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I am really trying to slow things down, but right now life just feels like it’s on hyperdrive. Somebody press pause! So… this is just some of the stuff that’s been going on with me…

I made an impromptu trip to Massachusetts last week. 

Unfortunately, it was for an incredibly sad reason… My great aunt Connie (also my Godmother), passed away.

You were with me from the very beginning and will always be in my heart. RIP Aunt Connie. You were one of a kind. ❤️ #tbt

Isn’t this picture the best? Yes, I still make that face AND have the double chins.

She was one of the most amazing and determined women I’ve ever known, and I can only hope that her spirit continues on through me and my kids – especially my daughter. She didn’t have children, but she was a L&D nurse and helped deliver hundreds of babies including my dad, my brothers, my cousins, and – yes- me. I know she was with me in spirit when I delivered all of my babies – especially last  May when my labor/delivery went an unexpected direction (I guess you could say she was my honorary doula). I’m glad she got to meet each of my kids…




My trip was very, very short – about 36 hours and I brought this little man with me.

Serious face. Must be sad about leaving his Boston family.

I figured he would provide a few smiles (he did) and I know my aunt would have appreciated that he was there. He was a great little traveler.

It’s never easy saying “goodbye” to a loved one, but I will carry her memories with me, always.

I picked a charity!


I will be running the Chicago Marathon for the Ronald McDonald House Charities in October! I have some big plans for some fundraisers – I hope I just have enough time to make it all happen. More details to come. As well as some begging (but for a really GREAT cause!).

I picked a 2nd marathon!


I was originally thinking I wanted run the Jacksonville Bank Marathon – but it’s the weekend after Christmas and that timing is JUST not going to work.

So, I went with Space Coast! It’s November 30th – the weekend after Thanksgiving – and 6 weeks after Chicago. I was hesitant to go with Space Coast, because it’s still pretty warm in Florida (of course, it’s February and last week it was in the 90s), but the medal and the timing won me over. I’m hoping that my extended family will also come and cheer me on (HINT HINT) since it’s so close. There’s nothing better than having cheerleaders at a race.

I cut my hair — and tried Keratin for the first time.

New year, new hair!

I know, I know – Keratin is full of chemicals… but it is AMAZING.

I have never been able to just wash, blow dry, and style my hair in 10 minutes — and now I can. I think my coworkers are shocked because they have NEVER seen me wear my hair down this often.

I also LOVE my cut. I went with a “Lob” (long bob – I had to ask) and it’s perfect. It still feels long in front, but it’s not incredibly annoying. I went in not knowing what I wanted — short, long, ACK! and thankfully my stylist knew exactly what to do. She is amazing.

I’m an aunt!


My youngest brother is a daddy – and I couldn’t be happier for him! It’s funny to think that of all of the roles I’ve taken on him life – sister, cousin, wife, mom… the one that has eluded me the longest is aunt! The little (big) guy arrived last week and I am finally going to meet him this week. Related: My kids have a cousin!! They are getting another one in April – I can’t wait :)

I am trying really, really hard to still include strength training in my weekly workouts.

In fact, I have a new at home workout for you….

All you need is 25 minutes...

It took me 25 minutes and made me sore. I even included burpees which I REALLY, REALLY hate. So, you should try it too.

Life is crazy and full and it’s not going to slow down any time soon.

In the next few weeks I have two races, two baby showers (one that I am throwing), and a wedding. There’s also family visiting, a night in with friends, the start of baseball season, and L’s birthday party that I have not yet schedule or planned. Does it count that I’m thinking about it?

Thankfully, there’s wine. Lots of it.

2 hours of baseball practice with all the kids, by myself = a giant glass of wine.

What are you looking forward to in the next month?


    • says

      Aww thank you! I feel like it makes me look younger. I don’t feel old, but sometimes I look in the mirror and thing “DANG, HOW DID 35 HAPPEN??”

      I’m hoping to do some kind of fundraising/giveaway – so stay tuned!

  1. says

    Great charity! Both my sister and my niece were born with heart defects and we have used the Ronald McDonald House many-a-times! I will definitely get behind that cause and support you :-)
    Amanda recently posted..Sunday Snaps

    • says

      I’m so happy to hear that they are a great charity! I too have heard great things and I am thrilled to support them.

      I’m planning on doing a fundraising giveaway (hopefully, if things turn out!) – so stay tuned!!

    • says

      There is a half – but it already sold out (which is CRAZY!). You should sign up for a race — it will get you back out there :) Although, I’m biased and would skip the 5K for a half any day.

  2. Tracey Leffler says

    I’m thrilled to hear you are raising money for the Ronald McDonald House. My sister and brother in law spent some there when my nephew, ( – please take a look!) was up at Shands. I was so grateful they had a place to stay. One less thing for them to worry about. Looking forward to seeing what types of fundraisers you’ll do.

    • says

      Oh, thank you for the link! I have heard some amazing things about the charity – and I’m hoping to take a tour of some of the facilities/volunteer sometime here in Orlando. The most time I’ve spent in a hospital (with Livie) was 10 days – and it was was lonely and heartbreaking. I am so glad that there is an organization like RMHC to help families that have loved ones in it for long periods of time.

    • says

      This new style seriously takes out all of the prep work on my hair – I love it! I wish I had done it sooner, but it is SUCH a time saver!!

      This last trip was on the plan – and he did great – but we took him in the car on a 3-hour trip when he was 4 months old and it was a little challenging. I know it sounds crazy, but I find flying with kids so much easier than car trips! That sad – it can be done and done well. It just involves a little creativity and frequent rest stops. Where are you guys going?

    • says

      Yes, I lived in MA until I was 11 — and then we moved to Florida. I love Mass – and miss it (and my family) SO MUCH, but there is no way I could survive those winters. SO BRUTAL!!

      I am still not used to my hair. It surprises me every time I look in the mirror — but thanks :)

  3. says

    So much in this post I want to comment on! Your Great Aunt sounds like she was truly great. What a gift that all your babies got to meet her.

    And Love the hair! I’ve done Keratin treatments before and they are the best!

    And your marathon?!?! How exciting! I would love to help donate to your cause! I’ll keep my eyes open for your post about it! I know when it comes to fundraising every little bit helps!

    And I’m adding your workout to my ‘must try’ list! :)
    Ashley@cupcakesncrunches recently posted..Date Weekend – NYC Style

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