The Best Mother’s Day Gift

This weekend didn’t go exactly as planned. Friday I went to dinner and then the movies with Jackie Jovi and my friend Tracy to see The Great Gatsby (sidenote: I know there’s a lot of negative reviews out there — but I liked it!). During the movie (during which, we were in the 2nd row) I felt really uncomfortable. The baby was moving around a ton and my back started radiating. I thought it was just because of where we were sitting, since the pain went away once I stood up, so I thought nothing of it. In fact, I went home and pretty much just went to bed feeling pretty good (as I had all week).

But now I think — maybe not?

I’ll go into full details when I have the energy and have slept more than 2 consecutive hours (or more than 45 minutes) – but I won’t tease that my family of five is now complete!



Surprise…The baby is s a boy!! (<–totally not surprised)

After a very lengthy labor and a very, very, very , very (got that?) quick delivery (which, included an unplanned drug-free birth) at 1:32am this morning – Evan David joined our family. He weighed in at a strapping 9lbs 4oz and measured 21 inches.


And he is nothing but pure sweetness.



B and L think he is pretty awesome too.


You have to admit, his timing was pretty perfect. Nothing says Mother’s Day like becoming a mom…again.


I hope all of the Moms’ out there had a GREAT Mother’s Day– including mine :)


Was he the best Mother’s Day Gift ever?


Yep, pretty much! I think this year is going to be hard to top…