Baby Update #9: 38 Weeks – Any Day Now. Or Not.

The baby could be here any day now… or not. At times I side with the “any day now” feelings and then I waiver back to the “or not.” Today I’m siding with the “or not.”

38 weeks. I've started drafting that eviction notice.

I went for my weekly checkup this morning and all is well. I didn’t gain any weight, the baby’s heartbeat sounded good, and my belly measured “just fine.” (part of me wants to ask what that means, the other part does not – I mean, know I have a big baby in there, I like that my Dr. doesn’t make a big deal out of it). I didn’t have the Dr. check me this time because really – what is it going to do besides disappoint me? He said he wouldn’t try to “move things along” until at least next week and that is wasn’t necessary, so I passed. I CAN tell you that the baby is low, sitting on my bladder, and is running out of room. But, I think at 38 weeks, that’s a given with any baby. Movement is still frequent, but it’s more like pressure from body parts  more than anything because he/she needs to stretch out but can’t. I feel you, baby, I do. Look how much I’ve grown!


(Pregnancy books are NOT joking about how much you grown at the end, by the way)

Here’s a naked front view. You are very welcome!


I can’t help but compare my three pregnancies… this comparison is horrible though because the pictures are taken in different locations/perspectives. I still think I look slimmer this time. Which is weird!


My coworkers are doing a Baby Hunch Baby Pool. Take a look at my guess. As you can see I’m very optimistic. Lol.


As for the other stuff – I think I can stop saying I am almost ready and just say I am ready. The bag is packed (can’t say the same for Dan’s bag – but at least the baby and I will be dressed), the Boppy and car seat are in the car, and besides the 800 things I will probably leave at home, I can’t think of anything I could possibly forget.

Most importantly, I got my hair done today….

My new look.

She didn’t cut it (except the bangs), but she did thin it and color it (I went a little lighter). So at least my hair will look cute.


I love it! Perfect timing for pictures on Sunday.

On an emotional note, it’s starting to hit me that this is it. The last pregnancy. The last baby. The time I feel kicks and punches (and contractions). The last time I will give birth and celebrate life coming from me. The last time I will get to feel super uncomfortable and wake up 9 times during the night to pee. Part of me is happy. My family is going to be complete. I didn’t feel the “complete” feeling with my previous two (even though I tried to convince myself that I did the 2nd time around), but this time I really do. The other part of me is sad. Sad that this part of my life – much like the other big moments like high school, college, wedding planning, etc –  is over. It’s not that I don’t think I have SO MUCH to look forward to, no – I know there is so much more ahead of me. It’s just weird to finally climb the ladder PAST my child birthing years (and onto the wine years?). Can you tell I am a teeny bit hormonal? I’m such a sap.

Will the baby come before his/her due date? Is it a boy or a girl? Will I have a 9lb+ baby?? Stay tuned!!


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      I really felt conflicted when I had Livie — like I KNEW we were going to have a 3rd, even though it was a toss up. This time I know we are done, but it’s still sad. I guess it’s like reading a really good book and even though you are satisfied with the ending, it’s still over.

      I so can’t wait to find out who is in there!!

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    You got this, mama. Hang in there! Just the fact that you are enjoying and appreciating every moment will help you hold onto it. Don’t be sad that it’s the last one; be happy that you got to have the experience. You are one lucky lady!
    Melissa recently posted..Brave

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      I am definitely one lucky lady!There is not a ounce of me that doesn’t feel SO blessed to be able to experience this not just once, but three times. It’s just that harsh reality that all good things come to an end that’s got me all silly right now. Once I can drink a whole bottle of wine again, I’m sure these feelings will change :) Plus, I’m hoping to some day have nieces and nephews!

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    I can’t believe you’re 38 weeks already! You look fantastic – definitely all belly! My guess is boy, around 9 pounds or just under.

    And I relate to your last paragraph. We’re planning to be one & done, and I am completely fine with that but I will miss feeling baby girl kick and squirm. It’s such an amazing feeling and kind if sad it is only temporary. But I am also SO ready to meet her!
    Jen recently posted..Chopped salad with mango-lime dressing

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      Ha ha – I’ll let you know if this happens! I think I would be pleasantly surprised!

      I’m surprised nobody has guessed earlier than April 30th – but then again my track record for having early babies isn’t very solid :)

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      You’re not too far behind me!! I hope he/she comes a little early too, but I am SOOOO not getting my hopes up this time!! The end is in sight though :)

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      Aww thank you! I pretty much went crazy with my daughter – she was 8 days late. I swore the whole pregnancy she would be early. WRONG. This time I have it in my head that I have until May 16th (probably the latest my Dr. will let me go) and it’s actually a little easier to deal with! 20 more days (or less!).

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      If this is a basketball, it is NOT NBA regulation size because it is DAMN heavy!

      4/26 would be OK. At least I get the 26 in there :) and I’m not counting out the full moon yet. But I’m also not counting on it!

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    You are a wonderful mom and I know you will do a great job with baby 3 too :) and just think after this little one learns to asleep well, you shouldn’t have to be up all night (unless dear daughter misses curfew on a date…) But you can drink wine during that up all night event :) I dingy know why I’m do excited for you, but I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little one!
    Holly recently posted..WIAW

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    I can’t believe that you are almost done! You are going to do a fantastic job with 3 – you’ve done a great job wrangling them together by yourself on Saturdays, what’s another one? Or at least you make it sound so easy! You’ll bounce back and be running another 1/2 before you know it! And all the pictures we get to see of the wine :)

    I definitely sometimes miss being pregnant – I miss the kicks and the anticipation of wondering what he/she would be like (still give you huge Kudos for not finding out this time). There is definitely some sadness (and completely freaking out that if you do get pregnant what do you do (which is why Dan got his V so quickly after Jack was born!))

    But you are right, we are completely blessed. Even with our issues with the 2nd pregnancy and being on bedrest with Jack, I am grateful everyday what we were able to have our 2 children. My heart breaks for those who can not.
    jesseybell recently posted..Took a little to get up, but I did!

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    You do look slimmer this time! That means you’ll get super skinny afterwards and I will hate you. So I will try to give you a lot of love now. And long, uncomfortable hugs.

    I don’t see *my* guess on that spreadsheet. (ahem, 12 lbs) You should combine them so I can win that one too!
    Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run recently posted..Hi from Texas

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      I’ll have to forward you the link to the baby pool so you can add it. Ha ha.

      I WILL lost more weight this time only because I’ve gained more. Isn’t that bizarre? Where am I gaining it? Oh right, 12lb baby. I always get super skinny after anyway though – but just for a year. I’m sooo looking forward to those hugs.

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    LOVE your new hair!!!

    From what you’ve said in previous blog posts, I’m going to go with the baby is going to take it’s sweet time and not come prior to your due date. I can’t wait to see pictures of the baby though! I’m SO excited for you!

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      Thank you!!

      I agree that this kid is going to take it’s sweet time. I wish my hormones would get that memo :) I am so intrigued to see this baby – L looked nothing like I thought she would! I think I’m even more excited about that than finding out if it’s a boy or a girl!

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    I was a mix of emotions when my baby came because I needed an emergency c-section. My original words to my hubby were, “I hope you’re ok with only have one baby.” Obviously emotions took over then too, but not after the fact, I do want more – but I think only one more!
    char eats greens recently posted..i did it!!

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