Giveaway Winner + BBB Feature

What up Tuesday!?!? So glad you are (almost) over because despite the burst of energy I got from working out today, as soon as sat down at work I just wanted to curl up in my bed (and my soft, soft sheets) and sleep. Of course, now that I’m home I’m wide awake.


As promised – here’s the winner of the PRO Compression socks….


Congrats Karen! Your wish is my command.


Please email me ( your address ASAP so that PRO Compression can send these out to you!

I have to admit, I was tempted to skip the Random Number Generator and just give the damn socks to this girl. It’s funny because it’s true.


In other exciting news – I am this week’s Best Body Bootcamp featured member of the week!


Check out Tina’s blog to read why I started doing BBB in the first place and the driving force behind my motivation.  Thanks, Tina, for featuring me!

And now I’m going to lay around and stay coherent for as long as possible. And maybe make an unhealthy snack. I’m not making any promises, but I’d REALLY like to stay awake for The Mindy Project. Confession: I love Morgan.


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    Oh, sleep. I love you, sleep.

    I want to watch The Mindy Project, but my husband refuses to watch it with me. Something about it being a “stupid girl show” or something. Hmph. Whatever, I guess we’ll watch reruns of Pawn Stars and that one about gold hunting on boats in Alaska instead; now THOSE are quality programming.

    • says

      My husband LOVES The Mindy Project – partially because the guy who plays the male nurse, Morgan, on the show is HILARIOUS and partially because Mindy is really good a physical comedy. There are girly elements, but she is funny (and NOTHING like her character on The Office – which I found annoying). You’ll definitely have to watch the reruns (and hopefully in order because they have been showing the episodes out of order it’s been hella confusing!). That said – Dan LOVES Pawn Stars and all of those shows. Shoot me.

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