It’s been a year had the craziest night of my life. A year since I told my husband to run red lights and possibly scared the shit out of him. A year since I screamed at nurses and prayed (or maybe silently cursed) over and over again that the Dr. would arrive. Good times!

Yes, it seems implausible that a year can go by THAT QUICKLY, but it’s been a year since we welcomed the easiest going kid into our family.

Yes, my littlest lovebug…

I really can't imagine having a smaller baby. He looks so tiny to me.

This big ‘ol bundle of sweetness and joy…


is now one.

AND He has already eaten A LOT of cake (with more to come!)



This #4Rivers cupcake didn't stand a chance! #eisone

Like a pro.

I think a part of me sobbed a little on Monday, but the other half was overjoyed. I mean, I get to stop pumping – how can I be sad?

E is quickly becoming an independent little guy – with OPINIONS and a slight temper (I KNOW — SHOCKING!!).

Don’t worry though – boyfriend KNOWS he is cute and that he can get away with anything… for now.

Flirty McEyelashes

Who says no to those eyelashes?

And really, independence can be a good thing. And did I mention not having to pump at work (I’m weaning right now)?

I’ll have a full update at some point (maybe sometime before his next birthday) — it just felt remiss to not post about the big day. I AM more excepting of his oneness than I thought. I guess that’s how you know the baby factory is OFFICIALLY closed. Or you know, you feel fulfilled. (and/or excited about possibly sleeping again soon?)

My three little loves. Just a little different from last year. ❤️

A year ago a posted a similar picture with the tag – “Life is good.”  And you know what? Life IS good – even if it’s a little bit fuller. A little more hectic. And Zzzzzzzz.

Happy, Happy Birthday to my littlest man — we rocked that first year together!


  1. says

    I am not a blog reader but I always read yours, not because you are my “step-daughter” but because I enjoy reading them. This one is no exception, you write and even without the pictures, I see.

    I love your children, I told Katherine she did not have to hurry and have children as I already have my grandchildren.

    Evan is as you say an easy baby, being the oldest of 7, babysitting numerous children, and being an aunt and mother, I feel I can honestly say this.

    How can you not love that sweet, smiling little man? I mean REALLY?

    I also am very happy to be a part of your family and watch your children grow up.

    You and Dan have been wonderful parents and I know that is not an easy task, especially with three.

    Happy 1st Birthday Evan, see you all on Sunday!

    Love, Wanda
    Wanda recently posted..Home Page

    • says

      Aww this made me a little teary! You know my kids love you too and while they call you “Wanda” they definitely consider you a grandmother :) Thanks for your support this past year – it’s been QUITE a year for both of us. Looking forward to Sunday <3

  2. Denise G. says

    It must have been kismet that I found your blog as you were nearing the end of your pregnancy, because I got pregnant with my boy right around when you had E!

    And now that he’s already over 3 months, I understand how time can just fly by. I know to savor each moment with him (my first of hopefully a couple kiddos) and he’s passed out on me at this moment.

    I think I can identify with you as not only a runner, but as a working momma.

    P.S. I think its awesome you kept up the pumping that long- I’ve been back at work for 3 days and it’s already a lot to keep up with. Gives me hope I’ll make it a bit longer.

    • says

      It goes by so fast — and faster with each one of them! It blows my mind that my oldest will be 8 in July. I swear I just brought him home from the hospital!

      And pumping really is a huge pain, but I have always found it worth it. That said – if it’s not working and your supply just completely drops/you aren’t producing enough – don’t stress yourself out. Being a working mom is hard enough! If you have any questions or just need a little support – please feel free to email me!

      And did I tell you congrats on your little man? If not – congrats!

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