Base Building

Well, it’s official. I’m registered for the Chicago Marathon!!


I guess I need to start working on my fundraising, huh? I’m hoping to do a BIG giveaway. I’m working on it — so stay tuned. In the meantime, if feel compelled to donate my fundraising cause, check out my page.


I haven’t made any progress on picking a training plan since, I last posted about training — so I’m doing great there too, with the exception of having 4-5 running coaches that I need to get in touch with. Lol. I have moved from the “pre-planning planing phase” into the “planning phase” aka — I’m working on building my base.

“Since you’re already running half marathons, don’t you already have a base?” <–asked by my imaginary friends

Wellll, not exactly.

I’ve found that after running continuously for a few years, that for the last 6 months I’ve been able to get away with running 10-15 miles a week (sometimes less) – and still successfully race. I don’t necessary think this is the BEST strategy, although I do think pairing it with crossing-training/strength training HAS helped me avoid injury and get back into postpartum shape. However, there’s no way I can just jump into marathon training this summer keeping up this schedule. Especially because I DON’T plan on doing a 20-week marathon training schedule. Because I was so burned out last time, I’m aiming for 14 weeks.

So my plan? From now until the first weekend in July (when training officially will kick off!), I want to slowly build my mileage until I’m running between 20-25 miles per week. I’m now averaging about 10-15 miles and I’m not going to lie, I’m STRUGGLING to get in those miles (stupid time change).

I kicked off my pre-training training by running 10 miles today.

Let the base building begin! #chimarathon

It was probably the easiest run I’ve done in months. There was no pressure to race. There was little wind and while it was a little humid, I went early enough that it didn’t matter. This is shocking, but I barely even looked at my Garmin! I really needed a run like that to clear my thoughts, reset my brain, and just love the long run. It’s a great way to start off because in about 5 months from now I’m going to need a reminder on why I LOVE the long run.

Now that I’ve kicked it off, the biggest challenge will be sticking with it. Hitting at least 20 miles a week means at least 3 days of running… which I have not been doing, because… excuses. So my first hurdle is getting out there and logging those miles.

Basically, I need to do this…


The next hurdle will be actually enjoying those miles AND keeping up with my strength training. I’d like to squeeze in two strength workouts a week, but is that too much?

The third challenge will actually be training for this marathon. Running a 10-miler by myself on Sunday morning? No big deal. Full-blown training while working, taking care of three kids, and trying (key word) to maintain a clean house AND my sanity? Yeah, that’s a different story.


I’ll report back…

Do you build a base or just jump right in? Be honest, do you think I’m insane? I can do this, right? Let the running rambling begin!!


  1. says

    If you’re insane, I’m even MORE insane. I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon because my boyfriend & I have custody of his 2 kids & so now I don’t have as much time as I used to. With that being said, I signed up for a half Ironman distance race in early Sept & 4 weeks later I’m doing my third full marathon.

    I think building a base is a good thing. I think it lessens the chance of injury & helps your body realize exactly what you’re doing. I’m sure you’ll do great! Keep up the great work.
    Ara recently posted..Freddie Is Ready

    • says

      Lol, we might be in the same insane place in October! At the same time, dealing with kids and all — it’s a great way to destress and disconnect from their drama. I would probably be more insane without it! Good luck with your training :)

  2. says

    Whoop! Good luck!
    I don’t do a base, I just jump right in. Which is probably why one thing or another is always injured. ;)
    Emily recently posted..I

  3. says

    Exciting! Good luck with training. Maybe the long runs will be appreciated baby-free/stress-free/chaos-free quiet time for mommy. That’s how I’ve been viewing my runs lately… though I top out at about 4 miles. ha. Marathoner I am certainly not! :)
    Tiff @ Love Sweat & Beers recently posted..I Registered

    • says

      Hey — you’ve gotta start somewhere!! I was in your shoes not long ago. Four miles felt SO FAR. And yes, I will enjoy those child-free miles. I know that some people appreciate and have the patience to run with their kids, but that is not me.

    • says

      Yes, we can do it! The biggest challenge I found with my first marathon was finding the energy to be “mom” after an 18-22 miler! And making myself go to bed early. I’m horrible about doing that.

  4. says

    Best of luck in your training! You are totally NOT insane…well maybe a little;-) All runners are!
    But you have so got this!
    Also, awesome choice in charity. Know that your racing for a great, needed cause.
    Amanda recently posted..Sunday Snaps

  5. Melissa says

    All runners are insane–it’s just a given. So let go of that part. The thing about running a marathon (I think) is that we like adversity. We like to look at something that seems insurmountable and show ourselves and the world that we CAN do it. I have no doubt you’ll kill it!

  6. says

    You’re AWESOME!!! After running my first Half in Dec. & my second in Jan. & running 3 times a week with a long run on the weekend my foot started bothering me. Started back this week with a little 3 miler. Great to be back but bummed that I know I’m a long way away from 13.
    Traci Blanchard recently posted..Pee Wee sings Billie Jean

    • says

      Yay for starting up again! It’s hard to get back into it, isn’t it? I struggled a lot this summer (I started up again in June) and it didn’t click for me until November (nor was I really consistent until then either. You’ll get there again!

  7. Stephanie Vanos says

    I’m so excited for you! Chicago is the best city in the world and I can’t imagine a better place for a first marathon. Good luck, Friend!

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