Finding The Joy

After my miserable 6-miler with Paula a few weeks ago, I wondered if I would be able to find the joy in the long run again. I mean 6 miles wasn’t even THAT far.


Not that today’s run was SUPER long, we’re talking 8 miles here, but I discovered that an early bedtime and proper fueling can really go a LOOOOONG way. Even if the heat and humidity are trying to you kill you.


Doesn’t it just LOOK hot? Damn all you people with nice cool fall weather.

But GOOD NEWS! Yes, today I found that joy. In fact, I felt SO good at mile 6 that I considered going for 10 miles.

awesome run

A mile later I decided that was NOT going to be happening today! Endorphins make you think crazy thoughts.

It’s not to say that this run was not without it’s quirks. My water bottle leaked the whole time, the underwear in my shorts are stretched out thanks to pregnancy (you’re welcome for that little piece of TMI) and kept riding up my butt, my iFitness belt would NOT stay put, and my bladder was like, “Dude what the hell?” at mile 4 (I’m thankful for Publix).

I finally resorted to the “belt under the boobs” look at the halfway point. It worked.

However, I still felt great and I got it done. I finished 8 miles in 1:18. My longest, and possibly best, run since having Evan.

8 miles, bitch. #hurtsogood

Those 8 miles reminded me that I am stronger than I think — mentally and physically.


It also reminded me that finding the joy meant feeling alive, feeling like I had endless energy, and jamming out to my music. I’m not going to lie – having some solitude and time to myself also helped. There is only so much sibling bickering that I can listen to in a given weekend.

Today’s run gives me 14 miles for the week  2 miles Thursday night, 4 miles Friday afternoon, 8 miles today = running math), which is the most miles I’ve put in since who KNOWS when. Two years ago I’d give myself shit for considering 14 miles as a huge accomplishment, but today I am just happy. It means I’m on my way back. It means races and race eves, and post-race celebrations — and, yes, enjoying the long run.


It’s amazing how much your perspective can change, huh? How do you find YOUR joy?


  1. Heather says

    Yay! There is nothing like a good run. I am actually a little nervous about getting back into running after so long. I am hoping it will help me feel a little more like myself again. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Heather recently posted..Overwhelmed

    • says

      Running has both made me feel like myself again AND made me feel all of my feelings. It’s good therapy though and if you start crying while running you can just blame it on sweat!!

      Also – I feel horrible that I have not emailed you back yet again. I’ll try to do that today. What day is it??

  2. says

    Happy to hear you had a good run at long last! I have actually contemplated going through the couch to 5k program recently….not too sure what I’m thinking…but no decision has been made yet. What is bringing me joy? The fact that I made it through my first week back at work without a major breakdown!
    Theresa recently posted..Nowhere To Go But Up

    • says

      Wait – I thought you swore off running? or just half marathons??

      Yay for making it through the first week!! That is a major feat. Hope all it well with you, Ryan, and AJ :)

    • says

      I was pretty amazed that my bladder made it that far, to be honest! Usually I have to stop at mile 2-2.5 when I’m at the gym!!

      The good news is that even if you wet yourself — nobody can tell. Nor do they care. That’s why running is such an awesome sport. :)

    • says

      Ha ha on the underwear riding up. It happens to the best of us :) And my philosophy is — if you can run 8 miles, you can totally run 13.1– so you’re going to do FINE!

    • says

      Connecting to running is SO important. Otherwise, it will burn you out. Bummer that you haven’t been able to find the love. It’s funny how those things happen – but at least you DO have ways to exercise that motivate you. I think that’s really what’s important. You don’t have to LOVE running or weights or Zumba – just find something that makes you happen and happens to make you sweat at the same time!

    • says

      Thanks! It really does! In some ways it’s good because it’s like I’m starting from scratch… but then sometimes it’s like “ugh, I’m starting from scratch.” Yesterday was one of those days where it felt good :)

  3. Maryellen says

    Glad that you found your groove in this hot and humid weather.. only a few more weeks..the cooler weather will be here!! Keep going..I’m here to watch you I have always done! You amaze me!! Love!

  4. Angie says

    That sounds like a great run! I just signed up to do a half with my cousin in December and I’m freaking out. The most I’ve run post baby is 5 miles but since he’s almost a year old I need to kick up again! Thanks for inspiration!

  5. says

    Yay for an awesome run! I can’t wait til I get to that point but it’s a ways off for me. I have had some underwear issues while running, too – I wore a pair that kept slipping down with a pair of shorts that kept riding up. Not comfy. And probably not attractive, either.
    Jen recently posted..3 months!

  6. says

    Ohhhh man can I relate to the bladder, belt, and stretched underwear problems. hahaha! The crap we women deal with.

    During my last race, I learned the hard lesson that I should NEVER wear capris while running, ever again. If you, uh, lose control, it’s not just going to slip through some nylon, hit the air, and disappear forever. It’s going to CLING TO YOU for the rest of the run. And no way anyone’s buying that that’s just sweat. :)
    Kim @ healthy nest recently posted..The other thing

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