E and Me {5 Months Postpartum}

Well, I’ve been slacking on these monthly posts…huh? Oops.

Well, E is 5 (and a half) months old and I wanted to document what’s going on in our world.




E is still a BIG boy. At his 4-month check up he was 18.5lbs and 27 inches — 96th % for weight and off the charts for height. Now that it’s about a month and a half later, the trend continues. He’s not AS chunky (but don’t worry – he’s still got meaty thighs!), but he’s definitely tall. We were also excited that his head size is now on the charts as well. Barely. It came in at the 99th %. Lol.


I’m still not sure what color hair he is going to have. Despite it looking dark – it’s coming in light. Possible a strawberry blonde/red.


If it’s red, I will be GIDDY. It looks red, right?

He has also TWO teeth. Waaaa. He started cutting them about 2 weeks ago. I honestly had NO idea he was teething — he wasn’t fussy, he didn’t show any signs of discomfort, and there were no fevers (both B & L would spike high fevers when they were teething). No, he was gnawing on my knuckle and I thought, “That feels sharp!” and sure enough – there was a tooth. And 3 days later, there was a second one.


As far as milestones go – this has been a big month! He finally started rolling. He’s actually been able to roll for a few months now. He did it a few times, but was like “Eh, being on my back is just fine.” (he was not a huge fan of being on his tummy) But things have quickly changed and now he’s rolling any chance he can get.


He also figured out how to jump in his Jumperoo…

He could probably do this for hours – it makes him SO happy.

Speaking of happy – yep, he’s still our happy, easy-going little guy.

"I like waking the big people up at night. It's my favorite!"


I love this lip thing he does.


He loves people and flirt with them any chance he can get. He has transitioned from happy shrieks….

To saying “Ba ba ba ba.” (I’m trying to get him to say “Mama”, but we all know he’ll say “Dada” first.) It’s so cute watching him hear himself talk. Sometimes he’s surprised by it.

Around the 5 month mark we started introducing solids. We started with oatmeal and added fruits and veggies. He likes them. A lot.


We all knows he loves his food source mama , but he also adores his daddy, big brother, and sister. He just lights up when he sees them. As long as L isn’t getting all up in his face.

When babies attack.


The only area we are struggling in is sleep. *Yawn*

We were snuggling and he fell asleep. #tiredpuppybrother

We didn’t really experience the 4-month sleep regression…. until we hit 5 months. The past 3 weeks have been rough. For starters, we’re trying to transition out of the Rock n Play and swaddle. I bought a (ridiculously expensive) Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.

Trying out something new tonight. Trying to wean from the Rock n Play Sleeper. #fingerscrossed

Beam me up.

We call it the spacesuit. It definitely works for night, but we’re still swaddling/Rock n Playing for naps.

In the past three weeks we’ve made SOME progress. E can now put himself to sleep. Yay! I put him down drowsy, but awake, and he’s out in about 5-10 minutes without a fuss. However, he’s STILL waking up in the middle of the night. Like 3-4 times during the middle of the night. It’s exhausting.

I’ve been reading The Sleep Lady (which really helped me with getting E to go to sleep on his own) and I KNOW he can doesn’t need to wake to eat THAT often. Her rule of thumb is he can go his longest stretch without eating — which in E’s case is 10 hours. Not 2-4 hours. However, I’m a sucker and it’s easiest to just nurse him when he wakes up in the middle of the night (he’s now in the co-sleeper in our room), so I’m failing in this area.

I know what’s it’s going take — moving him into his crib and doing some sleep training. However, I’m NOT ready for it (which is funny b/c B was sleeping in the crib at 6 weeks and L at 3 months). It’s just so easy to have him in our room with us and he’s not a disruptive sleeper! Ah, I’m just making excuses. I’m pretty sure this is all going to happen in the next few weeks.

That’s a lot of rambling on sleep.

As for me…

I don’t have any measurement pictures for you – but I’m pretty much “back to normal.” Whatever normal is. My weight is maybe a little under my pre-pregnancy weight and most days I feel good about my postpartum body. My days have been getting easier and sometimes I even blow-dry my hair.

I blew dry my hair this morning. Chances of that happening again any time soon are slim to none.


Running has been getting easier. The (slight) change in weather has helped! (minus my fail run last week – but we won’t get into that) I’ve slowly been increasing my mileage and even PR’d at my first race back (it’s helps that I ran the race pregnant last year!).


Apparently, I was SO excited to be racing again – I decided to take flight.

Emotionally, I’ve been feeling like myself again — minus the sleep deprivation and exhaustion — it makes me grumpy and tired. Especially in the morning. This too shall pass though, right? RIGHT?

That said – it’s crazy to me that it’s almost been 6 months since this little guy was born. When is someone inventing that Slow-Down Time Machine? I’m ready and willing to test it out!

I promise to be back with a real 6-month update. That’s kinda a big milestone!


  1. says

    They’re getting too big! I’m way behind too, I really have intentions to post a 6 month update but it’s looking like it will be a 7 month update instead. B man is still waking up in the night too, I feel ya, getting out of bed for work in the morning is the single hardest thing I do all week. I can’t believe he has TWO teeth already! I swear B has been teething for 3 months now and not a thing has come through! I’m not complaining, he’s kind of in a biting while nursing stage (he’s using me as a teething toy) and yeah, it’s enough without the teeth.
    Carissa recently posted..Marathon Training

  2. Angie says

    He’s adorable and so big. At a year my guy was 21 pounds! He doesn’t look so small to me but compared to others it’s funny. I love the videos. Makes me want another ASAP!

  3. says

    Babies with their feet in their mouth are probably the most adorable thing ever! Happy to hear you and E are both doing well! I was going to try to do monthly updates too…but I got 1 done…and now he’s almost 3 months old (hoe the hell did that happen?) so maybe I’ll try to do every-other-month? Or maybe just 1 and done? (I clearly still have no motivation to blog…) AJ is a big guy too, but not quite as big as E! We’re only 93% for height and 89% for weight at his 2 month checkup…he’s got a little head though, only 43%!

    By the way, we’re REALLY trying to plan at least a day-trip to Disney before the end of the year — we will have to meet up for sure!!
    Theresa recently posted..Counting Chickens

  4. Heather says

    E is getting so big! He is also adorable. Good luck on the sleep thing. I keep putting off transitioning my E from the rock and play. I keep using the fact that we still have to finish painting her nursery and take her crib out of the box as an excuse :-).
    Heather recently posted..Things Lately

  5. says

    The 4-month sleep regression must be what we’re experiencing at our house…oh sleep, how I miss thee;-) She just gets up to eat though & goes right back to sleep, but she WILL NOT take a pacifier at this time of night (wants the real thing), so it’s also easier to nurse than to wake the whole household up! He is so CHARMING! Early teether! You’re doing great!
    Gina recently posted..Putting the scale away…

  6. says

    Oh man – I feel your pain. H has been getting up 3 times a night pretty much since I went back to work seven weeks ago and it’s killing me – especially when she wakes at 4 am when we have to get up at 5 as it is. I am also nursing her back to sleep, though trying to break that habit for the 4 am wakeup. I figure if I can get her to go back to sleep without nursing maybe she’ll stop waking up then? Here’s hoping.

    E is adorable. I think he looks a lot like L! Though having never met either of them in person it’s hard to tell. :)
    Jen recently posted..A concert, new toys, and fun visitors

  7. Julie says

    He is so darn CUTE! Can’t believe he’s off the charts. Who makes these charts anyways?? Yeah, um Natalie is still in our room – in the RNP. Guess I should check out the weight limit on that thing. I’m in denial that she’s already 5 months old.

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