Weekend Ups and Downs

Happy Due Date week to me!

This weekend was  definitely full of ups and downs… and by that I mean my hormones. They are off the wall.

It started on Friday. My once intern, Cheyanne, was graduating from UCF…


So we celebrated with shots of Patron in the office (obviously, I had MANY shots) and then a bunch of us went to The Tilted Kilt for happy hour.


I had never been to the Tilted Kilt before, but the food was surprisingly good (for bar food) and the drink prices weren’t bad either. The downside was that I left wanting to get a boob job.

Unfortunately, I drank too much (unsweetened tea) while I was there – which resulted in a really uncomfortable night. I even tried to go to bed early, but my bladder and my uterus were in a fight all night long. This resulted in, quite possibly, the crankiest Saturday morning ever. The rain did not help. Nor did L’s temper tantrums.

Thankfully (even though I’m paying good money for it), B’s baseball game was cancelled due to flooded fields, which gave me time to work out.


After 25 minutes of walking and 25 minutes on the elliptical my mood started to shift. Working out is really the best! After lunch and naps (45 minutes for me, 2 hours for the kids — they must have been exhausted!) I felt like a new woman.

Oddly enough the rest of the night (and weekend for the most part), I was in a pretty good mood. I was SO over being pregnant that morning and then something shifted into “I’m OK being pregnant for another week.” (Remind me of this later this week when I am overdue!)

Yesterday we took it easy in the morning. We were out of coffee – so we made a breakfast trip up to Starbucks. This picture pretty much sums us up…


I snuck in a mid-morning catnap (I was really attempting to read and I guess I fell asleep!) and then we all headed to the gym after lunch. I walked for 30 minutes and did 20 minutes on the elliptical while I waited for Dan to finish up his spin class (I miss spin, but not the pain). I felt like my hips were going to pop off after walking. Is that a good sign?

After quick showers, we headed over to my dad’s for a visit. The kids swam in the pool while my dad and I got attacked my Love Bugs and watched the surfers in the ocean. The waves were pretty rough and it was high tide so we skipped going down to the beach. It was definitely a gorgeous day though!



We got home around 10 and just crashed. Maybe it was the beach air, but I actually feel incredibly well rested today. Sure I made my 900 trips to the bathroom last night, but this is probably the best I’ve felt in weeks (of course, I’m jinxing it just by saying it!). 

I know there are quite a few people rooting for me to have this baby tomorrow… in which case I say,” Bring on the Labor!!” In mind though, I have at least another week. It’s doable.

And because it has nothing to do with me weekend or anything else posted above – I’ll close out this post with my new favorite artwork from my favorite first grader.


Seriously, how can I be in a bad mood after seeing this? <3 <3 <3

What is making you happy this week??