Challenge Nation Orlando – Race Recap

Paula and I ran, quite possibly, the most fun 5K yesterday afternoon thanks to Challenge Nation Orlando.

Finished!!! @eatwatchrun and I had so much fun! Thanks @challengenation #orlandochallege

Spoiler: We didn’t get lost!

We got there about 40 minutes before the start and took inappropriate photos.


We also hung out with friends Cheyanne and Ricky – and decided to join forces with them. I’m glad we did b/c otherwise we would have had to ask a lot of strangers to take our pictures. And we would probably still be running around Lake Eola trying to figure out a clue or two.



It was Ricky’s first race and I’m pretty sure he wanted to hurt us for making him run at the end. But, the important thing is — he didn’t die. And I’m pretty sure he loved it. (Sidenote: While this was a “race” most teams did a lot of walking – and we did our fair share too, especially while trying to figure out what the clues meant).

Around 2 they made the team Captains (Ricky and I were somehow given this designation) stand in a oval to collect the clues.



They passed them all out, and after a 10-second countdown we were allowed to rip into them. And we were off! Paula has a really good review of what each clue entailed — so if you want to check out the details (and see even more pictures) check out her post.

We noticed that a large number of clues centered around Lake Eola (which, was INSANELY busy) so we headed that way first and knocked out about 7 clues. Solving a clue involved 2 things – reading the instructions carefully and taking a picture with BOTH teammates in it (unless instructed otherwise).



(Taken from Challenge Nation’s FB Page)

We truly stumbled on a few of the clues – including this bunny photo (the task was to take a picture with a pet (not a dog), a clown, or a barbershop pole).


And we made an ass out of ourselves for a few of them – including this wedding ceremony picture.


Thank you complete strangers — Paula and I are now pronounced “Running Buddies for Life.”

The clue we struggled with the most involved buying a postcard, writing a note, and then finding a mailbox to “mail it.”  You’d think in ORLANDO it would be easy to find a postcard but it stumped it at first. We stopped by both Publix and 7-Eleven without finding anything. It wasn’t until Cheyanne (brilliantly) suggested that we stop by a hotel that we had any success — and then the old-fashion blue mailbox we were required to find? It was right there too.

The last two clues had us hauling ass to City Hall and then to an intersection near the race finish — and this is where we fit in the majority of our running. I think at one point Paula pointed out that we were running 8-minute miles, so you know were serious!

In the end, we finished in about 1:16. We weren’t gunning for a particular time – but I’m happy to say that we finished much quicker than I anticipated.


Even if I can’t write down my team name properly.


As someone who is NOT a huge fan of these kinds of races, this one really impressed me. It was well organized and really just a lot of fun. I was especially impressed when I saw a lot of families with young kids participating <– Excellent and healthy way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family!!

If you have a Challenge Nation race coming to your city — sign up! If you live in Orlando — I hope to see you out there next year :)

Disclosure: I was provided a free entry to the Challenge Nation Orlando race, but all opinions and experiences are my own!


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