I Made My Bruised Ribs My B*tch

I don’t know how I did it… but I DID IT.

Pain? What pain? (just kidding it hurt like a bitch)

I really thought I was going to be throwing in the towel this morning. Last night was rough and the first four miles were full of hurt, but then the adrenaline set in. Wonderful, sweet, beautiful, adrenaline.

I have a full recap coming, but I finished the Baldwin Park Half with a smile in 2:13:30. Not my fastest race by any means, but definitely exceeding my expectations.


Not bad for 6 months postpartum, with minimal training time, and a (stupid, stupid) injury. I figure I can only get stronger and faster. And you know, less injured.

PS – I love running! Can I run alllll the races now?


  1. Lisa says

    Nice job!! I ran a 2:13 in May after months of training and uh, 5 years post partum, so go you!! :) wish I could train with you, my next goal is to break 2:00! So glad you were able to get through it, bruised ribs and all, can only imagine how painful it was!

    • Lisa says

      But really, how did you get yourself under 2:00?? I can’t get my body to do it. Closest I got was a 2:07. My latest debate is work on that goal or bite the bullet and train or a full?!

      • says

        You come to Florida and run a course with very moderate rolling hills! If that’s not an option, Mile Repeats (1 one fast, 1 one slow and so on) really helped me gain some speed. I also like 800s — as much as you can like speedwork.

        I do recommend running a full! I’m hoping to do Chicago next year. Hint, hint. Lol.

  2. Amanda says

    I ran this too, we live in Baldwin Park. I thought I saw you there. You’re taller than I was expecting :) Great job today!

    • says

      Paula and I were jealous of everyone who lived in Baldwin and got to sleep in “late.” And yes – I’m 5’10!

      How did you do today? It was my first time running it, but I loved the course (although, it was one I was VERY familiar with) and liked that it was a smaller race.

      • Amanda says

        It was nice to sleep as late as possible and just walk over. My first year running it but I really enjoyed it too. I run around Lake Baldwin and Susannah all the time but never that far down the Cady Way Trail. I was hoping for a 1:41:xx and finished in 1:41:40. It’s a 5+ minute PR so I’m very pleased :)

    • says

      Thank you!! I seriously thought I was going to wuss out. I only went because I signed up and I wanted the damn t-shirt. I completely shocked myself that I just kept running. Just reminds me that running is awesome! I mean – how often do you go into something hurting and finishing feeling tired, but amazing?

  3. Angie says

    Wow! I’m super impressed. I’m running my fist post baby half half (14 months later) in about 4 weeks. I’m so nervous but I’ve done this course George and thank god my cousin is running with me.


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