Postpartum Running {6 Months}

It’s crazy to think that Evan is already 6 months old! I know I say that every month, but I really do feel like I was 38 weeks pregnant and trying to “run” him out (unsuccessfully).


Seriously mom, wear hats all the time. They taste so good.

I initially planned on updating my running progress on a monthly basis — but I apparently overestimated the time and energy I would have to write my blog posts. Do you know that I used to post more than once a day? How did I do that?

So, to to follow up my last post on postpartum running - here’s my 6 month check in!

What and how I’m doing:

I’m still not up to any serious kind of mileage, but at 2-3 months postpartum I was happy to be hitting 10 miles a week. I’m happy to report that on an “on” week (more about that in a minute) I’ll hit about 20 miles. A far cry from when I was marathon training, but more than I’ve run for over a year.


I’ve gotten MUCH better at taking selfies though. Priorities.

As far as a running schedule goes… my body is STILL recovering from pregnancy. Since I’m breastfeeding, I still have extra hormones  hanging around that make it difficult for me to go “balls to the wall.” My biggest weakness is my hips. I’ll feel great one week and then I’ll randomly have hip flexor pain. I think a lot of this is because I quit my chiropractor. It wasn’t something I WANTED to do necessarily, but his office has weird hours and none of them fit into my schedule. I discovered that there is a sports chiropractor near work – so I’m hoping to check him out soon.

Until then I will be following a “week on” and “week off” running schedule. One week I’ll put in 20-25 miles and the next I’ll put in 5-10. For whatever reason, it’s working right now. I feel stronger and faster every on week. I focus a lot on strength training on my off week. This schedule also makes me miss running – so when I comes time to get my long run in, I am completely pumped up for it!


Seriously – how good is this selfie?

What’s on the schedule?

My next race is the Orlando OUC Half Marathon on December 7th. This is my third time running it and it’s a favorite – I guess because I really enjoy running through my city!

After that I have two half marathons in January (back-to-back weekend– so I’ll really be pushing it) and The Best Damn Race in March:

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What’s next?

I’d like to run a few more races in February and March, but I’m not committing to anything YET. Once April hits it’s generally too hot to run during the light of day, so after that my sights will be turned to MARATHON TRAINING! *excited*

I have yet to register for these said marathons (yes, plural), but it’s exciting to think about. Of course, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I really need to focus on getting back to running 20-25 miles a week. I would help if Evan would start sleeping through the night (ha), but that doesn’t look like it’s happening any time soon. Instead, it means I need to start getting my ass up at 5am again to run.

Hmmm. I’ll you know how that’s going at my next check-in.

Inspirational words of wisdom (aka – a pep-talk to myself)

I’ve read a lot of blogs where women are up and running 2 week postpartum and running marathons after 4 months. And you know what? That’s awesome for them, I guess. A part of me thinks, “why would you want to run that much with a little baby?” I get it though. It helps them feel like them again.


I thought the hats were tasty — OMG the straps on these medal things are AMAZING. PLEASE KEEP RUNNING, MOM.

However, part of me is envious that they are able to “bounce back” so quickly. Here I am 6-months in and still struggling to build back my strength and speed. I know a lot of it has to do with priorities (I know it’s shocking that running isn’t my #1) and breastfeeding. But, I do want to put out there and remind MYSELF that it’s OK. Just because I’m not back to “normal” at 6 months postpartum doesn’t mean my body isn’t capable of doing more. It might take another 6 months or a year, but pushing my body beyond it’s limits is NOT a good idea when I have a little person who is primarily dependent upon ME.

So, if you’re like me and you aren’t running all the races or PRing all over the place, it’s cool man. Be patient and keep working at it. Instead of diving in head first you’re chipping away and building a solid base. At least that’s what I keep telling myself ;)

At least the baby is cute.


Yep. Worth it.


  1. says

    That is one cute baby :)

    Running was so, so much harder when I was still breastfeeding. Take comfort in the fact that once you wean, you will have so much more energy and things will feel easier! Hopefully you aren’t planning on doing extended nursing because then I just totally rubbed salt in your wound haha
    Kara recently posted..Feeling….blue?

    • says

      Thanks :)

      I’m definitely giving up the all-day BFing/pumping at a year. I’ll still probably nurse in the morning/night longer – but it depends on E. I completely agree that it sucks up SO MUCH of my energy. I will also celebrate the day I don’t have to pump before exercising. Man, that’s a bitch.

  2. says

    I’m finding it super hard to make the time to run these days. The BOB has been a savior for the days that I just want to run a couple miles. C loves it and I love spending the time with her. But I did wait until she was nine months to put her in it.

    On a side note, I really don’t get people who stick their three week old in a BOB and go running. Did they read the manual? Also, it’s so hard to run with that thing even now. Can’t imagine doing it right out of the gate.
    Victoria recently posted..#runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Recap

    • says

      You are a rockstar, my friend, and I cannot wait to hear about your marathon this weekend! Eeeek!!

      Also, I can’t believe that C is about to turn 1. Somebody freeze time, OK????

  3. says

    Cute babies do make it better! You are way more ahead than I am … and my baby just turned 13 months. I had her last Oct., so I spent the first two months blaming it on the “holidays,” then I blamed it on breastfeeding, which I stopped in March. Then it was one excuse after another, so YOU GO GIRL!!! You are doing awesome and I just love reading your updates, you do inspire me. I just started getting back into working out and starting Couch to 5 K AGAIN for the 5,000th time. One of these days … although I have no desire to run a marathon, at least getting to 1 mile sounds good.
    Jennifer recently posted..Off the Bottle …

    • says

      Honestly, with my first baby it took me a year to start working out again — so you are NOT alone! It was just way easier for me to adjust this time for some reason. PLUS, running and working out keeps me sane!! So, just keep at it – you’ll get there. Surviving the first year of parenthood is no small feat!!

  4. says

    #1 Your baby is beyond cute! #2 Your selfies are improving;-) #3 I need to join the 5am club, but w/o sleeping through the night @ our house either, it’s just too much work at the moment (aka I’m too lazy to get outta bed). #4 I tried to run on Sunday and it wasn’t that great. 1st run post half & apparently I waited too long as my endurance is all but lost. #5 Love the idea of one week on & one off w/increased strength training. I need me a routine (and to then stick with it!). #6 You are INSPIRING! Keep at it girl:-)
    Gina recently posted..Whole 30 Day 15…I’m sad

    • says

      Thank you (on #1 and #2!)! And ugh on waking up at 5am. I so dread it, but I also know I will love that feeling coming home from a run!

      I ran 10 miles on Sunday and I thought I was going to die. I haven’t had that hard of a run in ages! I really think you just have to suck it up and deal sometimes because it makes the good runs seem so fantastic!!

  5. says

    Totally worth it!

    Great post & I think you’re kicking ass! Breastfeeding is a game changer, but like you said – worth it. You’re doing a fabulous job of juggling it all.

    After not being able to run during my pregnancy I’m thankful to just be active & get in a few miles now. I’ve got my sights set on a few half marathons in 2014 but I’m easing back into running/working out slowly because I think my body needs time to heal & I don’t want to mess up my milk supply. I think it’s great that some women can bust out a run 2 weeks after baby, but I know for me & my body I need time…& I’m a-okay with only running/working out 3 days a week until I’m back to 100%.

    I can’t believe your sweet boy is 6 months! It seems like I was just reading your birth story yesterday!!
    Ashley@CupcakesnCrunches recently posted..Much Better!

  6. says

    E is soooo cute! I can’t believe he is 6 months and how fast time goes with a little one.

    This is a great post too. I am trying to get back into running, but having a hard time upping the pace/distance. It is hard, because I want to feel like myself, but am having a hard time finding balance. The time just seems to evaporate and breastfeeding/pumping adds a whole new dimension to the process.

    It looks like the Best Dam Race Orlando is going to be my first post baby half marathon. I am not expecting any PRs, but want to feel like myself again.
    Heather recently posted..3 Months with Baby E

    • says

      It goes by so fast – right??

      We really need to meet up BEFORE The Best Damn Race — but I look forward to seeing you there!!

      Are for balance and finding time — I’m not lying that it was hardest for me to adjust to Braeden than any of my other babies. I do think you’ll find that balance eventually! It’s totally OK to make E your priority right now. She’ll be a lot more independent a year from now and you won’t think “I wish I had spent more time running.”

  7. says

    I can so relate to everything you said. It’s awesome, but also hard for me sometimes to see women pop out babies then go do an Ironman. My body has been very slow to accept that I’m trying to increase my endurance/speed :). I’m still breastfeeding too and I think that probably does play a role in it. Anyway, I think you are doing awesome!

    • says

      Yes – I definitely think breastfeeding has A LOT to do with it! Just think of how much energy that consumes!! I think some people are meant to bounce back quickly and some just aren’t. I know I’ll get there eventually!

  8. says

    I am 8 weeks postpartum and have been struggling to be back to normal lately, I’m trying to remember to be patient :) I am focusing on walks with the baby, with a few jogging intervals to wake up my body a bit.
    PS I ran ouc half twice too! It’s hard to imagine being in that kind of shape again :)
    Aggie recently posted..Pumpkin-Ricotta Whole Wheat Pasta Bake

    • says

      You WILL get back there. My body bounced back pretty quickly, but certain things took longer – which was weird. Like my freaking belly button. It still hasn’t decided if it wants to be an innie or an outtie!!

      Walking with jogging intervals is a great way to build endurance. I really had to take it slow the first 4 months because my hormones were making my hips all stretchy still (or maybe they were just still stretchy from the 9-lb baby sitting on them? ;)) and I’m glad now that I didn’t force it. Your body WILL remember what it’s like to run a half marathon at some point. It seems very daunting until though, right?


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