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Well hello there Thursday. How YOU doin’?

I have to admit, I’m usually pretty happy when the weekend comes around, but since I’ve been on maternity leave, Thursday just means another week is flying by. I’m going back to work on July 15th and that date is rapidly approaching. Enough of that sadness…here’s what going on with me this week.

1. It’s birthday week! Not mine (that’s next week) but Dan’s.


His birthday is Saturday and we are celebrating the old man by taking a family trip to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. I have nothing else planned at the moment. I feel like we SHOULD celebrate in a big way because we are both turning 35 and for some reason that feels momentous. Although Sweet Tomatoes IS pretty awesome.

2. I am still working on finishing Evan’s room and I will be getting these letters in the mail in the next week or so…

name proof

After much hemming and hawing, I custom ordered them from a seller on Etsy. Braeden and Livie also have their names on their walls (I did B’s myself – but no longer have the patience or time for creativity). I’m still looking for prints to go on the other wall and then I’ll be done!

FYI – That is not purple, but grey. It’s just a little off because the lighting.

3. I swear I have two other kids and they are really cute (I might be biased). Proof:


They are super busy with summer camp and also exhausted when they get home. It’s great because they generally go to bed and pass out HARD (although, they normally go to bed without any problems any way) but it’s BAAAAAD because they get home and they are super whiny and super stinky. They seem to have having a fun summer though and that makes me feel a little bit better about sending them off to camp while I stay home. I appreciate the time with Evan though, I have to ration out my mom guilt where I can.

4. Something interesting and (somewhat) educational: This morning on Good Morning America they had a news story previous news articles about women and how their fertiilty drops significantly after age 35 was citing research from French birth records from 1670 to 1830. Umm what??

This article in The Atlantic debunks those numbers. Guess what ladies? You’re more fertile than you think! I have to say, the whole “have a baby” before you hit 35 (when you are considered Advance Maternal Age (AMA)) was an underlying reason on why I decided to have a 3rd baby this year. Although, when talking to my Dr. about it last year he DID say that those numbers were antiquated. I just didn’t know by how much! The article brings up some pretty good points to consider when looking at the research behind fertility and even birth defects/ miscarriage. There’s so much UNSAID about fertility – how can we trust any of it to apply to us?

5. I got my hair done yesterday.

Yep, I feel like a human again!

It feels so good not to have roots and dead ends– and you can see my eyes again! I have to admit, the last few weeks I’ve mainly been wearing my hair up in a bun, but it definitely felt nice to be pampered for a few hours.

I think E likes the colors. I caught him staring at my bangs this morning. Or maybe he just likes my bangs.

6. I have started quite the wine collection with the goal of NOT drinking it by the end of the summer. Lol.

Stocking up. Maternity leave is dangerous.

I bought a few more “deal” bottles from Publix this week and stocked up at Total Wine & More today. It’s like a new project for me or something.

7. Speaking of alcohol, I have a new favorite beer.

Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave.

It light and crisp and has hints of grapefruit, which in my opinion is the perfect summer beer.

8. I am in need of some new music. (Countdown to running? T-minus 5 days!)


There are the latest songs I have on my “Return to Running” playlist – but obvious I need a few more. Hit me with your favorite song.

9. Speaking of songs. I have to agree with this assessment


What.the.heck? And WHY?

10. Evan is still cute.


He thinks he's such a big boy. #stillanewborn #5weeksold




Sorry (I’m not sorry), I couldn’t help myself.

What’s going on in your world this week? Don’t mind me as I go to bed now. Zzzzz. Have I mentioned I”m tired?


  1. says

    My world? School is out. All my kids are in the house. Together. All day. I don’t know what happened as soon as school let out, but all the neighborhood kids have disappeared so mine refuse to go outside. A new reason to hate summer.
    Alecia recently posted..Dad Wouldn’t Let Me Quit

  2. says

    1. Happy Birthday, Dan! I support the Sweet Tomatoes Fest (if you call it a “fest” it sounds fancier)
    2. Super cute. Love the chevron.
    3. They are super cute as well. Not the smelly part, but the busy all day and having a great summer part is good.
    4. Fascinating. Especially since when I get around to birthing a child, I’ll definitely be AMA.
    5. Loves it. I just dyed my own hair dark red brown last weekend. Something about the red feels sassy, right?
    6. I support this.
    7. And that.
    8. #thatPOWER
    9. Right? Why is that song on Kidz Bop anyway?
    10. omgsocute I die.
    11. I’m tired, too. This doesn’t bode well for future Melissa who has AMA babies to care for.
    Melissa recently posted..Time to Take It Offline

    • says

      Future Melissa will have visits from future Michelle when she has her babies because she will want to snuggle with babies, so you will be less tired :) (That was like the world’s longest run on sentence.)

      Red does feel sassy — and for whatever reason, red dye LOVES my hair. My stylist is always surprised at how well it stays!

  3. says

    I could put a serious dent in that wine collection. I might hunt you down!! Hair looks awesome. Always feels good to get freshened up!!! I’m STILL not done with Nia’s room…oops! I just am indecisive and need to decide the direction that I’m going with. Hey, at least the kid has a place to sleep.
    char eats greens recently

    • says

      Come on over!! You can go visit Disney at the same time or go golfing :)

      I am indecisive too, which is part of the problem. Your right, at least she has a place to sleep! It’s not like they know their room isn’t finished. My older two couldn’t care less what their rooms look like – as long as there are toys.

  4. Denise P. says

    Happy Birthday to Dan. My fiancée just turned 35 and we went on a trip with tons of friends and family to wine country in Central California for a quick getaway. It was awesome (except I had to abstain from drinking because I had a suspicion I was pregnant.) Sure enough, fertility is apparently not an issue for us (its still early so I know a healthy baby isnt guaranteed, but it was definitely an unexpected blessing). I’ll be 31 this year and was paranoid because my good friend tried for 9 years before doing 2 rounds of IVF and my aunt had many miscarriages and never had a live birth. So I was definitely worried about starting so “late”. I have my first appt Monday so that is something to look forward to.

    • says

      Aww – congrats!! How exciting :) You’ll have to keep me updated. I struggled with 2 years of infertility before getting pregnant with my first – so apparently I have gotten MORE fertile as I’ve gotten older.

      It must have been so hard NOT to drink in wine country! Hopefully you’ll go back after you have the baby!!

  5. says

    Enjoy the birthday feast! Sweet tomatoes is so yummy. I started my wine collection last weekend when we went to Trader Joe’s. Only have 4 bottles though, but that is easy to change.

    The fertility article is interesting, and helps me feel a little less pressure to make a decision on a second one too quickly. I turned 32 in March and the idea that we would have to make a decision about more than one relatively quick has been on my mind. I need a break from being pregnant for a while :).
    Heather recently posted..Pregnancy Update 35 Weeks

    • says

      Right? I’ve gotten more fertile as I’ve gotten older (I will be getting an IUD STAT!) so I always thought I was defying the odds – but maybe there aren’t really many odds to defy?

  6. says

    Your cut and color looks really pretty. Evan is a cutie pie, and I don’t know how you don’t eat him up. I stick mostly to Chardonnay, but your wine collection is also looking good. I know the Cloudbreak chard is yummy.
    The new Jimmy Eat World album is very good. The first released song is up tempo, “I will steal you back”, and probably good for running. “Doing it Right” by Daft Punk is also cool. Almost gets monotonous though, and I like Foals “Your Number”.
    I was so excited for you last week when I opened my Womens Running mag and saw you were featured! Congratulations!
    Happy Birthday weeks to you all!
    Melissa recently posted..Fall 2013 Race Plans

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