Why New Runners Inspire Me

During my run tonight, I thought of my coworker and wife who JUST started endurance running. Kind of random, yes, but I’ve had a few conversations with him lately about getting into running and racing. It made me realize how much I really LOVE talking about the sport and I ESPECIALLY love talking to new runners. I also realized that we ALL need to think like new runners. Here’s why:

1. They aren’t cynical.

I don’t necessarily think that all runners becomes cynics, but I know that I have grown more and more cynical about running and racing since I started 4 years ago. There’s a negativity and self doubt that has crept into my training. Talking to new runners reminds me that I used to have a different mindset.


2. They are proud of their accomplishments and aren’t dwelling on PRs, splits, or speedwork.

Once upon a time I didn’t care about how fast I was running — I just wanted to finish a half marathon. Those were simplier times indeed.


Could I BE wearing any more clothes?

3. They are open to suggestions and ask for advice.

Who doesn’t love to give advice and talk about themselves? I also love helping people build on their passion. Passing on my “wisdom” makes me realize I’m not a rookie anymore – and what can I say? I’m proud of what I accomplished!

4. They are still discovering how amazing the running community is.

There are very few sports where newbies aren’t considered a “threat” but a welcome addition. One of my favorite things about running is that to be a runner, all you have to do is run. There’s no other requirement. And that’s we love that about you.


5. They like trying out new gear.

I mean, who doesn’t? And who doesn’t love to talk about what has and hasn’t worked for you?


Hey, remember when I had Dorothy Hamill hair? And no boobs? Obviously that look wasn’t working for me.

6. They are excited to discover and talk to other runners.

It’s almost like an instant connection. Running MUST make the world go round.


True story.

7.  They haven’t experienced the thrill of crossing the finish line.

And in my opinion, that is the best part of racing (well, that and the post-race beer). I am so damn excited for them to complete their first race and experience that “race euphoria.” So much to look forward to!!

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 8.37.39 PM

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 8.37.46 PM

8. They are just discovering that running never takes more than it gives back.

Because it’s true. And when you really realize it – something just clicks.


9. They aren’t caught up in races, medals, or training plans.

Finishing is the goal. For me, I just wanted to run with my best running buddy and not die. Such simpler times.


My first race – almost 3 years ago!

10. They run for fun.

I still run for fun – but it’s not as pure as it once was. And that pureness? It’s SUCH a high. I got to relive it when I ran the OUC Half Marathon last December. I wasn’t running for time. I was running to have fun with my best running buddy. And it reminded me that it’s actually the reason I started running in the first place.


Why do you run? What do you love about new runners? Thinking about running??? DO IT!!!


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    Aw, I love this post! After taking a few months off of my favorite activity due to being pregnant and all, I’m looking forward to getting back into running… But I’d like to think that I’ll go back to it with a different mentality to start. It won’t be about getting PRs but just going out and having fun… doing something with my friends that I’ve missed doing for several months. :) And, I’ll have a new companion to go along for the ride too!
    Kelly @ Running Kellometers recently posted..Baby Wilson: The Final Preparations

    • says

      I do think you go back with a new appreciation for running! It’s easy to fall back into old habits though. My NEW goals includes having fun and not getting burned out.

    • says

      I feel like a new runner again sometimes. Just take 6 months off! I warn you…It’s hard getting back.

      And thank GOD my hair has finally grown out. Even my hairdresser is like “WTF happened there?”

    • says

      I totally get that whole running because you feel like a jerk! When I have the energy I am right there with you. Those last few months of pregnancy were so hard because I felt like I had so much pent up RAGE! Now, I just feel exhausted, but I know it will pass and I’ll be angry again.

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    Talking with new runners or getting people to try running and seeing them become passionate about it is really one of the coolest things. Your right that as a newbie it’s much less cynical your more pleased with just being out there rather than focused on self doubt.

    I began running to lose weight got hooked and now run for the peace it brings me.
    Jen recently posted..Electric Run Milwaukee Review

    • says

      Yes – it’s so easy to get caught up in time. I’m so damn competitive with myself, which is nuts! The goal ISN’T to be miserable, but to enjoy the run/race.

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    What a terrific post! As my due date approaches, I’m getting anxious about running again (& of course meeting my baby). I know initially I won’t be running for time or even distance. It will just be about getting outside and feeling the joy and exhilaration of moving again. When you don’t run for so long you realize that as great as the PR’s and lofty goals are, the best part about running is just being free to move!

    P.S. LOVE the Friends reference (Could I BE wearing anymore clothes!?) – Made me laugh out loud
    Ashley@cupcakesncrunches recently posted..(A Few More) Little Things I’m Loving

    • says

      Thank you!! And you WILL be so freaking excited to run again — eventually! I don’t always have the energy, but when I do it feels so damn good to get out there AND SWEAT and kick up those endorphins.

    • says

      You’ve described how I’ve been feeling since I’ve come back from pregnancy! I don’t always WANT to run, but when I do it feels amazing. Even if it was tough – it’s always worth it!

    • says

      It is SO true though! I catch myself telling people all the time and then I think, “Dude, they don’t care.” I think I was delirious after having Evan and was telling the nurses about my marathon (mostly trying to compare it to birth, I guess?) and then I realized what an a-hole I sounded like. Lol.

    • says

      I haven’t raced since January and I kind of feel like my upcoming races are a new start! It’s so exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I can’t wait to cross those finish lines though, even if I’m slower than ever before. It’s worth it!


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