Five for Friday – Things Not to Say to an Overdue Pregnant Woman {Revisted}

Two years ago, I wrote this post



At the time, my coworker was very, very pregnant and I felt for her. To update, she ended up delivering her son a week late, after being induced (IS THIS CONTAGIOUS?? I only have a handful of friends who have gone into labor on their own).

This post is still fitting today, but I figured I would add five more tips to the list since I am experiencing them, once again. Please people, don’t say these things to your overdue friends.

1. Still no baby?

People have asked me this question to my face. Seriously. I don’t know if this is just an automatic response or if they don’t really mean to ask it in question form, but I promise you I didn’t have the baby and then put it back up there again. You can clearly see that I am still pregnant.

2. When will you have the baby?

Since I do have an induction date I can answer this with, “Hopefully no later than next Wednesday!”, but dude, your guess is as good as mine. I’m not a baby birth predictor and if it was REALLY up to me, I would have had this kid already.

3. Go into labor!

My Dr. has said this to me at the end of every appointment for the last 3 weeks. At first it was like, “OK – ha ha! I will!” and this week I just gave him the stare down. I think I scared him a little. Because it’s JUST THAT EASY.

4. You STILL don’t know what you’re having?

I actually find this question kind of funny, but I’ve heard it so often now it also makes me a little ragey. Nope, we opted not to find out and since the baby is still inside of me, we still don’t know.

5. You look like you’re carrying so high! That baby is never going to drop!

I know it looks like I am carrying the baby ridiculously high, but I promise you I am not. I have really long legs (I have a 35 inch inseam), a VERY short torso, and my hips are just really high. I actually feel like I look silly — like I am a walking belly — but the baby is not (and has never been) high.


Telling me this though makes me feel like there is something wrong with how the baby is positioned. And even know I KNOW it’s not true, a small part of me gets paranoid. Also, only first babies are known to “drop” early. My hips and pelvis are totally ready to give birth… if only the hormones would kick in!

So, now I have given you 10 nuggets of information regarding overdue pregnant women… and I guess what it boils down to this: don’t talk to us. OK, not really. You CAN talk to us — even ABOUT the pregnancy (I mean, it IS all we are thinking about), but try to make sure they aren’t dumb or obvious questions/statements. Better yet, tell us a joke or a funny story that gets our mind off the fact that there is a very small human sitting on our bladder and smushing our internal organs. I promise, I won’t even yell at you if you make me pee my pants.