E and Me – {One Month Postpartum}

I kind of hemmed and hawed about writing monthly posts like this. I’ve never really focused on my body on this blog and this is my 3rd baby – so it’s not like any of this is “new” to me. BUT, I realized part of the reason I blog is to share my experiences and having a baby at almost 35, AFTER falling in love with running is an experience!

So here we are… Evan is one month old today!!



This month has definitely flown by and my sweet little man is getting so big.


I’m not sure how much he weighs (his next appointment is in a month), but he’s definitely well over 11 pounds and he’s grown some inches for sure. Thanks to his large size he is really strong and does not mind tummy time/lifting up his neck at all.

This boy loves his tummy time. Aren't babies supposed to hate it??

As for milestones, he’s not really doing much at the moment and I’m OK with that! He has started smiling socially a week or so ago. And by socially I mean he’s usually smiling at the ceiling fan or something on the wall. I can’t wait until he gets his big smiles going because he has quite a few adorable dimples.

Happy about suiting up. Gotta get fancy on Friday!

He isn’t missing any meals (obviously!) and nursing is going really well (despite the oversupply/letdown issues that equal LOTS of spit up). I started pumping a week or so ago to stock up my supply for work (I go back in a month) and so that Dan could give him a nightly bottle after his bath. He doesn’t seem to mind the bottle, right now – hopefully this carries over once he starts going to daycare (Livie was not a fan of the bottle, that was a long year.).

One month old. How'd that happen?

Dude. My mom takes too many pictures of me.

Sleep is going as expected. He is my little overachiever when it comes to routine at night and likes to go to bed around 8 and get up around 7. Of course he also wakes up at 11ish, 2ish, and 5ish.  He sleeps in 2-4 hours blocks, eats, and then goes back to sleep. Even though I’d love for him to sleep longer, he’s an efficient nurser and I’d rather he eat quickly than be up once for 45 minutes.


This is the good life.

There’s really not much of a routine during the day, but we do a eat, play, eat, sleep routine that keeps me busy! He’s still sleeps a lot during the day – but he is definitely simulated more so it takes a little longer for him to fall asleep (the Sleep Sheep is SO helpful for this!).


E is still pretty easy going. He’s had his fussy days and nights, but is definitely the calmest of the three. I think it helps that there is so much chaos going on around him. He’d rather watch it than join in!


In the looks department – when he was first born I could NOT get over how much he looked like Livie. Now that he’s starting to fill out I still see a little Livie, but also a lot of Braeden. When people ask me who I think he looks like – I tell them, “He looks like Evan!” — which is true. As you can see his hair is starting to fall out (yay for old man hair!). I’m not 100% convinced it’s going to grow in dark – he has very light eyebrows and light lashes. His eyes are also getting lighter – so I’m wondering if they will stay blue (I have green/brown eyes and Dan’s are blue/green — Braeden and Livie eyes are primarily green).


How could you not love this little face?

As for me…

I’m laying low for two more weeks and then I will be back at the gym. Although I’m excited to get moving again – I don’t plan on going too crazy with my workouts. Truthfully, I will feel happy with 2-3 workouts a week with a combination of strength training and running. We’ll see if I can actually manage doing that much!

I haven’t weighed myself, but as far I can tell the pregnancy weight is pretty much gone (just lots of jiggly skin and cellulite remains). I normally weigh in at 148lbs and I’m probably in the 145-150 range. This is courtesy of working out while pregnant and hours upon hours of breastfeeding. Of course, this doesn’t mean my clothes fit (although, I did squeeze my ass into my pregnancy jeans to go out with Paula last week. Woot!). Ideally, I’d like to return to my normal postpartum size and then add on a muscle.

So, instead of monitoring my postpartum progress with weight – I’m going to post my measurements. If I remember. I’ve never taken my measurements before, so if anything this is a learning experience. Here’s where I’m at now:


Most unattractive picture… ever.

My long term goal is to tone up, get rid of the pooch (as much as I can – there will always be loose skin), and start running long distances again.

My long, long term goal? PR City. We’re talking 10K, Half Marathon, AND Marathon (<-not until 2014). But let’s not get carried away.

So in summary – the first month has gone really well. Evan seems to fit seamlessly into our family and is just a chill little dude. I am one lucky mama!


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      His chin is all Dan! Braeden has it too. And it’s funny, but from the 20 week ultrasound I KNEW he had the same chin as his big brother (maybe partially why I suspected boy?). I hope there are some strong PRs — and soon!

  1. says

    You look FANtastic! And I think you have the exact right attitude. Good for you! It’s actually really helpful for me to see this because I have some anxiety about what pregnancy will do to my body, and no one ever gives it to you straight! Good to see a real (non-celebrity) mom be honest about it.

    Also, way to rock the Pebbles pony. I heartily approve.
    Melissa recently posted..Training to Run a Half Marathon PR

    • says

      Thank you!

      Believe me – I had some serious anxiety about my postpartum body when I was pregnant with Braeden. If anything pregnancy made me realize that my body is awesome and that it will bounce back. Maybe not exactly the same, but who cares – I carried a freaking baby in it!!

      And yeah – that’s pretty much my favorite hairstyle these days. E is confused when he sees me with a different hair style.

  2. says

    So glad things are going well! I also cannot believe Evan is a month old! Wow how the time flies. I loved all these photos! I never get tired of looking at baby photos, ever. They are always so adorable. :)

    Also, thanks for sharing your body progress postpartum! I also LOVE that you’re not comparing yourself with weight. You look great for just having baby #3 only 1 month ago! Inspiring for sure. :)
    Kelly @ Running Kellometers recently posted..Baby Wilson: 25 Weeks

    • says

      The time goes by soooo fast – you’ll see soon enough :) I’m definitely looking forward to your adorable baby photos as well!

      Yeah – I broke up with the scale a loooong time ago and haven’t looked back. For years I tried to maintain 140lbs and then I realized that my body is really happy 5-10lbs bigger and that it’s more important to focus on my overall fitness. I’m so much happier this way!

  3. says

    E is too cute! They may not be intentional, but his expressions are priceless. You look great too! I am interested in how recovery goes for you, since I am not too far behind. Enjoy your newest little one.
    Heather recently posted..Post Baby Running Plans

    • says

      Thank you!! There is no doubt that you will stay just as fit!! At some point it just becomes motivating to get all of the weird stares at the gym :)

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    What a sweetie pie. You give me baby cravings…. must fight those. I LOVE the pictures of L and B with the little man. So so so cute. (must fight…)

    I think you look great for being one month post partum!
    Tara recently posted..Weekly wrapup

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      He is SOOOOOO sweet. You must have another one. The kids would LOVE it. Lol.

      I feel pretty good despite the sleep deprivation! Can’t wait to get moving again though.

    • says

      Seriously, you are so sweet! I find this kind of stuff oddly interesting too. I guess everyone likes a good weight loss/fitness success story, right? (Hopefully mine will end in success!)

  5. Jen says

    Evan is so cute! It seems like you both are doing really well. And I honestly think you look amazing! I still had a pouch bigger than that at 3mos pp. You really look amazing mama!
    Jen recently posted..Summer weekends

    • says

      Thanks! I remember reading your postpartum and you looked great too. I think it’s funny how we have a different perspective of how we look (postpartum or not!). I am just really trying to enjoy this time with Evan instead of stressing about anything — and I have to say, it’s working!

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