All The Partying

As I’ve stated numerous times, I’m a big fan of working hard and playing hard. So after 9+ months of working hard… I have spent the last two weeks reaping the benefits.


I didn’t say I was klassy.

I also like to call this – the time when I hung out and partied with Paula and Jackie two weeks in a row.




Up first was girls’ night out. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about leaving Evan for a night of fun and partying with my girls – but Dan insisted that I do it and while it was REALLY hard to leave him (and dude, the pumping SUCKED), I’m really glad I spent a night out.






It was much needed. I somehow managed to get less sleep than when staying at home with my infant, so needless to say I was freaking exhausted the next day. It was worth it though and I’m really glad we are making this a yearly tradition.

As if that weren’t enough, Paula invited me to be her date to Taste of the Nation Orlando last Saturday.


We ate, and ate, and ate… and drank… and did I mention the eating?





Stop looking at my boobs.

We also hung out with Jackie and Katy (who I haven’t seen since my baby sprinkle in APRIL!) and just had fun.


The bad news is that I got full too soon (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??) and I didn’t get to experience everything. Next year (and there will be a next year!) that WILL NOT HAPPEN.

At the beginning of the night I paid $25 for a key to a door. If that key unlocked the door I would have won 150 bottles of wine. (the best part is that this $25 was for the kids, man)


And now you’re looking at my ass.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win. BUT the guy behind me did. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Ugh. So close. Kinda.

And that’s how I ended my night. And my partying.

I have to admit – partying is pretty lame when you get tired at 10pm and have the tolerance of 16 year old (umm, not that I drank when I was 16 – for real), but I’m glad my friends put up with me because I had a lot of fun and got to be “myself” again for just a short while.


And obviously, I needed it.


  1. says

    I feel bad leaving Nia. But I feel like I wouldn’t if Tyler told me to leave. I need to plant the seed because I really do need some girl time out to myself. My friends and I are trying to arrange a get together, but I’m planning it with Nia there (or at least in my mind that’s how I picture it), so I need to just GO and enjoy my time with
    char eats greens recently word wednesday

  2. says

    Love this post and love that you got to go out and have some fun! You look incredible!

    I am already planning my night out after I have this baby boy! I told Dave I want to get a sitter and I want the 2 of us to go out and drink 1 too many cocktails at a fancy NYC restaurant. But, the reality is I will probably meet this kid and never want to leave him so instead we will put him to bed and stay in and drink wine and go to sleep at 9:30pm. haha
    Ashley@cupcakesncrunches recently posted..Winning Combos

  3. Liz says

    I am so glad you made time for a girls’ night! Good for you! Your family will be better for it too, I promise. It looked like a great time.


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