April Showers Bring May Flowers

Last night BW3 was showered with love, great food, baby gear, and diapers!


To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about having another baby shower. I think it’s an awesome tradition for first time parents, but by the time you have your second and third baby — well, it’s a different story. Lucky for me, my friends don’t feel the same way! I did insist on it not being a typical shower (really, it was a “sprinkle”). There were no games (with the exception of a “guess the sex, due date, and stats) and there had to be alcohol.

The party was hosted by these two lovely ladies – my BFF Kate and Jackie Jovi!

BW3 was showered with love (and lots of diapers!) tonight thanks to @kao4018 and @jackiec44. So thankful ;) Photobomb courtesy of @eatwatchrun.

I seriously cannot thank them enough for throwing a great party. Both of them had insane weeks and I appreciate the time (and money!) spent on me and this baby. I hope to return the favor in some way someday!

The menu was awesome – Jackie apparently has this secret underground Thai caterer that made all of this amazing food. We had papaya salad, some kind of spicy eggplant dish, green chicken curry, chicken satay, and rice. I’m actually drooling just thinking about it because it was so good!





For dessert we had brownie bites and these mini lemon cupcakes that were melt in your mouth good.


I’m glad that I’m not a Costco member because these things were dangerous.

The bonus and benefit of Kate and Jackie both hosting was that they were able to bring together my different friend groups. You know how it can sometimes be awkward when your different friend groups mix? It was not at all like that last night.


I feel like we should have been wearing race bibs or something.


Of course we had to do a blogger pose (Paula, J, Victoria, Me, Katy, and Jackie)




Yes, I’m klassy.




I even got to (finally) meet one of the cutest babies ever — Miss A!



She was her adorable and happy self, of course.

After eating, mingling, and drinking it was time for presents.



Have I mentioned how lucky and grateful I am to have such wonderful friends?? BW3 received some awesome gifts and we had a lot of great laughs.

I also have a stockpile of wine – because good friends know that when you’re going to have your third kid you need a litte wine on hand. OK and I might have included it on the Amazon registry that Jackie made me create. (did you know that Amazon has the best registries because you can add stuff from other websites?)


We got a little giddy at the end of the night – and I somehow didn’t get home until midnight (who says you can’t party when you’re 9 months pregnant?), but I had such a great time!

**Thanks to Kate and Jackie for most of these pictures too. I managed to leave my memory card at home, because what else is new?**

Today we were supposed to meet take family pictures, but my photographer was sick! *Sad panda* Instead, I spent the entire day in my PJs cleaning the crap out of my house. I thought I knew what nesting was – but holy wow, I was on FIRE today. I washed all of the new baby gifts (and put them together), put together the co-sleeper, cleaned out my closet and the medicine cabinet, and mopped the living room and bathroom. I somehow managed to find even more crap to throw away. I’m not even sure where it’s coming from – I feel like it’s just regenerating!! That said – I’d still like to make it to May, but if the baby decides to make an early appearance – well, I am definitely ready.

Thanks to all who came and partied with me last night! You guys are seriously the best :)


    • says

      I do agree that all baby’s are entitled to a little celebration!! Amazon and BRU were linked when I had Braeden (and registered for all of the “big” stuff) — it’s so much better now!

    • says

      You know I love my Smirnoff :) Thanks for coming – it was great hanging out! (and sorry I had to bail on the meetup tonight :() (and I’m PS – I’m glad you went with the flats – they were really cute with your whole outfit!)

  1. Maryellen says

    Love the onesy..about stop texting.. that tells you alot! You look like you had alot of fun! Sounds like that you are ready.. with all the cleaning and organizing!! You are beautiful and can’t wait to meet BW3!

    • says

      I’m so happy you could come! And btw, I LOVED your dress. Where was it from? Hope the sunburn has healed. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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