E and Me {9 Months Postpartum}

I think the last update I did on E was 6 months… well, somehow it’s 3 months later.

It's hard to believe this happy, giggly guy is 9 months old today!

Pure joy

It’s pretty amazing how much a baby can change in 3 months. E is still my laid back, chill baby – don’t get me wrong – but he’s bigger, faster, smarter, and has opinions! Oh my.


E had his 9-month checkup on Wednesday and he did what ALL of my kids have done starting around 9 months — he started dropping on the weight chart. He was in the 95th percentile — and he’s now in the 75th. I’d heard it with all of them at this age, “You should stop nursing as much and give them solids more.” With my first, I freaked out – and no matter what I did the percentile kept dropping. Both B and L were in the 20th percentile for weight when they were 2 — and are now both in the 50th. This time, instead of freaking, I nodded. He eats PLENTY and I’m not going to give up any breastfeeding session. I mean he still GAINED – he was up to 22lbs 6oz (from about 20.5lbs). And did he GROW. He is also still completely off the charts in height – coming in at 31 inches (that’s 2.25 inches in 3 months!). Sooo….yeah.

As for other stuff…

He’s sitting, he’s rolling, he smacking his hands on anything and everything (and laughing about it), he’s waving (particularly when prompted with hi or  bye), he’s says ‘da’ and ‘ma’ (and I’m fairly certain he says “ba bye”) and he is happy. Almost always. He loves giving kisses (it’s his newest trick) and loooooves the bath.


Pretty sure he’s gonna have curly hair…

He also love, love, loves his brother and sister. He gets so excited to see them and prefers just hanging out with them. I hope it stays that way!


However, he HATES getting strapped into his car seat. Thankfully, he’s easily distracted.

He usually only takes his paci when he's in his crib... It's that kind of Monday.

As far as milestones go — he’s NOT like his siblings at this age — he is not crawling, he’s not pulling up, and he’s not even creeping (rolling gets him where he wants to go).

Caught red handed. #cordlover4life

I can still get to cords. That’s all that counts.

He CAN stand holding on to something (the Dr. had me show him), so all is fine – and truthfully, I am NOT complaining! Like I said, he’s chill. He can roll if he wants something or — someone will get it FOR him. It doesn’t help that he is the size of an average 18 month old — his body is like “whatever dude.” I’ve seen him get on his knees and rock maybe once or two in the past few days, so I know it’s coming. And I always dread it. Can we just move onto walking? Crawling is gross. Everything within eye level is in the mouth.

Just chewing on my toes. Waiting on my flight.

But chewing on my toes is totally cool, mom.

One area that he’s excelling in is teeth – he has four teeth with more on the way. The bottom two teeth were a piece of cake. The top two teeth were a bitch.


Teething makes him sad. And clingy.

Teething is pretty much the worst. But everyone knows that right? It’s too bad we need them to eat.


What’s funny is that while he’s adding teeth — B is losing his. Ahhh… the circle of teeth.

As for sleep… well, he’s in his crib and wakes up about once a night. Of course, the nights he doesn’t wake up — I STILL wake up. So that’s fun.

Butts up.

I know I have to put an end to the wakeups at some point – but I don’t mind it at the moment. I feel like I hardly get to snuggle with him these days, and his 10 minute feeding in the middle of the night makes up for it a little bit. Also, I’m a sucker.


Who can resist this face?

As far as health goes – I’d say he’s a pretty healthy kid. We’re had a few colds this “winter” but nothing crazy. He’s had some random stomach and constipation issues (I got to use a Q-tip for something I NEVER thought I would last month. Yay.)  - and when he gets congested it seems to turn into a mild croup cough (it’s happened twice now). He also has mild eczema that we remedy with a little coconut oil/aquaphor mix (put the coconut oil on first and then seal it with some Aquaphor so that the oil isn’t staining everyhing). It’s amazing how effective that mixture is!

As for me…

What can I say that I haven’t in months past? I’m still breastfeeding/pumping — and therefore down about 10-15lbs from my normal weight. I am doing my best to enjoy this calorie burn for 3 more months — because once I wean from the pump, I know the weight will return (a very healthy weight — that I am COMPLETELY happy with, ftr).

Truthfully, I still have my ups and downs. My biggest challenge is postpartum anxiety. I don’t experience it daily, but every now and then it creeps in. I’ll start stressing out about the most mundane things (and when E was sick— forget it) and drive everyone crazy with my thoughts and concerns. Sleeping helps – as does running. I really need to do more of both.


I also need to get my HOME in order again. I feel like I’ve gotten back to “normal” in stages. First, it was work. Then it was working out, and now I’m in the stage where I need to focus on keep my house in order again. The most annoying thing? LAUNDRY. OMG, we have so much of it!!

Oh, and maybe I’ll actually go on a date with my husband again soon? I keep saying this is going to happen. Can somebody clone us so we have time??

So, in a nutshell – E is still happy, life is still crazy, and he’s now been here longer than he was “in there.”

Up close and personal.

And we couldn’t be happier!

Next up… planning his 1st birthday. So….does anyone want to plan it for me? :)


  1. Melissa says

    I do not want to plan a birthday party, but I do want to come and babysit so you guys can go on a date. Too bad it’s just a teensy bit far for a day trip.

    Keep up the good work, Mama! Your kiddos are all obviously happy and loved. XO

    • says

      Coconut oil is SO great! I didn’t discover until about a year ago when I was dealing with some skin issues with L – but it’s AMAZING!

      I still feel like we were just hanging out waiting for our babies to arrive. I can’t believe we are approaching a year. Why does it have to go by so fast??

  2. says

    Oh, Baby E! That smile! Those lashes! He’s a doll! You both are beautiful! And he seems to have the sweetest siblings – I bet they adore him.

    & postpartum anxiety? Is that a real thing? Because if it is, I’m 99% sure I have it. Seriously, the anxiety since having Atlas is unreal sometimes…over silly things!
    Ashley@CupcakesnCrunches recently posted..Atlas Eats Real Food

    • says

      He does have the cutest lashes. Why do boys always have the best eyes?? And yes, the kids love him. They can be fighting about the stupidest stuff — and his laughter can get them to stop. I love it.

      Yes postpartum anxiety is a real thing! Like depression – there’s a spectrum. I feel lucky that I don’t have it ALL the time. When it hits, it makes me feel CRAZY. It’s slowly tapering off, but I’m still breastfeeding – so there’s still some postpartum hormones swimming around in there.

  3. says

    If I lived anywhere near you, I’d totally help you plan his party. I’m mildly obsessed with planning things. BUT I will make you invitations or anything like that. For real. I love Photoshop. I know how to use like almost half of the functions, so obviously I like to pretend I could do it for a living. ;)

    If you figure out how to get your home in order, let me know. HARDEST JOB EVER.
    Presley @ Run Pretty recently posted..Finance Friday: Free Budget Printables

    • says

      You need to set up an Etsy shop!! People will pay good money. I would pay good money!!

      I’m not saying my house is in order and perfect — BUT to keep yourself sane — designate certain areas for certain toys. For example – Legos are ONLY allowed in B’s room (and they are stored in a hug bin when they aren’t being played with), dolls are only allowed in L’s room, and books are only allowed to be in the books shelf. If they aren’t there – they need to be PUT there (obviously, my kids are older and can be told to do this). I started doing this a year or so ago and it helps SO MUCH.

  4. Trisha says

    9 months?? Wow! Time really flies! He is definitely cuter everyday! I’d love to party plan for you :). You know how we love a good birthday extravaganza! Stinks that we’re far away :(. I’m so with you on the teeth…seems like we lose one around here way too often. It’s totally Brian’s responsibility to deal with the wiggly ones, gross! What about Little Miss L’s birthday? We need to get together!!!! Miss you all :)

    • says

      I seriously cannot believe it’s already been 9 months!! I might email you for 1st birthday party ideas. This is so up your alley!

      I think we are going to do L’s birthday at a jump place in town. Can’t believe my crazy girl is going to be 5. Can you???

      We do need to get together soon. The kids talk about the girls ALL THE TIME. We’ll have to pick a weekend and make the trip!

  5. Julie says

    Happy 9 Months E!!! Cannot believe how fast the time has gone. That picture of you two with the teething caption is precious. :)

    • says

      These last 9 months have just gone by in the blink of an eye!! Happy 9 months to N as well. She is so freaking adorable!! Hope sleep has gotten easier for you guys like it (sometimes) has for us :)

  6. says

    I was totally fine with the night feeding with Nia too because it honestly took less than 5 mins and I enjoyed the middle of the night snuggles, too! I need to get my life organized I feel like that’s where I’m at right now. It’s more so just needing to find a routine. And, I hate teething. It sucks. It’s pretty much birth control in itself for me…might be forever haha.
    char eats greens recently posted..munchkin meals: the tortures of teething

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