Let’s Get Jolly, B*tches

The countdown to Christmas is on and I’m definitely feeling the crunch. While I’ve finished the majority of my Christmas shopping (!!), there are still a million and ten things I feel like I need to do. There are Christmas traditions I’d like to uphold (and in some cases start), cards to send out (at I ordered them!) and we still haven’t seen the big guy….


From last year… minus one kid, plus some teeth.

We did FINALLY get the lights and the tree up last week.


And we only broke one (unimportant ornament) in the process. Christmas miracles do happen!

With everything we have going on, I’m really REALLY trying to take the time and enjoy Christmas through the eyes of my babies. The magic of Santa only lasts so long and first Christmases ARE only celebrated once.



I really need to find that hat…

Truthfully, my heart gets a little sad when I think about the day that there won’t be a 5:00am wakeup just to see if Santa came. I really want my kids to have the same kind of memories that I had. Memories full of cookies, family, singing, and laughter. I want them to get just excited about giving gifts – as they are to receive them. I’ve always loved Christmas. It’s by far my FAVORITE time of year. Even when I feel like it’s really hard to relax and ENJOY it.

So, while this Christmas is feeling a little crunched for time (seriously – how is Christmas NEXT WEDNESDAY??), it’s time for me to suck it up, hang the mistletoe…


(on the baby)

Bake some cookies…

Salted Dark Chocolate Cookies. Don't you wish you worked with me?

These are to die for, especially if you’re into dark chocolate

Get fancy…



And get JOLLY.


Hello ladies...

with smiles, of course

What gets you into the holiday spirit?