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Coming back from pregnancy, I figured it was time to try out new running gear. Some of the brands I’ve tried before and others I had been lusting at for month, not ready (or too pregnant) to pull the trigger. Since my opinions on products change frequently, here’s a few of my current running favorites…

1. Garmin 220

It's Florida cold (39 degrees), which means sub-9 minute miles and long sleeves...with shorts.

This was a big purchase for my hobby ($250), however, it has been SO WORTH IT. This Garmin is the Garmin I’ve wanting for the past 4 years. It’s light. It has zero problems finding satellite. It vibrates when I hit a mile/lap. I can turn on or off alerts. It’s purple. It’s awesome.

2. Oiselle Rogas – Short


OMG guys. These shorts.

For the longest time I didn’t feel comfortable wearing running shorts. Weird, right? I only raced in my spin shorts. Running shorts just did NOT feel right. During marathon training, I wore them more often, but something about the ones I was wearing (Nike, C9 from Target, Brooks, etc) felt wrong.

During my pregnancy, running shorts actually felt MORE comfortable. Again, weird. It might have been because my ass and my legs were more proportional. Who knows. Whatever the reason, I wore the crap out of my running shorts. I also stretched the crap out of all of my running shorts.

So, what’s a girl to do? Go shopping of course.

I tried a few others – including the Oiselle Distance Shorts – and I still wasn’t happy. I actually really like the Distance Shorts (especially because I can through my phone in back butt pocket), but they are SHORT.


These these are the distance shorts in Rhody.

I’m not sure what took me so long to try the Rogas, but it was love at first run. They are perfect for MY body type. I have: no butt, a straight waist, and skinny legs. They also have a 4-inch inseam in the crotch, which (in my opinion) is the perfect length. You know, as far as crotch inseams go.

Pretty sure I've finally found the perfect pair of running shorts. @oiselle Roga Short...I need about 4 more pairs

Not the best picture… but seriously, can I live in them?

I’ve only worn them a few times to the gym, and every time I get compliments on how cute they are! My ONLY complaint is that they only have one pocket – not big enough for my phone.Guess I need to find a new way to carry my phone! (Anyone have any armband recommendations??)

I now have 4 pairs. That’s how much I love them.

3. Mizuno Wave Rider 17s


In case you wanted to see more of my legs. I swear I’m not vain. They’re just there…and make up 70% of my body.

Yep. I’m back to my old shoe. However, these are NOTHING like the old shoe. They are leaps and bounds BETTER and they are pretty much everything I need in a neutral shoe. I know this girl is pretty happy with them too, which is SHOCKING. We’ll see how they hold up this summer while I’m marathon training.

4. Moving Comfort Juno Bra


I have tried several bras and none are as AMAZING as this one. It’s support is impeccable. I especially like that it’s adjustable in the front and curved underneath so that it doesn’t ride up. My girls will probably (most definitely) reduce in size once I stop pumping in 3-4 months and I don’t think I can go back to the bras I wore before.

5. Nike Running Hat



Baby approved.

I’ve been wearing this hat for a while now and it’s still my favorite. It keeps my bangs out of my face, absorbs my heat sweat, and it’s ultra light and comfy.

I need to find one in purple.

6. Clif Bar Energy Bars


I feel like this is a just a stereotypical running/blogger thing, but I eat a Clif Bar (Coconut Chocolate Chip is my favorite) before every race and 10+ mile long runs. They stick with me and are great on the go. Plus, it’s like eating a cookie.

HOWEVER — There are a few running things I’m STILL trying to work out…

Gels – I like Clif Shots the best, but the consistency still kind of grosses me out. I am ready for some new flavors too!
Hydration – I like Nuun okay, but I’m open to new suggestions. I’ve been eying Skratch — anyone try it?
Fuel Belt/Vest – I like my vest, but I’m still not 100% comfortable in it (thanks to my boobs – sorry it that’s TMI, but it’s true). I think I will LOVE it this summer though. I used to love my iFitness fuel belt, but since getting pregnant with E it’s bothered me. I think it’s weird that it’s STILL bothering me, but it is.

What are some of your favorite things? Have any recommendations?

PS – None of these are affiliate links. Just thought I would throw that out there. They are just things I really, really like. Maybe even love.


  1. says

    What is skrach? I am so behind on the new, trendy stuff.

    Honestly, diluted Gatorade is what works for me. I blame all those Marathonfest water stops. I’ve gotten spoiled!
    Victoria recently posted..Bite Me

    • says

      It’s just another hydration mix. There ingredients: cane sugar, dextrose, sodium citrate, real fruit, citric acid, magnesium citrate, calcium citrate, potassium citrate, ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

      The only gatorade I like is the purple kind, but even that kind of makes my stomach hurt after a while. I like Nuun’s fizz – but it tastes like ass most of the time.

  2. says

    I cannot find running shorts that don’t ride up on me. I gave up – I wear capris in the summer. As for gels, I like GU but only the chocolate flavor. The fruity flavors are gross.

    I miss running. 4 more weeks and then I can get back into it!
    Lee recently posted..Alexander: 2 Weeks

    • says

      Yay to 4 more weeks!

      I agree on the fruity flavored gels – EXCEPT Raspberry Clif Shot. It reminds me of Raspberry Jam and for some reason it’s acceptable.

  3. says

    I’m on the verge of getting that Garmin. They we will be Garmin sisters. I just need to pay off my two ridiculously expensive upcoming vacations first. Then. IT’S MINE. I might want the white Wave Riders too but then that’s just getting ridiculous when I already have two. We’ll see what happens after my month of lightened spending.

    I need to find some shorts for my body: big booty, small waist, muscular legs. Hee

    And yeah, what Victoria said. I”m not up on your skrach lingo either.
    Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run recently posted..So about that plan

    • says

      I think I spelled it wrong – (Skratch) – but it’s basically another sports drink. No fake crap. But there is sugar, so you probably couldn’t do it.

      I cannot wait until you get the new Garmin.

      I wonder if the Nike Rival shorts would work for you??

  4. Melissa says

    Ugh. I want that Garmin so much. Mine is on the verge of biting it.

    I just got a fantastic new torture device called the Roll Recovery, and it is my new favorite thing. Think concentrated foam rolling for all those parts that the foam roller can’t get into as well. It really helps break up any tightness in my IT bands and calves (and glutes!) like nothing I’ve ever used before. <3

    Your shortie shorts are so cute! I need another pair of shorts like I need a hole in my head, but that's never stopped me before.

    • says


      My garmin was in the same state as yours and I while I was annoyed that I had to buy a new one, it has been SO worth it!

      You would totally rock out those shortie shorts! Although, you’d definitely need to get the XS. Or even an XXS if they had it. I feel like those shorts run big (the Rogas are a little more snug though).

  5. says

    First, love the white background on the blog now!! Second, ummm, your legs are amazing; show them anytime (I want nice legs haha). And third, I really need new running shoes, and I needed a suggestion, so thank you!! I am also trying to convince the hubby that I need a treadmill haha
    char eats greens recently posted..munchkin meals: 14 month eats

    • says

      I had the itch to update my blog design – so thanks!

      What are you talking about – you have nice legs!! I would really love a treadmill too. Not sure where I would put it though. Maybe if we ever move :)

      And yes – definitely try out the Mizuno Wave Rider 17s — there are SO light, but still have a decent drop (which is my issue with minimalist shoes, I need SOME drop).

  6. says

    I LOVE Skratch! Pineapples is my favorite!! It’s not super sweet or salty- just the right amount of flavor!

    I tried Nuun, but it upset my stomach :(

    My latest hydration find is Osmo. If you like Mangos, then this is a great product. Designed by a woman who took into account women’s physiology (#womenarenotsmallmen)- this has been my go-to on the bike. They have a whole series too, with Pre-load (to drink pre-workout for those days where you’re going to be going hard and its super hot- note, this was my least favorite tasting of the series) , and then a recovery drink too (which, if you like Horchata, you’ll like this!)
    Steph@321delish recently posted..Last Week’s Workouts {1/27-2/2}

  7. says

    I have that bra on my wishlist! Also thinking maybe I wait until I’m done nursing as the size will a change;-) Have never been able to comfortably wear shorts either (ride up); hoping some day that could change…

    • says

      I’m hoping I can still wear the one I have after I’m done nursing b/c it’s so adjustable… but I have only purchased 1 (that gets washed A LOT) for that same reason!

      Someday you will find shorts – and it will be when you least expect it :)

  8. Lisa says

    Love my SPibelt for my phone! Took me a couple tried to figure the exact right position to put it around my waist, but now I don’t even realize it’s there. Also could eat the mint chocolate flavored gels just as a snack, lol.. Love them. ☺️

    • says

      I’ll have to try the mint chocolate gels. That does sound good!!

      I’ve tried the spibelt too and no bueno. I am way pickier than I ever expected about this kind of stuff.

    • says

      Hmm – maybe try the Distance Shorts – or the Roga Long Short. I’ve heard good things about them too! I really love the Rogas for the material – sooooo lightweight.

    • says

      Try Oiselle! You have skinny (but healthy!) legs like me, so you’ll love the rogas. I feel like I’m wearing nothing. In a good way!

      Thanks for the cat call — week made :)

  9. Rob Runs says

    The Juno is my favorite bra too, I have a handful of Moving Comfort ones and that’s definitely my go-to. My giant hips and rub-together thighs are not made for running shorts, I’ve heard such great things about the Rogas that I almost want to try them though. My summer go-to is the Happy Girl skirt from Skirt Sports, it’s the longest one they make the the shorts do. not. budge. I bought my first one last March and wore it for the very first time ever during a marathon (nothing new on race day, right?!?) and it was love at first step.

    I got a packet of Skratch in one of my Stride Boxes but I only drank it when I had the flu and thought I was dying so I don’t know how well it stands up to running.

    • says

      YES on the Juno. I have a few other ones from Moving Comfort too and nothing beats it.

      Paula (Eat Watch Run) tried the Rogas and they were not for her. I think she does like the Distance Shorts though – I haven’t heard anything negative at least! Oh, I might need to look into that skirt! I’d love to find a skirt that is cute AND functional.

      I’m sure the Skratch helped you with the awful flu! I am going to test some out — I’m sure I’ll report back.

  10. says

    My Garmin is starting to die (I’ve had it for years, so it had a good run <—pun) and I've been thinking about investing into another one. I love the purple! I've been using the map my run app on my iPhone though and that works surprisingly well – but I still miss my Garmin on days I don't have it. Love that yours vibrates at each mile – way cool!

    And I need better sports bras – I'm going to check that one out. Since I'm nursing, my boobs only fit in 2 of my 15 sports bras. Barely. Its a tight squeeze. I've just been to stubborn to buy more. It makes for a semi-uncomfortable run. TMI?
    Ashley@cupcakesncrunches recently posted..Things I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

    • says

      My 305 had a good run too. Bwhahahaha. We’re here all week, folks :)

      Definitely check the Juno! You can usually find it discounted at one of the running sites. Road Runner Sports, Running Warehouse, etc. One of the reasons I love it so much is that it’s BFing friendly and you don’t have to undo/pull it up to nurse.

  11. says

    Definitely looking forward to trying some of these products! I couldn’t agree more that a good baseball hat is ESSENTIAL for a great workout. Even if I’m just taking a class at the gym. It is the best sweat catcher in the world and keeps bangs/fly aways out of your face!
    Alissa @ Eat Clean Beauty Queen recently posted..Food for Thought


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