Random Thoughts And Fears On The Return To Running

Despite feeling the itch, I’ve been really good about listening to my body and not overdoing it these past few weeks. I’ve made an effort to get out of the house and go walking, I added in some ab work, and I’ve started doing push ups. However, I’ve noticed that if I combine all three of things my body yells at me and tells me to back off a little. It seems like some people can just jump back into working out right after having a baby, and despite being active until I was 40 weeks (my last workout was technically at 39 weeks 6 days), I am obviously NOT one of those people.

While I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about my return to running NEXT WEEK, I am also anxious, nervous, and a little bit terrified.

I have some serious doubt running through my head. Not that I WON’T be able to run again, I mean I know I can run. But my brain keeps thinking things like “What if you never regain your speed?” “What if you hate it?” “How much are your legs going to hurt?” “How far can you run without stopping” “Where did you put your Garmin?” “What if your uterus falls out?” You know, totally sane things.


I think my biggest RATIONALE fear is that I will try to much too soon and I need to figure out a good training plan that doesn’t kill me – specifically my ankles. Oh, my stupid, stupid ankles. I feel like pregnancy and not running has given my ankles a bit of a break and I don’t want to mess them up again. So I’m definitely going to be taping them up.

I’m also worried about breastfeeding and running. I’m not worried about maintaining my supply or anything, but I’m worried about thinks like energy levels, when and how to refuel, and leaking/pumping. Now, I don’t plan on going on any 2 hour runs anytime in the next month – so hopefully my supply will balance out before I attempt any higher mileage. At least I don’t need to worry about my boobs falling out of my bra though.


Speaking of mileage… I’m aiming to start with  three 3 mile runs for the first week and then increasing 10% a week from there. To those that have been in my shoes (whether recovering from injury or coming back from pregnancy) — does this doable? I think it’s probably a little conservative, but I could be totally off base.


As you can tell, I am over thinking this return to running JUST a little bit. But this is why I blog. Nobody actually WANTS me to say these things aloud. And also, I might be a little nuts from postpartum hormones still.


What was the point of this post again? Oh right. Running.


Basically, I just wanted to celebrate that I only have to wait a little bit longer to get my run on and I wanted to be neurotic about it at the same time. Next week will be approximately 20 weeks since I ran (more than 2 minutes). That is a loooong time for someone who lives for that endorphin kick and it’s time to party.





Plus, I have had a lot of time on my hands to research these Parks and Recreation GIFs. Have you started watching the show yet?

What’s the longest you’ve had to wait for something? Should we take bets that on if my run will be awesome or if it will suck? (FYI -I’m betting on it sucking)

PS – Remember how I was picked for Blogger on the Run earlier this year? Well, look for me in July’s Women’s Running Magazine. Yes, I am in a magazine! About running! That is definitely NOT something I even pictured as possible. It’s amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it and give it a try!


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      Thank you!! I have a feeling the run will suck, but I will be happy I ran. Yes, watch it! The first 2 seasons are a little stiff, but it gets realllllly good in Season 3.

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    I waited what felt like a looooong time to run again just because the combo of school and homework and NO time to exercise (bad, huh?), but I think once I did run for the first time, it was only 3 miles too. Mainly because I didn’t wanna die! Haha I still feel in a different place than before baby, but I’m hoping if I ever get time to myself, I can keep working on my speed/distance/absorbing any freedom I get!
    char eats greens recently posted..some tuesday tidbits

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      3 miles to start with sounds good to me! I didn’t START running until already having 2 kids – and Livie was already 1, so I know I can get back into a good place, but yeah – mentally and physically I DO give myself a break that first year because there’s not a lot of me to give. Nursing and sleep deprivation takes A LOT out of you! You will get back there too. It’s amazing how much MORE time you have when they aren’t as dependent on you.

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    That’s awesome; congrats on the feature! As for the running – don’t worry! Even if it sucks at first, and it might, just know that it won’t always suck. Sometimes you’ll jump right in, but it often takes a while to get your groove back. And that’s okay!

    PS – Don’t let your uterus fall out.
    Tiff @ Love Sweat & Beers recently posted..WIAW and other fun stuff

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      You’re right – if it does suck as first, it’s not always going to be the case!

      Can you imagine if my uterus DID fall out? Just think of the blog content! Ha ha.

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    I have no words of advice about running but I am 100% certain that I am obsessed with every GIF in this blog, especially the ones of Leslie doing her post-shooting interview. That montage may be my favorite 5 minutes in TV history. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Now I need to go watch that episode again and again.

    This LITERALLY made my morning.
    Jackie @ MomJovi recently posted..DC Day 2: A Monumental Walking Tour

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      There are so many good lines on that show – especially starting the 3rd season. So glad they added Rob Lowe/Adam Scott! I have so many more GIFs I wanted to use. I’ll have to dole them out sparingly. Lol.

      Have you watched the Gag reels? You need to google them if not.

  4. Angie says

    You’ll be fine. I’m about 9 months postpartum and I’m having so much trouble getting back into running. I want to but I don’t have the passion and its been such a head game. The most I’ve been able to do is 5 miles with a stroller and that includes a little walking. I definitely think I need to find a race, even just a 10K to get back into it.

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      With the other kids I wasn’t so gung ho about getting back into working out – so I’m kinda surprised that I REALLY want to run. The first year is hard – there’s so much exhaustion and other stuff to distract you! I definitely think you should find a race. DO IT!

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      I do need to read her blog for tips! Thanks for the recommendation. I didn’t realize she was still breastfeeding. Awesome!

      I didn’t start running until Livie was 11 months – so I’m right there with you! This is all new. I’m hoping it’s all a none issue and I’m being melodramatic :)

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      Thank you – and yes – I will definitely be listening to my body! I figured I started running AFTER having two kids – so I can bounce back, right??? I will know what to do and even if I had it at first, I will love it again!

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    Make sure you run with your legs really close together to help keep your uterus from falling out :).

    I had pretty much all of those same thoughts. I started off with 3 mile runs. I took walking breaks as needed in the beginning. It’ll be hard in the beginning, but I am positive you’ll get right back into great running shape in no time. You were so fit throughout your pregnancy and you’re already working on some light exercise. You’re golden :)
    Kristen recently posted..Racking up the double stroller miles

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      Hee! Going to hold them together SO TIGHT. No uterus falling out over here.

      There will DEFINITELY be walk breaks! I guess I should have emphasized that. I do wish it were a little cooler outside. Damn wanting to have a spring/summer baby!

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    It has been really hard for me to get back into running. But that is almost entirely attributed to my husbands current traveling job. My only boob issues came into play when I went to races without the baby, stayed overnight, and didn’t take my pump. Those were two very uncomfortable half marathons.
    Alecia recently posted..Dad Wouldn’t Let Me Quit

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      UGH on the hubby traveling and how did you survive an overnight without a pump?? When Livie was 6-7 months old we went to a wedding and I forgot some of my pump parts and MADE Dan stop off at Target to get them. I would have DIED. Or my boobs would have exploded.

  7. Maaike says

    Oh, I feel bad for Alecia! That’s the thing about running postpartum: timing running with nursing/pumping as well as eating/energy levels. I returned to running at 6 weeks after my first two and that was the hardest part. I remember my calves being really sore too. I focused on the joy and freedom of running again, definitely not speed or distance; although I think I started in the 30 minute range (abt 3 miles with walking breaks but I didn’t focus on distance). Good luck! I’m excited for you! Oh, be prepared for running to possibly be the one thing you get done in a day, it’s takes a lot of energy and coordination with family, milk/nursing, diaper changes, etc to get out the door-have patience!

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      I feel bad for her too! UGH.

      Yeah – fueling concerns me. I was still nursing when I started running – but Livie was 1 and it was just in the morning/at night. Now it’s freaking all the time and I am always hungry as it is! I’m sure I’ll figure it out but I’m prepping myself to bring a lot of food with me while I’m on long runs.

  8. julie16750 says

    Your first run will SUCK but then it will feel so GOOD to be back out there. I think I was only able to do one actual mile of “running” the first time back with Aaron. It was a run/walk/drag/shuffle of sorts. I felt so out of shape even though I was exercising up to my due date. After a few weeks, it was good.
    Be careful about the uterus falling out!! It can! After Aaron, for about four months, every time I ran I felt like “something” was falling out (tmi – it actually felt like it was a tampon falling out) but just thought it was a normal part of postpartum recovery. Um yeah, now after this kid, I’m convinced I have pelvic prolapse and got it after delivering Aaron. The feeling I had wasn’t normal :-\. I’ll be addressing it at my 6 week appointment but I have all the signs/symptoms & certain risk factors (family history being one) according to Dr. Google.

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      I have a few friends who have had prolapse and they’ve described exactly what you are describing :( I actually felt this way about a week after E’s birth (it bothered me to stand more than 20 minutes), and I did a lot of laying around and pelvic tilts for about a week. It hasn’t bothered me since, so hopefully it’s remedied itself (although it IS why I haven’t been doing much – and also, I’m tired).

      Thanks for the pointers on running. I think I’m going to aim for a mile on Tuesday and then go from there. It’s crazy how fast you lose your endurance.

      How are you feeling? I can’t believe N is almost 1 month old – where did the month go??

      • julie16750 says

        Pelvic tilts huh…I’ll start doing those too. I’ve just been doing a bunch of kegels.
        I am feeling great actually. I’ve felt pretty great since the first week or so. I think that’s also why my insides are coming out. I was feeling too great and lifting my 37 pounder out of the bath and moving furniture when I vacuumed (so stupid, I know) but then when I saw what was happening I stopped. It was just so confusing to me to be “lazy” when I felt so good. Needless to say, I’ve got a major itch to workout. Only 14 more days until my PP appointment :)
        I can’t believe it’s been a month. The novelty hasn’t worn off yet with Aaron and he still loooves his sister. She loves to watch him play and even smiles and “talks” to him. Its cute.

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    My first run after baby #1 was painful and short but I was elated that I did it and that made it good. I had a c section so I felt like my guts were going to fall out and the nerves around my scar were rubbing all crazy. I also breastfed and I definitely needed 2 sports bras to feel like my new cannons weren’t going to bounce painfully and gotta love those nursing pads. I ran walked the first 3 weeks back increasing my run time each week. Way to go on getting back into it and I hope it doesn’t suck but it might who cares at least your doing it!
    Jen recently posted..Safe Running

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