E and Me {6 Months Postpartum}

Have I mentioned that Evan is 6 months old???


Time is just flying and we have unbelievably hit the halfway point of E’s first year. And a what a SWEET 6 months it has been!


Evan had his 6 months checkup last week and guess what? He’s still huge.


My shirt is totally lying!!

He weighed in at 20.5 lbs (up 2 lbs from his 4-month checkup) and is 28.75 inches tall. He IS starting to thin out – a little bit — and now *only* the 90th percentile for weight. Ha. He’s still off the charts for height, which surprises me a little. Braeden and Livie are consistently in the 75th percentile for height, so is E going to be the tallest in this family? I guess time will tell!


That’s more like it!


As far clothes goes – he’s currently wearing 9-month and 12-month outfits (footed jammies are DEFINITELY 12 month), but the funny thing is, he’s still in a size 2 diaper (I’ve tried to move up to the 3s, but they are just too big!). He definitely still my little monster.


So much has happened in this past month!

E can roll over both ways (although sometimes he still gets stuck when he’s on his belly) and he can sit up for about 10-20 seconds unassisted. He pretty much WANTS to be sitting up all the time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he masters that skill in the next few weeks.


He’s also started dancing if we put on some music and a few weeks ago he started waving – particularly when you say hi or bye to him (we must wave to him a lot, lol). I haven’t captures this one on video yet, but it’s pretty adorable.

E has already learned that to survive in this family, you need to be heard. He likes to voices his opinion on things frequently :) He is a babbling machine and loves shrieking and babbling — ba and da sounds.

He’s nowhere close to crawling and I’m OK with that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t start until around 9 months – but watch me eat my words!


We started him on solids around 5 months and have introduced a ton of fruits and vegetables since then. I’m mostly doing store bought purees at this point because it’s easy (and “easy” is key for this working mama!) but I also give him some of our food if he’s interested. He mostly plays with it/gags himself with it though, so we’re working on it.

He HAS mastered picking up puffs. His pincer grasp is pretty impressive!



What can I say? This little dude is happy and chill about 95% of the time. I know I say it every month, but I really could not have asked for a more laid-back little guy.


He doesn’t even mind headbands.

He likes checking out the action and being involved. I laugh at him every Monday at L’s dance class as he listens to this one group of women gossip. He is such a little eavesdropper!!

His favorite activities include giggling when you tickle him (he has several tickle spots), jumping in the jumperoo, chewing on anything (preferably Sophie or a hat), and of course, eating.





We are still floundering in this area at night (he’s doing great with long naps!), but I expect it and I’m OK with it. We’ve taken a step back and he’s once again in the Rock n Play and swaddle – but this keeps him asleep longer than anything else at the moment. Part of the problem is that he LOVES to scratch. Not himself – but material. So if I don’t swaddle him, he’ll just lay there scratching the crap out of the crib mattress with his fingers. I was hoping this was a self-soothing thing – but, um, so far it’s not. He also has not 100% mastered rolling over in his crib, so he gets stuck and gets pissed. Granted, it’s a low key kind of pissed (he’ll roll over onto his belly and then get pissed off like 30 minutes later, lol), but it doesn’t help him when he’s trying to get back to sleep.


Sometimes he’ll sleep on me, and I don’t mind :)

The Dr. asked us about it during his 6-month checkup and I was expecting a lecture. The beauty of having pediatrician who is ALSO a  mom, is that she didn’t lecture or even try to tell me to I needed to train him. Instead, she was more interested to see if he was going back to sleep (which he is, after I nurse him). We left it at — he could probably sleep through the night given his size, but it’s probably a little separation anxiety and he’ll grow out of it. And he’s my last baby… so I’m pretty going going to baby him! I would like him in his crib though…


What’s a crib?

As for me…

Man, I’m feeling good! My clumsiness has not improved, nor has my sleep deprivation, but things have really settled down in the last month.


It helps that my older two are no longer acting like such barbarians and that Evan is a little more independent. My hormones have also settled down a bit (yay!) and I have stopped losing as much hair. I also have a new hair color!


I’m totally cutting it short after the holiday. I’m ready for a change!

Running seems to be going pretty well and I’m still keeping up with my strength training workouts as well. I’d like to get two in, but some weeks I’m happy with just one!

I feel like my body is finally “bouncing back” and I feel more toned than I did even last month. It helps that my belly button is SLOWLY becoming an innie again (Man, that took FOREVER). I can’t say that I’ve really been doing anything different – so it’s definitely one of those “all in due time.” kinda of things.

Doing a little cliff walking before we head home!

I just survived my first postpartum work trip and it went better than I expected. I missed Evan especially, but I’m THANKFUL for FaceTime!

Pumping for 3 days straight SUUUUUCKED, but it’s worth it and I was able to find pumping accommodations wherever I went without having to provide a big explanation. I ended up not saving my milk, which was a total bummer. I probably pumped close to 100oz and all but about 20oz of it was wasted. Woomp woomp. Katie actually gave me some great tips on how to save it, but the logistics didn’t work out. It’s looking like I will be traveling again in January and I’m hoping to be a little more proactive about saving it.

Like I said, I’d love a little more sleep (even during my work trip my sleep was disrupted — I got up to pump in the middle of the night), but until then – I’m enjoying the snuggles.

A lot of people ask me how it’s been adjusting to three kids – and while I’m NOT going to tell you it’s been a walk in the park, the hardest adjustment was STILL going from zero to one baby. Maybe it’s because my kids are spaced out (3 years and 4 years) or maybe it’s because I took a more casual approach to returning to work (I’m back to 40 hours on Dec. 2nd — I’ve been working 32 hours a week since July), but for whatever reason it’s not AS hard as I was anticipating. Would I be able to handle 3 kids, 2 years apart like my parents?? Nope, probably not. Lol.

The past 6 months have been full of ups and downs, but I can definitely tell you that my family has never felt more complete. Evan fulfills something in our family we never realized we were missing. And truthfully, I am just enjoying his babyhood so much – I wish I could bottle it up forever!


But, since it won’t, I’m really trying to make a pointed effort to just enjoy everything. Every smile. Every cuddle. Even if it means he’s refusing to nap or go to sleep or fussing — these days are just so fleeting. It’s funny how with Braeden I really couldn’t WAIT until the next phase… and with Evan I wish each day could just last a little longer.

He thinks I'm hilarious.

So, here’s to 6 months my little monster! I can only hope that the next 6 months are just a joyful.


Postpartum Running {6 Months}

It’s crazy to think that Evan is already 6 months old! I know I say that every month, but I really do feel like I was 38 weeks pregnant and trying to “run” him out (unsuccessfully).


Seriously mom, wear hats all the time. They taste so good.

I initially planned on updating my running progress on a monthly basis — but I apparently overestimated the time and energy I would have to write my blog posts. Do you know that I used to post more than once a day? How did I do that?

So, to to follow up my last post on postpartum running - here’s my 6 month check in!

What and how I’m doing:

I’m still not up to any serious kind of mileage, but at 2-3 months postpartum I was happy to be hitting 10 miles a week. I’m happy to report that on an “on” week (more about that in a minute) I’ll hit about 20 miles. A far cry from when I was marathon training, but more than I’ve run for over a year.


I’ve gotten MUCH better at taking selfies though. Priorities.

As far as a running schedule goes… my body is STILL recovering from pregnancy. Since I’m breastfeeding, I still have extra hormones  hanging around that make it difficult for me to go “balls to the wall.” My biggest weakness is my hips. I’ll feel great one week and then I’ll randomly have hip flexor pain. I think a lot of this is because I quit my chiropractor. It wasn’t something I WANTED to do necessarily, but his office has weird hours and none of them fit into my schedule. I discovered that there is a sports chiropractor near work – so I’m hoping to check him out soon.

Until then I will be following a “week on” and “week off” running schedule. One week I’ll put in 20-25 miles and the next I’ll put in 5-10. For whatever reason, it’s working right now. I feel stronger and faster every on week. I focus a lot on strength training on my off week. This schedule also makes me miss running – so when I comes time to get my long run in, I am completely pumped up for it!


Seriously – how good is this selfie?

What’s on the schedule?

My next race is the Orlando OUC Half Marathon on December 7th. This is my third time running it and it’s a favorite – I guess because I really enjoy running through my city!

After that I have two half marathons in January (back-to-back weekend– so I’ll really be pushing it) and The Best Damn Race in March:

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What’s next?

I’d like to run a few more races in February and March, but I’m not committing to anything YET. Once April hits it’s generally too hot to run during the light of day, so after that my sights will be turned to MARATHON TRAINING! *excited*

I have yet to register for these said marathons (yes, plural), but it’s exciting to think about. Of course, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I really need to focus on getting back to running 20-25 miles a week. I would help if Evan would start sleeping through the night (ha), but that doesn’t look like it’s happening any time soon. Instead, it means I need to start getting my ass up at 5am again to run.

Hmmm. I’ll you know how that’s going at my next check-in.

Inspirational words of wisdom (aka – a pep-talk to myself)

I’ve read a lot of blogs where women are up and running 2 week postpartum and running marathons after 4 months. And you know what? That’s awesome for them, I guess. A part of me thinks, “why would you want to run that much with a little baby?” I get it though. It helps them feel like them again.


I thought the hats were tasty — OMG the straps on these medal things are AMAZING. PLEASE KEEP RUNNING, MOM.

However, part of me is envious that they are able to “bounce back” so quickly. Here I am 6-months in and still struggling to build back my strength and speed. I know a lot of it has to do with priorities (I know it’s shocking that running isn’t my #1) and breastfeeding. But, I do want to put out there and remind MYSELF that it’s OK. Just because I’m not back to “normal” at 6 months postpartum doesn’t mean my body isn’t capable of doing more. It might take another 6 months or a year, but pushing my body beyond it’s limits is NOT a good idea when I have a little person who is primarily dependent upon ME.

So, if you’re like me and you aren’t running all the races or PRing all over the place, it’s cool man. Be patient and keep working at it. Instead of diving in head first you’re chipping away and building a solid base. At least that’s what I keep telling myself ;)

At least the baby is cute.


Yep. Worth it.


Baldwin Park Half Marathon 2013 {Recap}

As I previously mentioned, my ribs tried their hardest to keep me from running last weekend, but I showed them who’s boss. Or something.

I did something completely CRAZY the night before my race… I drank a beer. Or two. I typically refrain from drinking the night before a long run, but since the past TWO long runs didn’t go as planned, I figured it wasn’t going to hurt anything. If anything, it relaxed me and I was able to go to bed relatively early and sleep as well as you can when you wake up 2-3 times a night. It turns out I wasn’t the only one drinking.

Even though the race was at 7, I set my alarm for 5 *yawn* so I had plenty of time to get ready and pump. Pumping is worth it, but man it is THE WORST.


The early wake-up call payed off (despite waking up my entire family. oops.) and I actually arrived at Paula’s house ON TIME. *Angels singing* It was a race-morning miracle! We then drove over to Baldwin Park, found the race start/finish, and parked without getting lost. Another miracle because I ALWAYS get lost in Baldwin Park.

We picked up our bibs, dropped our race t-shirts off at the car, used the porta-potty and lined up.



Let’s take a minute to talk about my race-day outfit. I was testing out my new Oiselle shorts and top (which, I loved and was TRYING to test out the day I fell). The shorts have a back pocket (where I put my phone) and a side pocket (where I put my key and gel). I loved NOT having to worry about wearing a fuel belt or my pants falling down! I also wore some Pro Compression socks. My varicose veins have been bothering me lately and when I saw my Dr about them, he said to wear my socks, especially when I was running long distances. So I did. And they did help. Damn Drs always have to be right.


Back to the race… so, I was a little nervous – mostly about how uncomfortable it was going to be. My ribs felt fine sitting, standing, and walking – but twisting my hips caused my sports bra to dig into them, which is what caused (and is still causing) the pain. After the National Anthem and pretty weak countdown (imagine a dude sounding as bored as humanly possible counting down from 10) we were off!

I took exactly one pictures of the course during the race…


I’d like to think I beat all of those people.

As far as the layout of the course, I can’t complain. It was pretty, flat, calm, and familiar. We ran around Lake Baldwin and Lake Susannah and on Cady Way Trail — and it reminded me of the long runs that I LOVED during marathon training. I think because it was all of these things it didn’t bother me AT ALL that I had no idea what mile I was on — or how much time had passed the majority of the time I was out on the course.

The best part of the race was probably leapfrogging with Paula. It was somewhat motivating to run back and forth and do a temperature check of your running buddy. Even if you’re not running together.

Truthfully, I’m not sure what kept me going on the course. Maybe it was zoning out to the music, or maybe it was the spirit of the race – but the first 4-5 miles were ridiculously painful. It wasn’t until those endorphins kicked in that I was able to just ignore the pain and push myself to keep going. I walked at several water stops to drink water, but if I had walked any more I would have given up. The only time I walked longer than 20 seconds was 45 minutes in – to let Dan know I was going to run the entire race and that she should come up to meet us at the finish!

This was a very bare-bones kinda race, and I knew that going on in. That said, my ONLY complaint about the course was not marked well. I didn’t know how far I had run until mile 8 or 9! Thankfully, I went by feel and around mile 7 I took my ClifShot gel. I’m glad I took it when I did because I felt pretty dead after Mile 9 (after climbing our only “hill” — a massive overpass over an 8-lane highway). By Mile 10 the gel kicked in and I was good to go until the end!

Just before the finish (which involved running into the parking lot of an elementary school) I saw Dan and the kids. I was HOPING to finish the race with Braeden (we’ve been talking about him joining me for a while!), but he was hiding from Livie and missed me. Bummer. However, I was NOT bummed to finish. I saw the clock hit 2:13:xx and I was surprised! I thought for sure I was going to come in around 2:30. I immediately grabbed my medal and water and joined my crazies.

When I got there, B was on the verge of tears because he didn’t get to run with me (<–so sweet), so I told him he could do the next best thing to running with me… finishing the race with Paula. So when she came running in — he joined her — with Livie trailing slightly behind.


I know you can’t tell tell — but ALL three of them are in this picture.

It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen during a race finish? Probably. Especially because Livie was running in her pink cowboy boots and she was JUST SO PROUD. Especially when we high-fived after she hit the mat. Thankfully, the race organizers didn’t really care – and it wasn’t crowded enough to be a safety issue.

After the race we posed for some pictures…



fueled up with some awesome food (they had me at Nutella)…


Paula entertained her groupies …


And Evan decided he is a big fan of half marathons.


Falling like I did the weekend before a race isn’t the dumbest thing I ever did, but it’s pretty dumb. However, it did have some positives that I didn’t really think about until after. For one, I wasn’t stressing about how it was “first postpartum half marathon!” I mean, I KNEW it was my first half after having Evan, but I was more concerned about not killing myself out on the course and possibly having my first DNF. I went into it have ZERO expectations for even finishing (so much for that optimism, right?), so I was probably in the best mindset possible! The weirdest thing? I wasn’t even THAT sore. I guess I was doing something right.

And now? I am SOOOO ready to race again. My next race is in 3 weeks — the OUC Half. I’m not planning on any huge PRs, but I’d like to think I can knock a good 10 minutes of my pace of this race. I’m hoping to have a new Garmin by then. Or a borrowed Garmin until the 22o comes out! (umm anyone have a Garmin I can borrow?)

What has kept YOU going on race day? Ever finished a race with a kid? 


I Made My Bruised Ribs My B*tch

I don’t know how I did it… but I DID IT.

Pain? What pain? (just kidding it hurt like a bitch)

I really thought I was going to be throwing in the towel this morning. Last night was rough and the first four miles were full of hurt, but then the adrenaline set in. Wonderful, sweet, beautiful, adrenaline.

I have a full recap coming, but I finished the Baldwin Park Half with a smile in 2:13:30. Not my fastest race by any means, but definitely exceeding my expectations.


Not bad for 6 months postpartum, with minimal training time, and a (stupid, stupid) injury. I figure I can only get stronger and faster. And you know, less injured.

PS – I love running! Can I run alllll the races now?

A Little Optimism

So it’s day five after my meet and greet with the concrete.


This is also an extreme close up of my pores. Scari.

I’ve got the typical black eye thing going on. It’s pretty sexy, right?

I’ll probably go in to get my stitches out either Saturday or Sunday. I think the cut has pretty much healed. There will definitely be a scar, but it will be minimal.

That’s actually not what’s bugging me though. Makeup can cover scars. Makeup cannot make my ribs and chest race ready.

Yeah — UGGGGH — my freaking ribs. They hurt. Especially in the morning. It hurts most to sleep (go figure – like I need something else to keep me from sleeping!). BUT I’m crazy because I’m hopeful. Walking, I can do — which makes me think… I can run!

For some reason, I’m staying optimistic about Sunday. I’m actually NOT much of an optimist, I’m more of a realist, but in this situation I’m just going to go with my gut and hope for the best. My gut is currently saying “You’ve got this.” Right now my plan is to pick up my bib, get in line, and start the race. If it hurts too much, I’ll stop and get my first DNF.  Until then I’m living by these quotes… and  I do love me some inspirational quotes (yes, I’m a complete cheeseball):





Are you an optimist or something else? What’s your favorite inspirational quote? INSPIRE ME!

I’m not crazy, right? RIGHT?