Ode to My Saggy Skin

I confess… Some days it’s hard to look to down and see my “baby muffin.”


Hot. I know. What I don’t know is why I keep posting pictures like this. Is it a sickness?

It’s an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy, especially when you have a big baby. My abs are slowly returning, my pants {mostly} fit, and my weight is in it’s happy place — but the skin…oh the skin. The skin is all stretched out and saggy. It’s jiggly and smushy. It’s soft and squishy.

It’s super cute on babies. I mean look at all that squishy chub…


But it can be a bit discouraging on me. Why is that?

I wish one of those people who said they didn’t care. Wait, hold that thought. About 90% of the time I DON’T care. Seriously. I love that my body was able to carry around a human in it for 9 months – and not just once. I love that the wrinkly and saggy skin means that I worked for something. I am proud of myself for working out my entire pregnancy and I felt pretty damn good about how I look just shy of 2 months postpartum. But that stupid, ridiculous, hormonal nagging voice in my head doesn’t always agree and that 10%  sneaks in.


I mean does anyone BUT ME actually care that I have flabby skin? Do people go places thinking “Wow – look at that flab??” I certainly don’t. No, I am just hard on myself. FOR NO GOOD REASON.

I know there are others out there that feel me on this and I’m here to say – SUCK IT nagging, hormonal, stupid voice. I am proud of my skin. I am proud of my belly and jiggly arms and thighs. I worked HARD for my body to look like this! Pregnancy is not for the meek. Ask a pregnant person. While I will definitely be working hard to whip myself into shape again, I know that hard work and patience (and maybe a boob job?) are necessary and it’s going to TAKE TIME.


And 6 months or a year from now when I am in shape and I can run and lift and I don’t feel like a hot mess – I will still have some of this flabby, saggy skin. And I’ll remember how much it was worth it. I mean, how adorable are these little people??

The birthday boy. And he's SUCH a boy.

That thumb must taste good. #savingnowforbraces

Sunday smiles #8weeks #monsterbaby

So to my saggy, flabby skin I say thank you. You make me work harder, and my life much, much fuller.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by my post-partum hormones. You’re welcome Internetz.


    • says

      Our brains can be SUCH jerks! I can’t wait to look super amazing – but thank you. I feel good and I’m definitely in a GREAT place for just having a baby 8 weeks ago.

  1. Katie @ Legally Fit says

    I agree with Ashley- you look amazing! And I definitely hear you on the boob job- what are these deflated things I now possess? Haha. Love your outlook.

    • says

      Thanks – I really do feel good about myself most days. Just every now and then stupid thoughts enter my brain!!

      OMG my boobs look so fantastic when I am pregnant and then they are just sad, small flapjacks after. Even now while nursing they are gross (TMI, I’m sorry). I know from experience they will actually be smaller than normal AFTER I wean. So yeah, I might as well start saving now for the augmentation.

  2. jim says

    Good morning Michelle saggy skin lol do not worry you look great you have 3 little ones to care for also look at Mizuno running shoes they are great shoes /// take care and be good.

  3. Jenn@Be YOU at Be Me says

    I love this. I am 2 weeks post partum and can relate to similar thoughts. I am able to talk back to them and tell them they are not welcomed, as my body just had a baby…it deserves healing and rest. I am being kind to it.
    Jenn@Be YOU at Be Me recently posted..Be an active observer.

    • says

      I almost linked that to your post. I’m waiting to hear about your final feelings about getting them before I definitely say I’m getting them – but I’d say right now there is a 95% chance that they are happening in the next 5 years. Boobs!

    • says

      Hmm – I’ve never had a waist, so I couldn’t warn you! Maybe it will return? You’re still only 6 months in – a lot can happen in the first year! And yes, I think really for the first year your hormones can be nutso. Good times!

      I know I’m late responding to this – but I’m free Thursday and Friday. I go back to work next week – but will have Fridays off if you want to meet or even come over. If anything we need to meet up for a run or a glass of wine or something!

  4. Angie says

    Love it. I know I’m hard myself too but remind myself that I was able to bring an awesome little boy into the world and I can’t wait to do it again!

  5. says

    Great post, I totally identify with ya! (And for the record, I think you look great!) Anyhow, the saggy skin and sad puppy dog face (what I call the sagging around my belly button) IS totally worth it but it doesn’t mean I can exactly say I “like” it. Ha ha. Guess that just helps us out in the old motivation department, right? Anyhow, thanks for sharing!
    Nikki recently posted..Breathing a cautious sigh of relief…

    • says

      No, we don’t have to like it – we just have embrace it and appreciate what it means :) The belly button really is the worse. I kinda forget what it looks like to not completely see the inside of it. Lol.

  6. Jen says

    Love this and completely agree! I’m proud of my belly pooch! It reminds me that my body is amazing and grew another human. It’s crazy, my stomach is way flabbier now post-baby but my confidence is so much higher — I never ever ran in just a sports bra before having Wyatt but now I do it all the time.
    Jen recently posted..On short races (+ a giveaway)

  7. Wanda says

    You sure have a way with words, you often crack me up the way you express yourself and this post was no exception! Thanks for my chuckle for today! : )

    Love, Wanda

    • says

      Thanks! I have to say, I hope I look a little better now (that pic was from 1 month – I need to take 2 month pics!), but I”m also trying to be realistic here :)


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