Aquaphor Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent an Aquaphor Prize Pack consisting of Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $50 Visa Gift Card and CamelBak Water Bottle. However, all opinions and thoughts about using Aquaphor are my very own. 

Aquaphor is an every day product in this house.


I have two kids with eczema (surprisingly, Evan has not shown signs of following in their footsteps… YET) and for a long time Aquaphor was the only thing that kept their irritated, itchy spots at bay (sidenote: we’ve also found coconut oil very effective!).  Aquaphor is an emollient that works by trapping water in the skin. It’s like a supped up Vaseline that locks the moisture into your skin. Sure, it can feel slippery and slimy going on – but the stuff really works.

What I didn’t realize is that you can also use Aquaphor to prevent chafing. Duh, Michelle. I mean Body Glide is great and all – but when you already have a product in the house that you can use to prevent it? It’s even better.

Lets’s talk about chafing for a minute, OK? It’s pretty much the worst.


Also, don’t do an image search for the word “chafing” unless you want to see a lot of male groins. 

Chafing happens when your skin rubs something – whether it be your skin or fabric – the wrong way. Continuously.

Chances are if you’re a runner you’ve had chafing issues. I mostly chafe in my armpits, especially if I forget to throw on some extra deodorant – but thanks to pregnancy I’ve also experienced thigh chafing and butt crack chafing. Yes, I really did write “butt crack chafing.” It can happen. And no, I didn’t take any pictures. I’m guessing, from my Google search, that men tend to chafe in their groin area and around/on their nipples. Good times.

Chafing is not something that JUST happens to runners. Walking, swimming, bike riding — any physical activity, especially when you are drenched in sweat, can bring on chafing. And truthfully, it always happens when you don’t expect it too – so, of course you don’t take any preventative  measures! The good news is that you can use Aquaphor to help with the burn too. Now that I HAVE done and it can be SUCH a relief. That burn is HORRIBLE.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, Aquaphor is the sponsor for the New York City Triathlon happening this weekend and they would like to help all of us “Cut through the Chafe”. They sent me a prize pack to review and want to send out one to one of you as well!


The goods!

The prize includes a TON of Aquaphor Healing Ointment, a $50 Visa Gift Card, and a CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle (this thing is a beast).

FYI: This giveaway is only open to US residents, 18 years or older and will end July 17th at midnight. 

All you have to do is comment below and let me know about your chafing experiences (ummm… and you don’t need to get TOO graphic now, mmkay?) and if you’ve ever used Aquaphor to prevent/heal chafing. You can get additional entries for tweeting about the giveaway and liking Aquaphor on Facebook.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent an Aquaphor Prize Pack consisting of Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $50 Visa Gift Card and CamelBak Water Bottle. However, all opinions and thoughts about using Aquaphor are my very own. 


  1. Gladys says

    I have the chafing scar at the bra line from chafing so much before I discovered body glide. I chafe at least once a week, I can even chafe on a 3 mile run if the moon and the sun aligns just right. I have used Aquaphor for the healing after the chafing has occurred but never occurred to be to use as a preventive, not sure how I missed the boat on that one LOL

  2. Jillian Kelly says

    Back before I lost 135 pounds, I was at work one day and my jeans spilt. Two inches of my pasty inner thigh flab oozed out of my jeans at the seam like a tube of refrigerator biscuits. I was too embarrassed to tell my boss why I needed to go home, so I wore them the rest of the day. When I got home and peeled off my jeans it looked bad, like a skinned knee… on my thigh. Sometimes chafing happens at air conditioned office jobs when your pants are too tight.

  3. says

    Chafing is no fun. I get it on my chest from my sports bra all the time and have had it some interesting places since being pregnant. Aquaphor is great to help sooth it. I haven’t tried it for prevention…duh. I’ll have to remember that when I start running again…in Florida…in August.
    Heather recently posted..Pregnancy Update 38 Weeks

  4. Cherise Dumas says

    So I
    Hope I win!!! But I’m going to buy some TODAY!
    I chafe something horrible and the worst is when you
    Get into the shower, OUCH!!! I have permenent burns
    Under my arms:-/
    Thanks for the advice;)

  5. says

    I love Aquaphor – I have pretty bad eczema and this seems to be the only thing to bring any relief – even the prescription stuff doesn’t work as well. Plus, it does help a lot for chaffing I seem to get from bike riding – I won’t go into details…but this does help – if I just can remember to use it!
    Jen Cook recently posted..Fourth of July at Walt Disney World

  6. Lori says

    I have done a lot of triathlons and have had problems with chafing in the past. I usually use body glide, but it doesn’t always stay on very well after the swim. I would love to try Aquaphor to see if it works better!

  7. Lori says

    Sorry for all the posts… It didn’t look like my comments were going through and then all of a sudden they all showed up! I don’t see how to delete any of them.

  8. Angie says

    I love Aquaphor for babies. That’s what my pediatrician recommended for diaper rashes. We put it on the baby during diaper changes and we have never had a diaper rash in 9 months. So great for his dry skin too.

  9. Jen W. says

    My husband gets the “crack chaf” and “the thigh thingy” we call it. Great to hear about OTC remedies. Can’t wait to try it. He always treated his with expensive prescriptions from the doctor. Thanks for the info……

  10. Kate says

    I’m sure you can’t wait to read all these comments about chafing! Steve once made me take a picture of his chafed nipples after a run. That was fun. I’ll have to tell him about using Aquaphor because we always have some around the house!

  11. says

    I’ve heard that Aquaphor is really great at preventing chaffing, but it’s not really something I’ve wanted to take a chance on. I mean, I KNOW body glide works, so I wear it. If I wear something and it ends up not working….ouch. Maybe I’ll give it a try though.
    Steph @ Steph Runs On recently posted..What are you training for?

  12. Jenna Ann says

    My favorite (sick?) chafing memory came after the Outer Banks 1/2 when I wore a running skirt for the first time. I had no clue until I got in the shower that my inner thighs were raw! That’s the thing with chafing…. You don’t usually know its there until the hot shower hits it!!!

  13. Teresa M. says

    I chafed when my sports bra go too big while I was losing weight, I don’t use anything for it now, I bought a smaller bra, and I avoid clothes if I chafe in them.

  14. says

    Thankfully, I haven’t had too many terrible chafing experiences. It usually happens on my upper thigh and it is so stinkin annoying! I’ve used Aquaphor to help sooth the pain. I also keep a tube of it by my night stand – hey now, not for THAT;-) – for my chapped lips. I sleep with my mouth open and often wake up with dry chapped lips, which are so annoying!
    Steph @321delish recently posted..The Countdown Is On

  15. Annie Ingram says

    This chaffing story is from my hubby. He came home from work a week ago after working outside most the day (which as a manager he doesn’t do often). He was so chaffed the he was waddling. I broke out the aquafor that the Pediatrician had given to me years ago and recommended that he used it. The chaffing was gone the next morning! It is a mircale cream. :)

  16. H says

    Embarrassing to admit, but inner thigh chafing. Good to know Aquaphor works for that. On a less embarrassing note I use it on my lips all the time. Especially after moving to PA where the winters are much colder than FL winters. It works amazingly well and keeps my lips from cracking and helps them if they are already cracked. Love it!

  17. says

    I get it under the sports bra all the time, so annoying and SO painful! I need to give this stuff a whirl because Body Glide just isn’t cutting it. >no pun intended<

  18. Diana says

    I had never had a chafing problem until I wore a sleeveless shirt for the first time. And now you know where I got it! I didn’t notice it until I hit the shower and almost screamed at the pain in my pits! I’d like to start wearing shorts other than the biker short style, but I’m afraid of the chub run burn now. Oy, who know running would have these kinds of issues to figure out! I thought it was just one foot in front of the other! LOL

  19. Robyn says

    For me, chafing is usually an issue when I wear my least favorite running bra…for any distance. I haven’t tried aquaphor yet, am thrilled to see something else to try for my son’s eczema also. Thanks for the tip and the great blog.

  20. Sara H says

    I’ve had belly button chafing. It was awful! The drawstring from my pants somehow ended up there and I chose to ignore it. When I got home and hopped in the shower… ouch!

  21. Leah says

    I worked at a weigh loss camp one summer during college, all of my campers called chafing on their thighs chub rub. I normally chaff under my armpits

  22. says

    Good to know that Aquaphor relieves that chafing burn, too! I always think I have all my spots covered and inevitably wind up chafing somewhere weird (under my armpit where my sports bra hits??) Yeah, chafing is the hotness.
    Melissa recently posted..Time to Take It Offline

  23. Ashley Castle says

    I usually chafe underneath my boobs….and usually I dont realize it has happened until I’m in the shower and I feel the dredded burn….WORST.FEELING.EVER!

  24. Erin S. says

    The worst time I ever chafed was when I strapped an iPod armband on for a 10 mile run. About five inches of arm was chafed raw all the around my arm.

  25. Julie says

    I use Aquaphor on my sons hands when he gets eczema type symptoms but never thought to use it for chafing. I always chafe under my bra when running and lately my flipflops are causing chafing on my feet.

  26. Amanda Stevens says

    I go to boot camp 5 days a week and have to wear body glide every time because of chafing under my sports bra line.

    That water bottle looks amazing!

  27. Amy Orvin says

    This is embarrassing, but I chaff between my legs while walking. I try and use prescription creams for that and it really helps.

  28. Kelly D says

    I’ve had minor chafing on longer walks and jogs, and wearing soft fabrics and using thicker lotions helps.

  29. Colleen says

    aquaphor is great for diaper rash too, as you probably well know. And for those awful Beverly MA winters, hello North Shore!!!!!

    • says

      I know about those North Shore winters! (I’m originally from Peabody) Yes – Aquaphor is so good for so many things and lasts a really, really long time.

  30. says

    I normally run in capris, but since its been so hot I’ve had to start wearing shorts… I didn’t realize the chaffing problem that would occur… Luckily through Zooma I had a test thing of Body Glide, but I’m in need of some more since I’ve pretty much used it up!

  31. jenny says

    I use Aquaphor as a chapstick everynight, will have to use for anti chaffing now, which for me is a thigh rub issue

  32. Jessica Gaudino says

    I use aquaphor when I race triathlons. It helps to stop the zipper on my wetsuit from rubbing the back of my neck raw while I swim.

  33. Tracy says

    My worst chafing incident was when I wore a new shirt for a 6 mile run. The seams on the shoulders chafed there.

  34. says

    i am in love with running….but appearantly shorts are not for my thighs. My legs have no thigh gap and i have gotten chafed so bad. Even when just wearing shorts and walking for a while…. so i can’t really wear shorts anymore due to my thighs

  35. Amy says

    I’ve used body gilde-didn’t know aquaphor can help prevent chaffing! I will have to share with my husband too~ he needs it more then I do! Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. says

    I’m not entering since I already pretty much own stock in Aquaphor…but just wanted to say that we, too, can’t live without it. I get really dry skin in the summer, especially after swimming in the pool. That plus the various marks and scratches Audrey does to herself (how do baby nails grow so quickly??) mean that we go through a lot of tubes.
    Katy Widrick recently posted..Why I Sometimes Post Sponsored Content II

  37. Sara says

    I love Aquaphor. I am just getting over a cold but my nose is still running. I use a dab of Aquaphor on my tissue-irritated nose at night.

  38. PJ says

    I’m relatively new to running, and had my longest run ever today, 5 miles! But I’m suffering the consequences with chafing inside my thighs. Last time I got a tattoo I used Aquafor to heal it, and love the stuff. It was the first thing I reached for today and will use it to help prevent chafing next time.

  39. Lynn says

    I chafe if I run in shorts. All those years of sports gave me strong thighs which also means inner thighs rubbing. ouch! I wear mostly capris or bermudas these days. When I wear my camelbak I chafe from that so some aquaphor would be super helpful! Thanks for the chance!

  40. Wild Orchid says

    I chafe if I wear loose shorts when running. Aquaphor is a huge help! Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  41. Rachel says

    I don’t really have a chaffing problem, but my husband has to tape up his nipples before long runs or they’ll bleed. It’s gross.

  42. Denise P. says

    I use the female version of Body Glide. I’m usually really good about applying it before races, but I don’t keep any at work so sometimes I get a touch of chafing when wearing short shorts or skirts.

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