Weekend Full of Hormones

This weekend was pretty low key and that’s probably a good thing. We did a lot of the usual stuff – baseball, dance, and the gym and did a lot of relaxing when I got the chance. I even managed to take a nap yesterday – which in hindsight probably wasn’t a brilliant idea because I couldn’t get to sleep until past 2. Hmmm… that didn’t pan out so well.


Today we spent the afternoon at a birthday party. Normally I would complain about birthday parties, but most of my friends (and their kids) were there and it was at one of the best places you can have a party – Double Down. It’s basically a gym with bounce houses, trampolines, a foam pit, and ropes. Adults AND kids can participate – plus you get the whole area to yourself and you can bring your own food. It’s actually ridiculously hard to find a place like this in my area.




Boys will be boys.

They should really consider doing adult birthday parties.


I have to say the kids have been really well behaved this entire weekend. Maybe it’s because they sense that I am literally on the brink of hormonal rage at all times?



I’m seriously living in grumpy land right now, although I’m sure I’m mostly taking it out on Dan and road rage. Dan even pointed it out to me, which I assure you went over well.



I’m sure it’s a combination of not getting the best sleep, not being able run/break a good sweat, hormones, and the numerous aches and pains I feel at any given time. Wow, I sound like a party. I’m not quite ready to have this baby — but my body is definitely starting to break down. I laugh at myself when I get like this because I know it’s not going to be any easier once the baby arrives, but I guess at least I’ve have a cute baby to stare at while I’m not sleeping?

The good news is that the house is staying relatively clean and organized. Right now, I’m feeling the urge to clean out my closet/bedroom. I think it’s going to happen this week. I have a feeling there’s A LOT of stuff in there that needs to be thrown out or donated. *rubs hands together*

The next few weeks should keep me occupied, but I apologize ahead of time for any emotional outbursts (and posts).

At least starting tonight I have Don Draper and Peggy Olson to keep me company. And I guess Betty, too.


Hmmmm…. should I admit how many times I’ve done this lately?

Hope your weekend was hormone, rage, and drama free!


    • says

      I like to pretend that I’m not like this every weekend – but I am – even when I’m not pregnant. Lol.. Pregnancy is just a really good excuse )

  1. Jenna Ann says

    I’m 26 weeks, also married to a Dan and have been riding the same crazy train you have! This is our first, so he doesnt quite understand what im going through, esp with the perfect NC running weather we had this weekend! Hang in there, your end is in sight! Unfortunately my poor Dan has 14 more weeks of this!

    • says

      Ooo – I feel for your Dan! At least this time mine knew he was in for the crazy :) Isn’t the perfect running the worst? This is the nicest spring we’ve had here in a LOOOOONG time (usually it’s almost 95 degrees here in April) and of course I can’t run! Good luck to you the next 3 months – it’s definitely worth the crazy.

  2. says

    We have a place similar to Double Down near us, and my friend had her daughter’s birthday party there. It was awesome and I’d love to take my nephews. What a great idea! And adults can join in the fun there, too.

    I’m trying to fight the hormonal craziness and am mostly successful but not 100%. Working on it though. Fortunately J is great so it’s rarely taken out on him, he just sometimes has to listen to me go on rants. :)
    Jen recently posted..Weekend randoms

  3. says

    I’ve definitely felt a little grumpy lately, I’m getting too impatient for my little one to make his debut! But my weekend was pretty good, took my mom sightseeing since physically I’ve been feeling pretty good :)

  4. Stefanie says

    I remember being more weepy than angry during my pregnancy, which is highly unusual for me. I hated it. Also, WTF BETTY!? Her rape-talk in the bedroom?? Where did that come from?!

    • says

      Yes – Dan and I were both like WTF – that was WEIRD. It wasn’t even remotely funny. I kinda miss whatever season she was in where we sympathized with her.

      I did really like the ending of the show with Don and Sylvia (!!!) and of course, my girl crush on Peggy remains strong. Next week I need more Joan and maybe more of Pete’s bitch face.

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