E and Me {2 Months Postpartum}

It’s so funny how the last few weeks of pregnancy just creep by and then after the baby is born, time just flies. And it gets faster with each kid! So here we are… Evan is two months old!





He had his 2-month well baby visit last Wednesday and he is a BEAST. The appointment went well, he got his first round of shots (*sniff), and he gurgled, cooed, and smiled at the Dr. He weighed, get this, 15lbs and 1oz. He’s also 24 7/8 inches tall and with a head circumference that is off the charts (16 something). Ummm yeah… He is the size of your average 6 month old – and he is wearing 3-6 months clothes already. Last week I crammed him into a few 0-3 month outfits because I was in denial that he outgrown them before he hit 2 months!


This is why I’m not wearing a shirt!

As far as milestones go – he is starting to become more social. He loves smiling and giggling – especially at “the baby” in the mirror and at his brother and sister.


He’s started grabbing at things (although I don’t think he’s fully realized that he has hands) and he’s working really hard on getting his fingers in his mouth. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up a thumb sucker like his sister – although I would prefer that he stick with the pacifier (you can take the pacifier away… you can’t take the thumb away).


The peditrician did tell us that because of his size he *might* take a little longer to hit some of his milestones (especially rolling over) mainly because he’s a 2-month old in a 6-month old’s body (and he also might start teething later). I am PERFECTLY OK with this! Livie was always trying to do things to keep up with her big brother and it was EXHAUSTING. So if he takes his him (and is still meeting his milestones) FINE BY ME! Oh course, she was also a big baby – and had no problems getting around, so we’ll see.


As far as sleep goes, I can’t complain…much. He naps several times throughout the day and definitely lets us know when he is tired. He’s not on a consistent day schedule yet, but I know that will probably start happening in the next month. At night, he’ll usually go to bed around 8:30-9, wake up at 2:30-3, and then again at 6:15. I’ll then take him and sleep with him in our bed for another hour or so. This will (sadly) change tomorrow, when I go back to work, but it’s been nice these past two-three weeks! I am hopeful that he’ll keep up this schedule and eventually drop the 2:30 feeding. I don’t mind it now though because it’s quick AND I don’t mind snuggling with him. I know, I am crazy. Now if I could only get to bed earlier!

He is going to be soooo mad when we wake him up for his shots

Evan is definitely starting to let his personality sign through. He is pretty chill, except when he’s hungry and when he’s hungry, WATCH OUT! He’ll go from happy to angry in about 2 seconds. So far he’s had no problems taking a bottle (yay!) and he’s a very efficient nurser. – eating about every 2-3 hours during the day. Obviously, he no problems with eating!


You don’t say.

He loves ceiling fans, being in the play gym, his wubbanub, being swaddled, and baths.


In fact, splashing around in the water might be his favorite part of the day (besides eating). He also happens to HATE getting out of the bath. Nothing is sadder than hearing him cry when bath time is over.


Overall, he’s still a sweet, calm, and happy little dude. So much so that I often find myself going places and thinking “Wait – did I bring the baby?” (of course, I have always remembered the baby)

Hard to believe it's been 2 months since we met this little (huge) guy!

Thanks for remembering me, Mom.

As for me…

I there’s a little change this month, even though I don’t really see it outright. My body FEELS stronger though, especially my core. A comparison…



At my postpartum appointment I weighed in at 152 pounds – 4 pounds from my body’s “happy weight.” I’m good with that.

I started working out 3 weeks ago and I’ve really had to tell myself to slow down. I jumped into running with the hopes to just take off, but my body let me know this week it wasn’t such a great idea. My left thigh is touch and go – and my right hip has been giving me hell… so I’m laying off the miles for a week (good timing – since I’m going back to work). Instead I’m focusing on cross training (spinning!) and strength training. I’m hoping it pays off.

Emotionally, things are slowly returning to normal. I feel like I’m slowly adjusting to handling all three of the kids at the same time (particularly on Saturdays when I am by myself) and finding some patience buried deep inside of me. I actually looked forward to spending the day with them this past Saturday — so that’s good! I’m not really ready to go back to work, but I’ll get through it with some tears and a ton of guilt. Ahhh, mom guilt is the best.

In all honesty, it is blowing my MIND that it’s already been two months since my ridiculously sweet and squishy Evan was born. Can someone slow down time or tell me where the pause button is?


    • says

      It cracks me up that Faith and Livie are almost the same size and L is a year older. Livie is not small for her age – she’s super skinny, but in the 75th percentile for height. I’m sure people treat her like she’s so much older too (which, does stuck at times!).

  1. says

    I can definitely see the differences in your pictures! You’re doing an amazing job and I hope to be able to make even a quarter of that progress in two months! Even definitely looks BIG! And so adorable — I love the faces he is making! Hope your first day back goes smoothly!
    Theresa recently posted..Pregnancy Eats

    • says

      You will make similar progress – there’s no doubt! I think you will be surprise with your postpartum body. I know I was after having B!

      Evan is so huge… I kinda miss him being “tiny.” Lol.

    • says

      Thanks! And yes, he is HUUUUGE. My daughter was chunky, but not monster big like E is. It’s SOOO funny. Looks like he might be my tall one.

      Going back is hard — but once I’m there, I remember I do like my job! I do love snuggling him when I get home though.

    • says

      Thank you! I feel pretty good – although I am horribly hard on myself. I thank genetics for bouncing back quickly, although I do think staying active during pregnancy helps!!

  2. Melissa says

    I love his expressions–what a little doll :)

    Looking great–good job listening to your body. I need to do the same and I didn’t even have a baby! ha

    Hope your first day back is good. You’re doing a lot for those kiddos by going to work, too, but I’m sure that mom guilt outweighs the whole “putting food on the table” thing ;)

  3. Angie says

    You look amazing! My little guy was 16.4 pounds at his 8 month check. I can’t wait to see his stats for his 10 month check up in a week. I feel he’s big until I compare to my friends’ kids. So funny.

  4. says

    Wow! Evan is a big baby…he is so darn cute though! I honestly can’t get over how cute he is & all the pictures you post of his facial expressions.

    I hope your first week of work went well. So sorry for the momma guilt. :(
    Ara recently posted..Blessing In Disguise

    • says

      It’s a sticker! Lol. Maybe he should start learning the dance moves to “Pony” now? Livie likes to wear it on her chest too, but I won’t be posting any of those pics.

  5. Denise P. says

    At least you’ll always have those pictures to oh and ah over. Those shirtless ones are great!

    I am already calculating how many weeks I can take come February. Luckily my work has a daycare center on the property so he/she will come to work with me the first few months at at least and I can go visit on breaks. (I need to ask them how many times I’m “allowed”- I can imagine the first week I’ll want be over there constantly).

  6. says

    I LOVE HIM. He is so stinkin cute. And you are doing fantastic. I’m totally the same way…have to tell myself not to go so crazy with training sometimes. It’s an addiction, but I supposed it’s better than cigarettes. ;-)
    Amanda @ Skill of Strength recently posted..Life Lately

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