Lots of Evan and Other Updates

I hate to be that person who, once they have a baby, ONLY posts pictures of their baby. Everywhere. But, yeah, I’m totally being that person —  THIS WEEK. Once I come off of my newborn high, I promise to tone it down a little. Here are a few fun shots of Mr. E that I took this afternoon…




As I mentioned, we were in the hospital for an extra 48 hours. It wasn’t bad at first, mainly because I had all kinds of fun vistors…


It’s Pa!


And Uncle AJ and Aunt Carissa


And Kate


Evan is obviously enamored with Mom Jovi


And who wouldn’t be staring at Tracy’s necklace?? 

But on Tuesday I was discharged and things went downhill. For one, I was no longer considered a patient, but a boarder. I could still order food (which, by the way was terrible), but they wouldn’t bring me anything else. In fact, I asked for more pads BEFORE I was discharged and they never brought them to me. I asked again later and was told that because I was a boarder they couldn’t give me any supplies. Seriously. They couldn’t bring me a pad. A PAD. You know the kind you can get for FREE in some restrooms?? (I might have had a hormonal breakdown about this).

They also had to move Evan down the NICU for monitoring. I honestly have no idea why they couldn’t just leave him in my room (and the nighttime NICU nurse didn’t really understand either). They were only checking him every 4 hours and it’s not like he was sick. We were there because we were waiting on culture results. The day nurses were both really nice and accommodating  but the night nurse was very weird about me being in the room with him. This may be due to hospital policy, but she kept asking me what kind of formula I wanted her to give him (Umm – NONE – I can take the elevator down a level and feed him) and then she kept making me leave once I fed him. It was just…unsettling. I wanted to sleep with my baby!

In any case, we finally FINALLY got the go ahead to leave yesterday afternoon and obviously, I was more than ready. I had a mostly GREAT experience at the hospital — but that last day just put me over the edge! We were VERY happy to be leaving yesterday — instead of checking in for my induction. It’s crazy to think how much has happened in just a week!

Since we got home things have been busy.


For starters, E has been an eating MACHINE (which I guess is OK because I am seriously engorged – yay milk!). Do babies have growth spurts when they are 4 days old? Sleep has been OK. I have no expectations though. I’m just happy when I get more than an hour of sleep at a time at this point. Today was probably busier than it should have been. We had a check in with the pediatrician (everything looks good and he’s almost back to his birthweight!) and then went shopping. E made his first trip to Target (and first meal at the Starbucks) and then I got suckered into buying clothes for him at Carter’s. Have I mentioned how many hand-me-downs I have??? It’s hard NOT shopping for him though, especially now that I know he’s a he! I’m now on a shopping ban


Sure you are.

As for me… postpartum recovery is going great. I actually put on a pair of non-maternity shorts today (I am however, wearing a maternity shirt – so dont call me a bitch just yet) My pooch is slowly going back to “normal” – whatever that is. I have a lot of soreness in my hips (I don’t  think I mentioned it in my recap, but once I got into the car I felt ALL of my contractions in my hips and they’ve hurt ever since), but I’ve been wearing an abdominal support band and taking Motrin regularly that’s been helping. Hormonally, I’m hanging in there. I have my moments (see above or ask my husband!), but the baby blues haven’t hit me that yet hard (yet?) and I truly thankful for that! Although, mostly I’m just thankful for this little guy…


Now, off to get some sleep!