Why I’m Running for RMHC

I have a post written about stuff going on lately, but after a less than stellar night of sleep (three guesses on why) and having all kinds of internal rage this morning about stupid, meaningless things –  I didn’t feel like posting something that sounded so chipper and upbeat. I then considered raging on here – because, who doesn’t love a good rage?

Instead, I decided to get sucked into watching videos from the charity I am running for in October. It started with this one… and it made me SO excited to run for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) in Chicago.

Then,YouTube sucked me in. I started watching videos about the families. I also started reading about them.

I pulled out the tissues.

I had a good cry.

And I gave myself a reality check and stopped feeling sorry for myself.

The reason I picked this charity is because what it does for families. 7 millions children and families. Yes, 7 MILLION.

In a time of crisis, this charity is there, ready and willing to help in any way they can. They provide shelter, food, and comfort to families when they need it most – without charge. Can we all agree that the last thing you ever need to worry about when you are dealing with a severe illness or prolonged hospital stay is where you’re going to sleep and what you’re going to eat?

The Ronald McDonald houses become homes. The strangers who work there and other who are living there  become family. They help people – kids and adults together – realize that they are NEVER alone and there is always a shoulder to cry on and person to vent to (and with).

I can only pray that we will never have to be a RMHC family, but I will do all that I can to  raise money for this amazing organization.

So, if you too are having a first world problems kind of Monday – check out these families. Considering their circumstances, they are so full of hope and determination – and gratefulness and love.


It’s organizations like this that assure me there really are GOOD people out there. This is really such a fantastic charity. If you look up the  stats, you can see that 90% of the money donated goes towards intended programs and it is highly ranked for both accountability and transparency. That was also VERY important to me. I didn’t want to raise money for an organization if it was going to end up in someone else’s pockets.

And if you feel so inspired, considering donating to RMHC. Whether it’s through my campaign, somebody else’s campaign, or direct, I don’t really care. It’s all about the kids, man. OR you too could run Chicago!! 26.2 miles is NOTHING compared to what these families have, are, and will continue to go through.

Are you with me on the Crappy Monday Train? Have you ever considered running for charity??

PS – If you wanted to feel good about buying McDonald’s Happy Meals - restaurants donate a penny from every Happy Meal and Mighty Kids Meal purchase to support RMHC programs and services. Yes, it’ just a penny, and yes it’s McDonald’s, but it can still help you rationalize it.


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    I’ve been on the “crappy weekend train” and it just kinda rolled on through Monday too. I need to stop with my first world problems too. Ugh. It’s tough some days. I’ve never ran for charity. I don’t know a whole lot of people that would donate to a charity & with already having the stress of training for a race, I don’t want to add a whole other stress on top of it, ya know? I guess that’s another first world problem. (sigh). Lol.
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    Really love this my friend. My niece was born with a severe heart defect and had to spend five months in the hospital (a hospital that was three hours away from where my sister lived) and undergo multiple open heart surgeries. The RMHC was a true God send for my sister and family. They provided in so many ways and helped ease the financial burden so that my family could concentrate more of our energy on getting my niece well.
    I give you major props for running for such an amazing cause. I am cheering you on!

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      I can only hope that your sister had a happy resolution and thank you for sharing your niece’s story. I’m definitely running for her and millions of kids/babies like her!

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    I’m always too selfish to run for charities. But I do donate when I can. Primarily by buying Happy Meals. Okay, I honestly didn’t know McDonalds contributed from Happy Meals to the Ronald McDonald house, that’s pretty cool. Thanks for the post, it’s a good way to clear the head from first world problems, as they say!
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      I won’t lie – I am a bit overwhelmed about raising money, but I know I can do it and it really is SO fulfilling! And I had no idea about the Happy Meals either – that actually made me feel better about buying them :)

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