New Workouts and Cute Pictures

So, a few people asked me how I fit in workouts in during the week and truthfully… I don’t.

I DO squeeze in 3-4 workouts — but it’s typically Thursday night (after which I can reward myself with a frosty beer) thru Sunday (when I’m off work).  I’ll start with a 2-3 mile run on Thursday night and then mix it up Friday through Sunday. I try to do a long run every other week. I probably should do a long run EVERY week, but I kind of like the break it gives my body. Someday I will ACTUALLY train for a half marathon again. Instead of just running a random 12-15 miles a week.

In the meantime…. these are some of the workouts I’ve been doing lately. I typically write them up on my phone before I head to the gym. This is so I get there and actually work out. It’s amazing how much it helps! I made them pretty for you for though.



Arms and Shoulders


They make me hurt, make me feel strong, and kick my ass. And really that’s what I’m looking for these days.

Things will have to change come November (or sooner) when I will be returning to a 40 hour work week (right now I’m only working 32 hours — taking Friday off for mental sanity and Evan snuggling). I am unsure if this means I’ll try to work out more during the week and then on Saturday/Sundays like normal, or if it means I work out less. I’m guessing it will mean less workouts at first or maybe just more “quick” at home workouts. I would love to get up early and workout again but it’s not happening quite yet.

I am full of excuses. Mostly, I’m just a combination of tired and lazy. Lazy because I don’t want to get up an hour early to pump and worry about waking up E. We’re about to start sleep training with him, so maybe in a month or so it will be slightly easier.


This is why I need to sleep train. Zzzzzz. And yes, I took a selfie of myself fake sleeping. I have no shame. Or I’m just delirious.

Speaking of E – I completely forgot to do a 4-month update on him…. so I’m hoping to getting around to doing a 5-month update later this week (HOW IS POSSIBLE THAT HE’S ABOUT TO TURN 5 MONTHS??). If I don’t though, here’s an update – he’s still cute and cuddly and happy.  We’re slowly starting him on solids and *no shocker here* he pretty much loves food. I’m trying to wean him off the swaddle/Rock n Play Sleeper (unsuccessfully, so far). And we’re so, so grateful that he’s around to make each day a little brighter.


Ready for work!



How many posts can I talk about how sweet E is?? How many pictures can I upload?? (don’t answer that)

What’s your go-to workout? What’s making YOUR day a little brighter? Sleep training — have you done it and have you been successful?


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    I’ve done the first part of that first workout x4 before. That’s a good one if you’re not interested in walking for a few days. What do you do? Run the quarters on the treadmill, get off, and do the exercises? Or do you run down your block?

    I did some kettlebell swings and sumos last Friday and I’m still hurting today!

    • says

      Yes – I look a little bit like a crazy person – but there are 2 treadmills in the weights area, so it’s easy to do! If I did the workout at home I would just run down the street and back.

      I did the superset workout on Saturday and I’m still sore. I also did a killer spin workout yesterday that didn’t help!

  2. says

    Your posts always crack me up! You are doing an AMAZING job of working, being a mom and a wife, and blogging, and working out. All I am succeeding at right now is wifing and moming. I can’t tell you the last time I worked out or blogged. Oh, and I am not working right now. I did just, however, move my family across the country so that counts for something. You are one of the bloggers I love to follow and know that I would enjoying tossing back a frosty beer with! :D

    • says

      Quick and efficient for sure!! Although, I have enjoyed the long runs every now and then — let’s me zone out.

      Did you do Babywise or something else? I’m trying to wean from the Rock n Play/swaddle and then we’re going to attempt “The Sleep Lady Shuffle.” Dan doesn’t know about this yet though. Ha ha.

        • says

          Basically it’s alllll about self-soothing. We haven’t even really had to do the shuffle… turns out E can put himself to sleep! But, it’s about teaching them how to go on their own. Instead of letting them cry it out (like other methods suggest) it involves sitting with them and then moving further and further away each night. I really should do a post about this because each of my babies have been had their share of sleep issues. E being the easiest (not surprising — he’s been the easiest all around) and Livie being the hardest (girlfriend is SO FREAKING STRONG WILLED it’s insane).

  3. says

    I would like to come for the sleep training. You can train me, too. That’s how it works, right?

    Love these workouts. I haven’t run since mid-July, but I’ve been doing HIIT workouts 5-6 days a week instead. I’ve had a couple people that I hadn’t seen in a while tell me how lean and strong I look–they work! Yipee! But they also only take 12-18 minutes. Genius.

    • says

      You WOULD workout because if not you would feel like you were going insane. Lol. Working out gives me so much peace. I do wish I more time and energy – but I take what I can get!

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    I’ve been wondering how all of these mothers that work outside of the home fit in workouts! (I actually have a blog post drafted…in my mind…about how I’m sucking at it.) I did well the first week I was back to work…and then the exhaustion set in and the workouts stopped. Maybe I’ll take a cue from you and do more to fit it in on the weekends!

    Keep the pictures of E coming — he’s frigging adorable! He’s got the best little smile…or second best if I’m being honest because I have to love AJ’s more!
    Theresa recently posted..Making It

    • says

      It’s HARD man! I didn’t really find the time with B or L until they were 1 — so I have no idea how I’m doing it now. I think it has more to do with feeling sane than having energy! Like everything else, it WILL get easier. Definitely feel happy about being active on the weekends and just making it through the week. You might eventually become a morning person (like I did) – just so you can spend more quality time with your boys at night. But, I don’t recommend that until you aren’t feeling as exhausted.

      I want to see more pictures of AJ!! We definitely need to find an excuse to meet up sometime soon because our boys need to meet :)

    • says

      Thanks!!! Yeah, I did not have the energy to work out with Braeden or Livie either — this time, I think it’s less about the energy (which I don’t have either, lol) and more about to trying to maintain some normalcy. It’s amazing how a 20 minute workout can energize and restore me!!

  5. says

    I have been able to fit my workouts in as Aaron has been around helping. But things are about to change majorly and I have no clue how i am ever going to run again – ok a little melodramatic but you know lol
    Stephanie recently posted..Another bad run….

    • says

      Aww -you WILL run again! It doesn’t always feel like it though – so I hear you!!

      It definitely helps that Dan is so hands on with the kids and he “gets” that I need to workout to be a sane person. Truthfully, even when I am working out I’m a little nutty. Hee.

  6. Denise P. says

    What’s making my day a little brighter is how much this little wild man inside of me is moving lately. Daddy got to feel him for the first time last night and today he is just going non-stop.

    Seeing pictures of adorable E just makes me that much more excited to meet my guy… when he’s good and ready early next year.

    • says

      I knew you were pregnant, but did I know it was a boy?? I’m so glad you are feeling movement – it’s the best!!! It’s by far the thing I miss most about being pregnant. Enjoy :)

  7. Heather says

    I am totally using these workouts. Time is going to get tight once I go back to work next week, so these will be great.

    Baby E and getting back to running have been making my days bright lately. I am interested about sleep training, because the whole putting them down drowsy, but awake seems just about impossible right now.

    Have a great weekend.
    Heather recently posted..Thoughts from 2 Months of Motherhood

    • says

      Time is definitely tight!! Do what you can, when you can :)

      Drowsy but awake has actually been going better than expected! I didn’t think E could do it because I put him down and he giggles, squeals, and kicks his legs — but apparently that’s his method of self-soothing. Within 5-10 minutes he’s out! I haven’t really done anything, except leave him be. He really might be the easiest baby on the planet though. Lol.

  8. says

    That pic of him smiling; OMG! Love them all, continue to post. I feel bad that we haven’t taken half of the pics of Shelbs as we did of Braxton…this weekend I will photograph my quickly growing baby!! I too cram workouts in the weekend, as I can’t seem to get my butt outta bed any earlier than I have to these days! Good luck with sleep training. When Braxton’s big boy bedroom is finished we plan on moving him and transferring Shelby to the nursery, at which time I plan to cut out nighttime feedings if they’re still around (praying they just came back since we’re all sick!). I know she can go long periods of time without needing to feed, so it’s just breaking the habit since we don’t want the whole house to wake up!!
    Gina recently posted..Postpartum Week 15 (less than 2 weeks to Half Marathon go time!)

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