And The Life Lessons Keep On Coming

The most important life lesson that I’ve learned since having kids is that things don’t always workout like you think they are going to.

Case in point… Livie broke her wrist last night. Just as I was leaving for B’s open house…


Guess who? I’m still trying to figure out what his favorite things are though. Any ideas?

She was goofing off and dancing around when she should have been getting into the shower and she fell. I didn’t hear the bone crack or anything, but her cry let me know she wasn’t kidding around. It’s funny how you learn that distinction.


Apparently, she has a “Buckle Fracture.” I don’t really know what I’m looking at here, besides bones. #clueless

I waited to take her to the Dr. this morning. She was a champ when it came to both the pain management and the endless waiting. We saw a nurse practitioner, a doctor, a PA, several nurses, and an x-ray tech in the span of 4 hours. During walk-in hours , her pediatrician predicted it a break (spoiler: he was right) and sent us to Nemours, which is the best hospital I’ve ever been to — hands down. She then endured more prodding, x-rays, and finally — what she was dreading THE MOST — the cast.


The “cast artist” was amazing and is actually an artist. Check out this Sophia the First drawing he did.


I was anticipating tears, because she cried the entire drive to the hospital, but instead I left with a casted and smiling little lady.


Surgical gloves are like toys! 

Hopefully we can  make it through these next four weeks the same way.  I need all the strength I can get to endure the, “My arm is itchy.” complaints (that have already started).


Thankfully, this little dude was totally unphased by all of the drama (because yes, he went along for the ride).


Baby’s first selfie?

Apparently, I need to take a life lesson from him.

Not everything goes as planned, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find the good in every situation. The good in this one? It was just a break and I’ve been very, very blessed with healthy and active kids. Plus, there were a lot of kisses and snuggles. I’ll take those ANY DAY. Preferably WITHOUT the broken bones.


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    I love that she was dancing as a form of procrastination…my mom tells me (and dad used to tell me) that I did that a lot when I was little! Hope she heals up fast & you don’t go too crazy, or lose too many pencils, with all that itching!
    Theresa recently posted..Nowhere To Go But Up

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