Life Lately – Labor Day Edition

I am so need of a vacation from my weekend.


I’m beat.

Is it REALLY a holiday weekend when you are working your ass off?

Truthfully, it wasn’t all bad – it was just long. Dan works in retail and Labor Day is one of the busiest holidays of the year, so it was mostly me and my crazies. They get REALLY crazy during holiday weekends too.



There was also a visit from my brother…


Clearly, Evan hates him.

A hang session with this squirrel (that I’m PRETTY sure is also living my crawl space/attic).


This is as close as I will ever get to having a pet.

And a drive up to the middle of nowhere Umatilla to visit my mom.


I’m just happy there was wine this year. And beer! Pumpkin beer, specifically.


Let the pumpkin beer tasting begin. This one was excellent.

I really hate most things pumpkin (I know, it’s a blogger sin), but I REALLY love pumpkin beer. I’m currently having a beer-off… I’ll let you know how that goes.

Thanks to the gym’s childcare I managed to squeeze in some great workouts this weekend too – including this one from Paula

4 rounds and my legs can barely function (I added in planks too!). It only takes a half hour peeps!!

I used 30lb dumbbells for the deadlifts, 20lbs for the kettlebell swings, and I added a minute plank before the run. It’s three days later and my shoulders and legs still hurt. You should totally do it too.

I also tried to run 6 miles on the treadmill on Saturday and I just couldn’t make myself run more than 4. What is the secret of people who can runs for miles and miles on the treadmill? Somebody PLEASE share or sprinkle some magic running dust on me. I was so freaking bored I had to end it. I can’t wait until it’s cooler outside so I can complain about running outside again. At least it’s interesting.

In parenting of the year news, I gave my husband the baby while we were hanging out with friends on Saturday night and I turned around to see this…


So, of course I took a picture of it. Baby’s first beer is a milestone in this family.

Five minutes later he looked like this.



Speaking of milestones – a year ago this weekend I found out I was pregnant. A YEAR! It goes by so fast. I have to admit, I thought the shock of having a third baby would have worn off by now – but it still kind of blows my mind. Sometimes I miss being pregnant (<–yes, I’m weird), but dang this kid is cute.

Best shock ever. Yes, he was planned but I was still completely shocked when I saw that “plus sign.” And yes, that onsie is true.

I’m finishing the weekend (kind of) watching FSU football. I’m not ready to talk smack because we have a new QB this year — but as always, GO NOLES!

Game day selfie. #fsu #gonoles

And now that I have survived another holiday weekend –  my brain somehow needs to transform back into work mode. I only have three days of work this week (and a hair appointment on Friday – THANK GOD), but that’s three days to cram everything in. Wish me luck.


    • says

      Awww you are so sweet!! He really is fun to play with/hold — it’s so hard to leave him b/c he’s just so full of happiness. It’s infectious!! We will have to find a way to meet up SOON.

  1. Melissa says

    I feel the same way–I need a weekend from this weekend! But at least this is a short week? (People keep saying this to me. It’s not as soothing as they hope it will be.)

    That pic of Livie. Miss Sassypants! Also, the post beer pic of Evan. What a little smooshy face!

    I did a workout Paula emailed to me on Friday and holy hell it was hard! She’s brutal!!!

    Lastly, I cover the display on the treadmill and watch a show that’s really compelling/interesting/entertaining. Also, sometimes I’ll pick up the pace during commercials to mix things up a bit. It helps a bit. But honestly, I would die to just run a mile right now. Stupid injuries. Insurance kicking in this week (I hope!)

    • says

      People keep saying “it’s a short week” to me too — but it doesn’t FEEL short!!

      Oh man, there’s this other picture I took of L where she is SOOOOO crazy sassy – I couldn’t even post it because I feel like it reflects poorly on me as a mother. Lol. It’s adorable, but she looks like she 14 at the same time. Gah! I don’t know what I’m going to do with her.

      I need to figure out some way to cover the treadmill. I feel like the TV on it is too low and it gives me a headache to watch, so I can’t do that – but I NEED to do something. UGH on your injuries. I hope you figure out what’s going on SOON (and yay for insurance!).

    • says

      E is just such a funny little dude. My other two locos have loved the taste of beer (should I be admitting this online? I should follow it up with — they have tasted it, but nothing more) so I won’t be surprised if he does too. Lol.

  2. says

    The last picture of your lil man is beyond adorable; those eyes! Do you have anything to distract you on the TM? I had to do a lot of my marathon training on one and somehow plowed through. I agree outside is def more interesting!
    Gina recently posted..SAHD-How it’s going

    • says

      I love that last picture of E too. He is just the sweetest :)

      My treadmill (well, the gym treadmill – which I actually like better than most treadmills) does have a TV, but it’s so hard to watch it! I think I need to try covering up the display and hope something exciting goes on outside (at least I can look out the window!).

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