Five for Friday

1. My first ever giveaway is closed and I’m excited to announce the winners!


Thanks to everyone who entered! I hope you all will still sign up for bootcamp (remember today is the last day before the price increase!).

All winners have been contacted via the email address you provided. Please let me know if you did not receive anything from me! Looking forward to bootcamping with all of you :)

2. It’s been a weird week. I’ve been crazy busy at work and I feel like I’ve barely seen my kids! In fact, L got spend her birthday as an only child (Surprisingly, I don’t think she was a fan).


B spent 2 nights with my dad and on Wednesday went to a Spring Training Baseball games(Nationals vs. Braves).


They sat by the bull pin and one of the pitching coaches for the Nationals gave him a ball. He was psyched!

They weren’t really rooting for anyone (born and raise Red Sox fan right here!) but the Nationals won. B also got to witness his first foul ball incident – the ball bounced off something and hit a teenager in the nose (breaking his nose). Apparently it was not pretty. Dan actually caught the ball after it hit the kid. Don’t worry, he gave the ball to the kid.

3. Last night both kids spent the night with my mother-in-law and Dan and I went on a REAL DATE.


It was impromptu, but we went to Seito in Baldwin Park.  There was a massive amount of sushi involved. (FYI – My favorite roll in the world is at Seito — the Torchamaki: Spicy crawfish, asparagus, cajun mayo, wrapped in whitefish and set ablaze with a torch…drool.). Ahhh – so good. For the record, I did eat ONE spicy tuna roll… everything else was cooked. We ordered WAAAAY too much as you can see from the picture (but it was an awesome lunch today!).

It was sooooo bizarre getting up for work today without having to worry about the kids. I’m pretty sure we were both up and out of the house in under 45 minutes. I got to work at 8:15!!!

4. My yard has mulch!!


Yes, it still needs a few more bags…

Do you know the last time my yard had mulch? Umm… neither do I, it’s been that long. And I’m NOT 100% sure why we didn’t mulch it sooner.

Here’s the thing — my HOA covers lawn care (THANK GOD) and they used to mulch our yard once a year. Then the neighborhood switched from the builders running the HOA to the homeowners running the HOA (as it should be). When this happened things went a little nuts. They added speed bumps. They made new rules and they added a gate guard. They still pay for lawn care – but the the mulch is out. Truthfully, I think they would rather just give us mulch. We’re lazy like that.

5. I was going to save these links for tomorrow’s post but they are just too good not to share now.

First up is Kara’s post on Twitter etiquette  Please read this if you are on Twitter. I know I’m guilty of doing some of these things, but I understand her rage.


Second is Lindsey’s post on blogging. Even if you aren’t a blogger, you might appreciate it because she (nicely) points out a lot what I see happening in the blog world. I love reading blogs, but when you go from being personal and sharing your life to constantly doing giveaways and sponsored posts I just want to delete you from my reader. Plus it’s a great reminder for us bloggers to be ourselves.



And with that… I’m out. I have a very uneventful Easter weekend ahead of me. Minus a trip to the gym, we have zero activities planned (everything was cancelled due to Spring Break/Easter). Maybe I’ll even relax a little? Yeah right.


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      Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience — and for saying what a lot of us are thinking! (and congrats on finishing your Internship – woo-hoo!)

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    I love mulch – our old HOA changed over to black mulch a couple of years ago and I love that too. We’ve been spoiled – We are skipping mulch this year at the new house.

    We blew off swimming tonight so we have zero kids activities this weekend…..starting next weekend we’ll have 3 a weekend for a few weeks until skating is over. I am seriously considering stopping swimming after this session – I loved having my Friday night free.
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    I am clearly WAY behind on my blog reading and am finally getting caught up (probably only to get behind again, but whatever).

    I had no idea you were a Red Sox fan, but this New Englander totally approves. :)

    Our HOA switched from builder to homeowners in 2007, and my husband and I have both served on the board (I just got off this year). Ugh, it is such a pain. Our problem is that all the board members were completely new to this and until 2 years ago we had a TERRIBLE property manager who (a) gave poor financial advice and (b) hid homeowner complaints instead of addressing them. So when the new property manager came on board we discovered all sorts of very costly problems and ended up spending $30,000 on landscaping/water issues in a few short months. A lot of $ for a 28-unit complex! Our landscapers suck and we’re now going to try our THIRD company in the hopes of seeing some improvement. We had switched to every-other-year mulching to save $, but even when they do mulch it just looks terrible. This kills my landscaper husband, who always ends up fixing our area b/c he can’t stand to look at it. Ugh.

    Sorry for such a long comment, I got all fired up!
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      I am originally from Boston (I moved to Florida in middle school), so yes – Red Sox all the way! I grew up going to the games every summer. I still love visiting Fenway when we are up there!

      Blerg on the HOA. When the builder ran the HOA we spent A LOT of money replacing gates because people kept crashing through them in the middle of the night. It was so annoying. Thankfully, our fees are now lower than they were initially – but it took a few years to straighten out.

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