Postpartum Running – Months 1 and 2

Hey, remember how this used to be a blog about running? Well, it’s SLOWLY making a comeback. It’s kind of at creeper’s pace right now – but I assure you in the next month or two it’s really going to pick up again. I DO have races planned (and even ones I’ve paid for!).

So how did the first 2 months go?

tiredhurts runningisimpossible

I know I’ve used these gifs before, but it pretty much sums it up.

Running has been HARD. The first month back I struggled with hip flexor issues. While my brain and legs were ready to run, my hips were all…


Yeah, they definitely had other ideas.

I did a lot of research and remedied my sore hips with hamstring, abductor, and hip exercises. Here’s a list of the exercises I did. I usually integrated them into my workouts. I actually still do most of them throughout the week at least once – I figure it doesn’t hurt.


Those aren’t nipples, but they kind of look like them don’t they?

I also added A LOT of spinning to my workouts. In my postpartum haze I kind of forgot how I built up my endurance for running after having Livie — yep lots of indoor cycle. It really works those glutes! I’m not gonna lie – the thought of getting back on a bike seat after having a 9+lb baby LITERALLY rushing out of your hoo-ha wasn’t exactly appealing, but it hasn’t been bad at all. Those are details I’m sure EVERYONE wanted to know, right?

For the first month, at least after the first glorious week back, I was pretty limited in my running. It just hurt too much. So, I started from scratch. I ran ran/walk 2 miles, then 3, then 4. During the second month I focused on running without walking and again – started with 2 and added on – slowly. I also took a week off when I visited family in MA, although it was PERFECT running weather. Still kicking myself on that one.

Last Sunday, 2 months after being cleared to run, I ran a whopping 6 miles for my “long” run with Paula, who was also returning from her own little recovery.

6 miles done with this girl. I have no idea how I once ran a marathon.

We look so cute and matchy — and that was totally unplanned.

And you know what? It was freaking hard. And humbling. And it hurt like I just ran 18 miles. We’re talking about 6 miles here people. SIX.


Please remind me how I ran a marathon again? And why I REALLY REALLY want to do it again?

Yes, it was hot and humid (story of my life) and we were both tired and forgot to eat — but honestly, we went into it thinking “Yay! The easiest 6 miles ever.” Like I said, humbling.

I’m pretty sure these last two months have knocked some common sense into me. Before I had Evan I was all – YA BABY I’M TOTALLY GOING TO PR THIS BITCH! And now I’m all.. Dude. I’m slow.


It kind of feels like this. I feel that turtle’s pain.

It’s a harsh reality that I’ve chosen to accept. Yes, I’m slowly gaining back  my endurance and the speed will come with it, but I guess I was expecting my body to bounce back quicker. I’ve actually STOPPED logging my workouts in Daily Mile because they kind of depress me. It was much more impressive when I had a tiny human living inside of me. In fact, I was FASTER when I had tiny human living inside of me.


I’m not posting this to be a Debby downer though or to fish for compliments/support. Despite the pity party above, I’m generally pretty happy about where am with running. I’m running far enough so I know I will definitely finish the 5-miler race in October (and I’m still hopeful for a PR!) and I will hit a high enough number to run half marathons in November/December/January (so far I have 4 on my list). They may not be fast, but I am -slightly- faster than I was when I FIRST started running and I guess that’s something.

And hey – I DID run under a 10:00 pace tonight. Just think of how much faster when it gets cooler. In 4 months. <–I wish I were joking about this.

Progress. All of my miles were under 10 minutes.

So to sum it up, months 1 and 2 kinda sucked, but the beginning always sucks. There’s definitely something that keeps me coming back. Whether it’s the challenge, the endorphins, or just plain stupidity I may never know, but in the end it’s because I love it. Have I mentioned that I love running? Because I really do.

And by the way… HE?

Cat nap.

Is totally worth it.


  1. says

    Dude. I was so pumped for those 6 miles until about 1.5 miles in. I wanted a PR myself but now I might just be happy to finish. Maybe I’ll make Celebration the PR try? I guess we’ll see where I am in a couple months. I kinda want to do that DeLeon Springs race again. Really peaceful race and supa flat!

    Oh, I deleted my Daily Mile. That’s how depressed I am about the running situation. At least I’m getting some of my Crossfit strength back finally.

    What the heck is a clamshell?
    Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run recently posted..Stuff Lately

    • says

      Lol! It’s funny how childbirth changes your perspective of things, right? :)

      You SHOULD start again. I wish we lived closer, I would totally berate you (in a friendly way) and make you go running with me! I hope you do sign up for the UCF race (either the 2-miler or the 5-miler). I would be fun!!

  2. says

    HE is precious:-) How are you planning on increasing your speed? That’s one thing I’ve never known how to do right…just focused on increasing mileage, rather than speed. I’m also slow (and way slower than you;-) and would appreciate any tips on including a short speed workout once a week if you have any suggestions!
    Gina recently posted..Holiday Weekend Break/Diet Bet

    • says

      Thank you :)

      I am focusing on endurance/building my base now, but once I’m comfortable running 25+ miles again I will add some speedwork into the mix! I hate 400s, 800s, and mile repeats – but they make me faster! In the past I’ve done them on the treadmill – but this year I’m going to push myself outside. Basically I do 400/800/mile at the pace I’m aiming for and then recover for 400m and repeat. Because I’m a sucker for punishment, 800s are my favorite – check out Yasso 800s – they are LEGIT for marathon training!

    • says

      The humidity is KILLER. We have been experiencing a “cold front” in the evenings though (which means it’s 85 degrees instead of 95), so it’s helping!!

  3. says

    One step at a time. Getting back into running is always the hardest part. I’ve really struggled when I’ve had to take time off after an injury — I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like after the baby. Naively I’m thinking exactly what you said – I’m going to hit the ground running and will be SOOO fast when I no longer have a tiny human inside of me. In reality, I know it’s going to be a lot less pretty than that (but don’t burst my bubble yet, please). Anyway, so glad to hear that it’s finally getting better. Sounds like you’re being really smart about recovery. I think that means great things for the fall and winter!
    Lauren recently posted..On Flexibility and Adjusting Goals

    • says

      I will not burst your bubble because it truly different for everyone! I really hope you are able to run your entire pregnancy AND I hope you are able to jump back into it right away. If not, just know you will get back to “normal”, even if it’s a new normal. I’m ready to bet you $50 (maybe more!) that you will end up being even faster.

  4. says

    How do you always find the most appropriate and funny gif’s and pics to match what you’re talking about? This is one skill I lack lol. And seriously dude, thanks for those hip flexor exercises. My pain is slowly going away (minus today – so now I just sound like a liar!), and I’m hoping to still have a decent finish in my half on Sept 22nd. FINGERS CROSSED!! And PS – can we run together in December?! lol
    char eats greens recently posted..running and breastfeeding

    • says

      I keep meaning to ask you where in Florida you coming in December! We MUST run together. You’re way faster than me, but I can pretend to keep up!!

      As for the gifs – I admit I stockpile those suckers. I see them and think “I bet this one will come in handy” and then just save it.

      My swear my hips play tricks on me. I really do blame stupid hormones for it. That and not making it to the chiropractor for the past 4 months (I have no time!!). I know this will pass though. Even if it makes me slower than molasses right now.

  5. says

    I remember how hard it is to come back and it’s so awesome that your rockin it hard or not. It also gives me extra confidence that I can do it again!!


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