Things I Keep Meaning To Tell You

Life has a way of sneaking up on you, huh. How is it already Halloween? Remember last year?


Seriously, how has it been a year since that happened?

I miss blogging regularly, mainly because I enjoy getting all of my random thoughts out of my head  but *shocking, I know* I just don’t have time for it. Instead, you get this random post of things I keep meaning to tell you…

1. I might have to use this for my Christmas pictures this year… all three kids are looking at the camera!

Happy Halloween from my three locos.

2. Braeden is toothless for a 2nd Halloween in a row.

He lost his baby tooth a year ago – and a janky, snaggle tooth grew in it’s place (technically, it’s a supernumery tooth – an extra tooth). We waited and waited for it to fall out, but it didn’t (it wasn’t even CLOSE to being loose) and it was preventing other baby teeth from falling out. So, last Monday they pulled it. Your lucky that B  brought that tooth to school and then manage to lose it, or I would show you a picture of it. And it was pretty freaky looking.


Before the tooth was removed… 

3. Speaking of B, I’m a proud mama!

First report card with REAL grades! #proudmama

This is his first report card with grades – and he got Straight A’s!

We had our teacher conference yesterday and this is the first year I didn’t feel like an awful parent when I left. It’s not that he’s a bad kid by ANY means, but I always feel like they are telling us things we already know. It’s like – hey — did you KNOW that your 7-year old BOY doesn’t like to sit in his seat?? *Shocking*

This year, his teacher acknowledged that he’s a) a boy and b) one of the youngest in his class. Yep. We did consider holding him back at one point — but he would be SO BORED. She agreed. She does think he has the potential to do more and would like to have him go to 3rd grade math – but he zips through his work too fast and REALLY enjoys being the class clown. Oh boy.

4.  I chaperoned Livie’s class field trip to Green Meadows Farm last week…






It was ridiculous hot and I totally forgot about the whole pumping thing (my boobs haven’t forgiven me) – but it was really a lot of fun. It was nice to hang out with my girl for day! Plus I got to hold a chick and a duckling.


I also learned all about zorses (did you know that there is such a thing as a zorse? It’s zebra + horse — so now you do) and I’m pretty sure I spotted ‘Lil Sebastian’s cousin.


5. I bought red pants.


This is totally outside of my comfort zone, but I love them. Now I want pants in all kinds of colors!

6. I am an IDEA Inspired Blogger!


One of the reasons I blog is because I love to inspire and BE inspired, so I was happy to be selected. I hope that (once I break out of this new-mom haze) that I can continue to do so. Until then, you get rambling and scattered posts like this one where you think, “How it is that she’s POSSIBLY functioning??” (I am, somehow)

6. Have I ever mentioned I love running?? :) This shirt pretty much sums it up.

Love, love, love this shirt from @oiselle #truth

The weather has been amazing here lately and my runs have been SO GREAT. I can only hope it holds up this weekend for my 12-miler I’m hoping to run and in a few weeks for the Baldwin Park Half.

Speaking of that shirt… I just bought my first Oiselle order. Their stuff is pricey, for sure, but I’m tempted to just start wearing running clothes to work. It’s SOOOO comfy and soft. I don’t need real clothes, right?


I guess you could say I’m now drinking the Koolaid. And apparently I like taking pictures of my legs.

7. I really need a new Garmin. Or a new GPS watch of some kind.


Truthfully, I don’t really WANT to buy a new watch, but *sigh* My current Garmin is on it’s last legs. She (he?) beeps around Mile 3 now that it has a low battery. WTF, Garmin? I just charged you.

I can’t decide what to get to replace it. Since this one only lasted 3 years, I’m thinking of saving my $$ and just going the less expensive route and getting a Garmin Forerunner 10.



If you were getting a new watch — what would you get?? The new Garmin 220/620 is pretty sweet looking, but I really don’t want to spend that much. Anyone want to buy it for me?

8.  I wrote this post for ZOOMA… and even though it’s super cheesy, I really love it. So, you should go read it!



9. My kids have been all about Family Game Night lately. We’ve played Trouble, Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Scrabble Jr.


So far, every game has elicited tears from someone, but they keep asking to play. It’s like fun torture. I really don’t like it when Dan cries though.

Oh, and for the record, Livie REALLY does not like going to Jail.

Any game suggestions??

10. I hope you have a Happy Halloween!! I dressed up as a sane and well-rested mom.

My costume? Sane and well-rested mama. I don't think I'm pulling it off, but at least the kids are cute!

I know, I know, I’m oozing with creativity.


OK fine, Evan… and believability.

How are you celebrating Halloween? What’s going on in your little world?


  1. says

    I LOVE the face that E is making in that picture. It cracks me up! Your kids are so dang cute. I seriously can’t get over it. I’m not doing a darn thing for Halloween. I’ve got school tonight, so that’s what I’ll be doing. Fun, huh? Lol.
    Ara recently posted..SoJo 1/2 Marathon Recap

  2. Emily Johnston says

    I saw Nick Offerman perform 5000 Candles in the Wind (Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian) live. It was awesome. Now it’s in my head.

  3. Cindy says

    Straight A’s!!!! Please tell B this is AWESOME news from an AWESOME kid! And I’m very proud of L holding that chicken. No scaredy-girl there. Scrabble Jr. and Monopoly-yeah! Thanks for updating us on all the stuff…. xoxo

  4. K says

    Re: games, T has been obsessed with playing UNO lately! We have so much fun playing together and I’ve been impressed there’s no tears when I make her draw 2. The only tricky part is she hasn’t quite figured out how to hold all her cards in her hands. instead she just makes a barricade on the table so I can’t see them when she lays them out. :)

  5. Maryellen says

    Love, Love the pictures. It sure looked hot the day you and L went to the Farm, but looks like everyone had some fun! Happy for you as an Idea Inspired Blogger! Congratulations to B on his report card.. and Love that single picture of L. You are doing fantastic..minus some sleep.. You will catch up.. in about 12 more years!! Stay strong and healthy and thanks for keeping us up to date with the family of 3! Also,, game night.. it was always someone with tears.. Have a great weekend!!

  6. says

    The 10 is decent if all you want to do is get a rough estimate of your pace and time. I like it for long runs. You can’t use it for track or any kind of speed work because it only displays mile splits. You also only get your time in 5 second intervals – so if you are running, say, a 10:23 mile, it will say you’re running a 10:20 mile. If you’re super picky, that will bug you.
    Victoria @ Running Peanut recently posted..Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon Race Recap

  7. says

    Our family is obsessed with Trouble, especially me because somehow I win every time. Even though they both pout, neither J nor E have decided to start demanding another game yet and i’m not going to fight my dominance! But it’s really fun. We were just talking about getting new games for Christmas for her, too. We don’t have kids Monopoly yet. Maybe Santa will bring that.

    I miss blogging too. Can one call oneself a blogger if one never blogs? It’s the existential question of the day.
    Jackie @ MomJovi recently posted..All My Ex(Cuse)es in Texas

    • says

      I saw skip kids Monopoly and just play the real thing! You might have to modify it slightly (or play the quick version where everyone starts out with properties), but the conversations that come up about saving and spending money are very interesting! Lol.

    • says

      I think I’m going to splurge and go for the 220… but if I didn’t I would definitely get that one. In purple for sure! Lol. I guess you can’t complain about color when it’s a gift, right?

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