Save Some For The Fish, Dude

I don’t normally post about Evan’s “firsts” like this, but, well, this first is memorable. It’s not necessarily memorable in a good way, but if he is traumatized when he gets older… we know why.

It started out innocently enough. We made an impromptu visit to my dad’s place on Sunday. A few of my cousins were down for Spring Break (oh, college kids – they’re so cute) and did I mention that my dad lives at the beach? A beach that is rarely inhabited?


Yeah, it doesn’t suck.

In any case, we’ve visited my dad plenty since E was born – but we had yet to take him down to the beach/into the ocean and figured this would be as good a time as any.

First we introduced him to sand.




Surprisingly, he didn’t eat it. Or even attempt to eat it. He was just happy about touching it.

Then, our grand idea was to gradually introduce him to waves. We wanted to sit him at the foot of the ocean and let a wave gently roll over him. Except the first wave didn’t make it to him.


So we decided to move him up.

You know where this is going, right?

Yeah. A huge wave came out of nowhere and basically bowled him over.


Geez. Save some for the fish, dude.

I somehow managed to snap this picture WHILE I was screaming. Like seriously screaming at the top of my lungs. Thankfully, Dan was right behind him and scooped him up as fast as possible (the rip tide is FIERCE – we don’t play around here).

My littlest guy was not impressed, obviously – although he calmed down after I wrapped him up.


Pretty sure he was thinking…W.T.F.

We later tried to dip his feet in the ocean, but surprisingly, he was NOT having it.

Earlier, a wave tried to eat him. He is traumatized. #winningatparenting

It actually took a lot of effort to get him into the pool, and then later, the bath.


Thankfully, everyone else managed to have fun and it was the perfect beach day.


Let's go fly a kite...



As you can imagine, the mom guilt level is high. I’m all for letting my kids learn through experiences, but this was definitely not the “first wave” experience I was imagining. At the same time, how can you NOT laugh at this? I mean… that picture. It’s priceless.

Thankfully, E has bounced back quickly.


We’re back in the bathing business (good thing since it’s his 2nd favorite activity of the day — after eating) and we’ll try the beach again. Someday.


    • says

      Maybe! I can only hope it helps him, lol. I even didn’t realize I got the picture until a little while later (I thought I just had the one of him crying). Poor kid.

    • says

      Yeah – I think the salt water to the face (and lungs – lol) did him in! Poor kid. I’m sure he will forget all about it and no doubt he will LOVE the beach as he gets older. Hopefully the second attempt is more successful!

    • says

      That look he gave us after the wave really sealed in the mom guilt! I’m thankful he won’t really remember. Until I show him the picture. Lol.

  1. says

    You certainly had nothing to be guilty for, that wave surprised 4 adults within feet of Evan. The ocean is a strange and wonderful but yet deadly beast. Cindy you and Adam are welcome any time, I am so sorry if I never invited you before.
    GREAT PHOTO Michelle! I cannot believe you “caught” that one! I was just saying to your Dad last night how laid back you have become since you have 3 children. When B was a baby, you took out the diaper changing pad and laid it down on the floor…with Evan the other night, you just plopped him down, whipped off his diaper, changed him all without a wince….

    THANK YOU and Dan for bringing them to the beach, we love having you all over!

    • says

      Thanks for having us!!

      Yeah, the guilt will go away until I do something else dumb :) And I don’t know if having 3 kids has made me laid back as much as just more accepting of the things I have no control over. Like changing a diaper on the floor because the changing pad was at home. Lol. But, hey – if it comes across as a good thing, I’ll take it!!

  2. says

    That picture!! I’m dying. That totally needs to go on some kind of parenting fail website. And I mean that affectionately, I’m sure you’re a very good mom when you’re not trying to drown your babies in the ocean. <3
    Marie recently posted..slow is my friend (25 weeks)

    • says

      Wait – you mean I’m not winning at parenting?? Ha ha. Seriously, every time I look at that picture I crack up. Poor guy. Especially because he was looking so cute, sweet, and innocent before it happened.

  3. Melissa says

    I really love that you took a picture even though you were screaming. That is totes something I would do. Well done, my friend. Well done.

    And Livie in the sunglasses throwing the peace sign?!? I die.

    • says

      This just proves I am REALLY good at multi-tasking!

      And yeah, Livie. She is something. My cousins taught her how to do that. I told them I’m going to be shipping her to them in about 10 years.

  4. says

    I feel so bad laughing at poor little Evan, but that picture!! I’m dying! I agree with Marie above – that needs to go on some parenting fail website….now that everyone is recovered and he’s (hopefully) not traumatized for life, of course.
    Lauren recently posted..Thoughts on Returning to Work

  5. says

    When I was a little kid, probably your daughter’s age, I was TERRIFIED of the ocean. My parents have pictures of me sitting on the beach in California, on family vacation, just screaming my guts out while they were in the ocean playing. I don’t know why. Sounds like E has bounced back pretty quick from his experience though. The picture is SO cute of the waves coming over him, I feel kind of bad laughing, but it’s just cute!
    Ara recently posted..Manic Monday

  6. says I feel bad for saying that but really, it took talent to snap that picture! Poor E, I know B has had some sketchy falls just being in the tub so I totally get it! He’ll just lean forward and face plant before I can snag him! We can’t all be perfect at this parenting thing! They’re boys, we have to toughen them up somehow. :)
    Carissa recently posted..First Giveaway

  7. says

    Okay okay, it’s not at all funny, buuuut that picture still makes me chuckle. Sorry E! Ha. Don’t sweat it mama; he’ll be just fine. I’m glad the fam had fun. Bring me next time!!
    Tiff recently posted..On a Roll

    • says

      Come on down :) The picture is soooo funny and even funnier when it’s not your kid. Lol. I have really enjoy the expressions people give when I show it to them though — like they try to muffle the laugh. It’s impossible!

  8. says

    That picture!! You could submit that to Ellen & I bet she would put that on her show! It’s hilarious & a great shot…but holy cow, I bet you were flipping out!! So glad he was okay & back in the pool by the end of the day. He seems like the happiest little guy.

    And I had a mom fail last week – I sat Atlas up in his crib & he fell over before I could catch him & bonked his face. I felt terrible, but I take great comfort in knowing he won’t remember that incident. Ha
    Ashley@CupcakesnCrunches recently posted..My Running Coach

    • says

      He is seriously the happiest little guy – and yeah, I was definitely flipping out!

      Lol to Atlas’ fall. He probably thought it was fun! E’s newest game is sitting up and then crashing down. Silly boy.

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