And I raaaaaan…

I did something this morning that I haven’t done in over 14 weeks. I ran.


Now, I didn’t go into this “run” thinking it would be glorious. No, I think I had reasonable expectations — that it might make me pee my pants and it was gonna hurt.

I didn’t think it would hurt quite as much as it did though. Holy hell.


What’s sad is that I only ran for 5 minutes. After a 5 minute walking warmup I ran for 2 minutes. I thought I was going to cry. I then walked until I hit 10 minutes, put a pause on the treadmill, and hit the bathroom (I did exceed expectations in the peeing department – I apparently still have some bladder control). I then walked another 6 minutes and decided to run again for 3 minutes. For about 1 minute it actually felt good. I even rocked out a little bit during that one minute, just like old times (I’m pretty sure the people at my gym think I’m insane). But then, I just wanted to cry.


I finished my workout with 25 minutes on the elliptical – which is way more comfortable on my crotch (but not as good as a workout overall. Plus BORING.).

A few people asked me why I ran. Simple – I am crazy.


I think that even looks like me at this point…

I’m also figured it might coerce the baby into coming out. Hmmm.

So far it’s done nothing more than make my pelvic region and ligaments ache — and make me walk like I am carrying a watermelon between my legs. Which I guess I technically am since the Dr. said the baby’s head is really low (I guess that’s promising?). He also said “see you next week!” (not so promising). So, he’s optimistic. I really don’t expect to go into labor early, despite what it sounds like. I really am taking a Zen approach to this whole birth thing. I’m even OK with being induced sometime between May 12th and 15th (my Dr. is usually on call early in the week – and I’d rather just schedule it with him than get someone I dislike. I’m sure we will discuss it next week). Now, if only I could get comfortable and get some sleep.

In exciting news, our photographer from Sunday – Andi – posted a sneak peek picture on her Facebook page today (<–go check it (and my belly button) out!). I’m so excited to see more!!

Oh and one more thing — tomorrow is MAY!!! It’s baby time. Bring it on!

Weekend Recap

No, I haven’t had the baby yet. See?


Now that that’s out of the way – let me tell you about my weekend.

Friday was uneventful. I skipped my workout after work (it’s hard to work out when you leave the work out clothes at home) and went shopping instead. I know I am thoroughly ready for this baby because I went to Babies R Us and couldn’t find a single thing I needed. However, I trip to Carter’s proved that I needed these things…

I really need to stop shopping... but how cute??

That night I think I went to bed at 10:30. Probably a good thing because I had a bout of insomnia from about 1:30-4. That was pretty awesome. Thankfully, I went back to sleep for another 3 hours or so and didn’t feel that horrible in the morning. I wish I could say I was up for exciting reasons like contractions, but no. I was just awake.

Saturday morning was busy, as usual. I had to chose between taking L to dance and B to baseball. It was like Sophie’s Choice, junior edition. Why is it necessary for all kid activities to be scheduled at the same time? I went with baseball since B’s game AND practice were cancelled last week thanks to rain.


After the game, a few of the kids stuck around and played in the nearby playground – until is randomly started pouring (for about 5 minutes – then we didn’t see rain for the rest of the day). I took that as a sign that we should get going and head to the gym where I spent 45 boring minutes on the treadmill. I walked 3 miles at a 2% incline. I’m trying to walk the baby out, but I’m pretty sure the only thing that it’s doing is giving me crotch pain.

After a typical Davis Bakery lunch, we headed home.


The kids napped (a perk to early risers and being on the go all day, I guess) while I cleaned, wrote thank you notes, and did stuff around the house. Yeah,  thrilling. It was actually another exciting night in the house – we ate burgers for dinner, caught up on a few episodes of The Americans, spent some quality time with my exercise ball, and then went to bed early. What can I say, waking up 8 times a night to pee has turned me into a party animal.

I woke up with race envy (could I know more people running/racing this weekend??) and somehow convinced my husband to run up to Starbucks for breakfast. The kids continued their whole “It’s Sunday and you people are both home so we’re going to act insane” schtick, but thankfully got it all out of their system before he we headed to Winter Park for family/maternity pictures.

On our way to take family pictures. I never know if I'm wearing too much makeup or not enough.

I’m hoping pictures were a success! The kids were unbelievably happy and nice to each other – so at least we should get some cute pictures of them (hopefully of Dan and I too).

Afterwards, we decided to grab lunch and walk around Park Ave. I wished we lived closer to this area, because I would be here regularly for brunch!


We decided to eat at Prato – sharing a beet salad and two different pizzas (Margherita and Amatriciana) .





I love the whole Italian farmhouse atmosphere. Winter Park can be very, umm, trendy (putting it nicely), but Prato is extremely family friendly which I appreciate.



After eating we walked up and down Park Ave trying to find the chocolate shop Dan remembered going to as a kid. We couldn’t find it, but we ended up at Kilwin’s and managed to pick up some fudge there. I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but this fudge is good stuff. At least we know it will last a while. Or that we can share with friends.



The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning, napping, working out, and playing (depending on which family member you are talking about) and I went on an ALWAYS exciting food shopping trip. Our fridge is looking full! The real miracle is that nobody at Publix commented that I was “about to pop!”, which I’ve heard for the past 4 weeks (mostly from men – do you guys lose your filter around pregnant women or something??).  I think I’ve reached that scary point where people are afraid to make eye content with you with the fear that they will put you into labor and therefore will be responsible for delivering the baby. Or maybe I’m overthinking it? 😉

I have a busy week ahead of me full of movies, appointments, and a massage – and maybe a baby if he/she decides to join our family. No pressure, BW3 – but you are free to join us at ANY time.

How was your weekend? Did you run a race? PR? Eat yourself silly? Do tell!

Good Reads

Well, yesterday definitely went better than Thursday. It’s amazing how nutty hormones can make you, huh? Here’s what I’m reading this week…


My posts:

Videos You Should Watch:

What were some of your favorite posts/video clips of the week? Happy Weekend!!

Thursday Things

I can’t believe another week has flown by! Here are this week’s Thursday Things…(warning…it’s kinda all over the place).

1. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. I’m not 100% sure if it’s a cold or allergies, but I’m taking Zyrtec-D as if it’s allergies and hoping it doesn’t turn into a sinus infection. I had a brutal sinus infection the last few weeks I was pregnant with L (it cleared up before she was born, thankfully), which resulted in a horrendous cough AND ear infection – so I’d like to avoid that at all costs.  I feel better, but now have medicine head and zero appetite. I really CAN’T complain because I’ve pretty much avoided being sick for most of this pregnancy, but REALLY body? NOW?


2. Today is “Take Your Kids To Work Day” and unlike last year my work is actually did something. However, I decided for my own sanity to leave my kids out of work. Lol. I’d to use the excuse that I am just too busy wrapping up loose ends before I go out on leave (which is partially true), but really I’m just being selfish. Also, I’m lazy because I didn’t want to drive and get them – there’s no way in hell they could have stayed with me the whole day. I thought I would feel more mom guilt about this, but… nope.

3. I am pretty sure I’m more excited about this movie than any other movie coming out this summer. Yes, even more than Iron Man, Gatsby, or Superman (which, I have to say *drool* about – good choice, movie peeps, going with Henry Cavill).

My kids (and I) LOVE Monsters Inc. It’s always their first at-home movie choice AND the only movie they will both compromise on without being bribed.

4. If you read my last bullet and don’t know who Henry Cavill is – here you go:






He has that cool two eye color things going on…

5. I think I’m done with strength training for now. I might change my mind this weekend, but as of right now it’s just uncomfortable doing anything but walking. Actually just sitting is uncomfortable right now, but you know what I mean. I have to pat myself on the back though – I never thought I would strength train until 38 weeks!

6. I was feeling good all week until today — and now I’m just a mess.


By 11:30 today I was just done with the day. At least tomorrow is Friday. Maybe I should have made this my first bullet? At least it explains why I am all over the place.

On that note… What movie are you looking forward to this summer?

Baby Update #9: 38 Weeks – Any Day Now. Or Not.

The baby could be here any day now… or not. At times I side with the “any day now” feelings and then I waiver back to the “or not.” Today I’m siding with the “or not.”

38 weeks. I've started drafting that eviction notice.

I went for my weekly checkup this morning and all is well. I didn’t gain any weight, the baby’s heartbeat sounded good, and my belly measured “just fine.” (part of me wants to ask what that means, the other part does not – I mean, know I have a big baby in there, I like that my Dr. doesn’t make a big deal out of it). I didn’t have the Dr. check me this time because really – what is it going to do besides disappoint me? He said he wouldn’t try to “move things along” until at least next week and that is wasn’t necessary, so I passed. I CAN tell you that the baby is low, sitting on my bladder, and is running out of room. But, I think at 38 weeks, that’s a given with any baby. Movement is still frequent, but it’s more like pressure from body parts  more than anything because he/she needs to stretch out but can’t. I feel you, baby, I do. Look how much I’ve grown!


(Pregnancy books are NOT joking about how much you grown at the end, by the way)

Here’s a naked front view. You are very welcome!


I can’t help but compare my three pregnancies… this comparison is horrible though because the pictures are taken in different locations/perspectives. I still think I look slimmer this time. Which is weird!


My coworkers are doing a Baby Hunch Baby Pool. Take a look at my guess. As you can see I’m very optimistic. Lol.


As for the other stuff – I think I can stop saying I am almost ready and just say I am ready. The bag is packed (can’t say the same for Dan’s bag – but at least the baby and I will be dressed), the Boppy and car seat are in the car, and besides the 800 things I will probably leave at home, I can’t think of anything I could possibly forget.

Most importantly, I got my hair done today….

My new look.

She didn’t cut it (except the bangs), but she did thin it and color it (I went a little lighter). So at least my hair will look cute.


I love it! Perfect timing for pictures on Sunday.

On an emotional note, it’s starting to hit me that this is it. The last pregnancy. The last baby. The time I feel kicks and punches (and contractions). The last time I will give birth and celebrate life coming from me. The last time I will get to feel super uncomfortable and wake up 9 times during the night to pee. Part of me is happy. My family is going to be complete. I didn’t feel the “complete” feeling with my previous two (even though I tried to convince myself that I did the 2nd time around), but this time I really do. The other part of me is sad. Sad that this part of my life – much like the other big moments like high school, college, wedding planning, etc –  is over. It’s not that I don’t think I have SO MUCH to look forward to, no – I know there is so much more ahead of me. It’s just weird to finally climb the ladder PAST my child birthing years (and onto the wine years?). Can you tell I am a teeny bit hormonal? I’m such a sap.

Will the baby come before his/her due date? Is it a boy or a girl? Will I have a 9lb+ baby?? Stay tuned!!