these on the stability ball! I need to give them a shot, although I am horrible at overhead presses even on the floor, so I will probably need to use like 2#s when I try that one ;)

    You know something? I really felt that hour missing from my day all day yesterday. I was not thrilled about that. Why can’t we spring forward on a Monday afternoon? When I’m at work? And ready to go home?
    Melissa recently posted..I’m Back

    • says

      I used to be SO afraid of the stability ball – and I have no idea why! They are some of my favorite exercises now.

      For some reason I have killer shoulder muscles, so overhead presses don’t phase me — but I have the weakest lats in the world.

      I agree – WHY can the time change in the middle of day when we are at work?? I’m sure I’d still miss the sleep, but it would hurt less.

  3. Stefanie says

    Thank GOD I am working from home this week. Otherwise waking up this morning and taking the kiddo to daycare would have been the worst ever. At least we have the week to adjust!


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