On The Night You Were Born {2}

On the night you were born,
the moon shone with such wonder
that the stars peeked in
to see you
and the night wind whispered,
‘Life will never be the same.’

Because there had never been
anyone like you…
ever in the world.”

~Nancy Tillman

5 years ago, I couldn’t have told you what my baby looked like. Well, except for smooshy. And soft. With a good set of lungs. And that she took her sweet time to arrive. Obviously, she wanted to make a grand entrance.


I couldn’t have guessed her personality, her hair color, her eye color, what her voice sounded like, or how she would write her name.


Olivia Caroline 3.26.2009 8lbs, 12oz, 21 inches



5 years ago I didn’t understand what it would be like to be a mother of two. Or how different it would (eventually) be raising a girl.



Five years I knew it was more than just the endless amounts of love. Than what kind of bedding, diapering, feeding, and sleeping decisions I was going to make. So much more. But I didn’t know this baby or how she would impact our lives.


I didn’t know my heart could grow. I didn’t understand how I would, and could, love another little person. I didn’t realize that having a second baby, while familiar, is still different and would still change the way I saw the world.


Five years ago – today – I was blessed with a little firecracker, who has grown into the smartest, most beautiful, loving, and determined little girl.

What a difference a year makes!!

With light brown hair, green eyes, a smile that lights up the room — and has longest lashes in the world.

Those lashes...

She is sassy and witty – and already too cool.



She's such a nut.

She loves to sing, dance, and entertain – and the furthest thing from shy that you have ever met.


She loves books, dolls, Legos, coloring, princesses, puzzles, running, and most of all… her brothers.

michellemat (29 of 63)



She is stubborn. So incredibly stubborn and strong willed. She proved to us that all babies are different and from the minute she came home, she’s had her own voice and done things HER WAY.

She says she wants to be like me when she grows up, and I take that as the biggest compliment in life. Even if she changes her mind in a few years.

Being a mom a second time isn’t THAT different – except there’s more of everything and less surprises. It’s still better than I anticipated and I still have NO idea what I am doing.

Five is still a really big deal. There are now opinions and fashion choices. She can write her name and sentences, do simple math, and is learning how to read. She’s a little person, instead of a baby. It’s hard to believe.

This is apparently not my daughter, but my pet baby tiger. At least she's a baby tiger who can rock some boots.

It’s hard to squeeze five life changing years into one post, but I can only hope the next five years are equally life changing, in the most wonderful ways.


It's class/cap & gown picture day and her smile is ready! I really can't believe she's going to be 5 next week.

Happy Birthday to my sweet and sassy Olivia! Shakespeare was describing YOU when he wrote “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

Sometimes I think "Where did she come from??" #luluturns5

May you carry this trait with you now and always. Along with a little piece of my heart.


  1. Amanda says

    Having just had my first baby (a girl) four months ago and being unable to imagine another human as much, I needed to hear this. Thanks for the lovely cry this morning.

    • says

      It’s SO hard to imagine, I know, but there is always room for another. It’s amazing how much your heart can grow. And you are very welcome. Ha ha.

    • says

      I cry every time I read it — it’s one MY favorites! I mean to read it to L today too, but we had a late night and now she’s passed out. Oops.

    • says

      Thanks!! I get a little sappy on birthdays. And yeah – we have almost 3 years between B & L — and 4+ years between L & E. I don’t think I could have handled them closer together.

  2. Cindy says

    Great sentiment and a fabulous quote at the end. But I suspect when she hits 13 she’ll never again be called little. Beautiful girl!

  3. says

    I’ll never EVER forget when I was visiting you guys right after Evan was born and I was still pregnant — you told Livie that I was going to have a baby soon too & she kind of shrugged her shoulders and smiled, saying “oh”. Then, probably 30 minutes later Ryan and I were sitting on the couch (he was holding Evan, I think) and Livie walked over, kissed my belly, rubbed it a little and laid her head on it for a few seconds. Showed me not only how spunky and outgoing she is (since I was basically a stranger that she had met only once before), but also just how sweet and loving and kind she is. Seriously, I’ll never forget that.
    Theresa recently posted..Maybe

  4. says

    Tearing up a bit now…seriously, a lovely post. Your children are all beautiful and I love how you allow us, your readers, to get to know them a little through your descriptions of their personalities. I will probably never have children but I absolutely love to hear other parents, especially moms, talk about their kids. The love that they feel for another human is just something you can’t put into words but I can always feel it when they are talking about their children :) I absolutely love the photo of Olivia in her swim suit and swim cap. She’s a doll!

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