And I raaaaaan…

I did something this morning that I haven’t done in over 14 weeks. I ran.


Now, I didn’t go into this “run” thinking it would be glorious. No, I think I had reasonable expectations — that it might make me pee my pants and it was gonna hurt.

I didn’t think it would hurt quite as much as it did though. Holy hell.


What’s sad is that I only ran for 5 minutes. After a 5 minute walking warmup I ran for 2 minutes. I thought I was going to cry. I then walked until I hit 10 minutes, put a pause on the treadmill, and hit the bathroom (I did exceed expectations in the peeing department – I apparently still have some bladder control). I then walked another 6 minutes and decided to run again for 3 minutes. For about 1 minute it actually felt good. I even rocked out a little bit during that one minute, just like old times (I’m pretty sure the people at my gym think I’m insane). But then, I just wanted to cry.


I finished my workout with 25 minutes on the elliptical – which is way more comfortable on my crotch (but not as good as a workout overall. Plus BORING.).

A few people asked me why I ran. Simple – I am crazy.


I think that even looks like me at this point…

I’m also figured it might coerce the baby into coming out. Hmmm.

So far it’s done nothing more than make my pelvic region and ligaments ache — and make me walk like I am carrying a watermelon between my legs. Which I guess I technically am since the Dr. said the baby’s head is really low (I guess that’s promising?). He also said “see you next week!” (not so promising). So, he’s optimistic. I really don’t expect to go into labor early, despite what it sounds like. I really am taking a Zen approach to this whole birth thing. I’m even OK with being induced sometime between May 12th and 15th (my Dr. is usually on call early in the week – and I’d rather just schedule it with him than get someone I dislike. I’m sure we will discuss it next week). Now, if only I could get comfortable and get some sleep.

In exciting news, our photographer from Sunday – Andi - posted a sneak peek picture on her Facebook page today (<–go check it (and my belly button) out!). I’m so excited to see more!!

Oh and one more thing — tomorrow is MAY!!! It’s baby time. Bring it on!


  1. says

    You are insane. I thought about running today, but then I didn’t want to pee on myself, so I thought I’d wait for a day that I felt better about the potential of wetting my pants a little. Your bellybutton is adorable and I might just pee my pants now with excitement for your baby. Too much with the urine talk? Not enough? I never know where to stop…
    Holly recently posted..WIAW

  2. Cindy says

    Rats! I was hoping for a granddaughter named April (he-he!). I can’t believe you ran and wanted to cry. Nuts. Yes, that seems to sum it up. But you’re the healthiest and most ready pregnant women I’ve ever met. My grandchildren and son are lucky to have you.

  3. says

    I totally get running even if it is going to hurt. I have been tempted while out walking, but I figure I will wait until I just can’t stand it anymore. Hopefully it helps to get things moving. You look great in the maternity pictures.
    Heather recently posted..Baby Update – 28 Weeks

  4. says

    I think the “run” can be blamed on the pregnancy hormones. I remember thinking I was superwoman and could do anything. My husband once walked in while I was trying to flip the mattress (while hugely preggers) and refusing his help. You need to get that baby out.
    Tara @ recently posted..Weekly wrapup

    • says

      You’ve given me a small sliver of hope :) It’s weird, at times I feel great and like I could be pregnant forever – and then I feel like if I don’t get this baby out I’m going to go insane.

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