Marathon Complaining/Rambling

Oh man. I am so not prepared for marathon training this summer. Or well, summer in general.


Why do I live in Florida again?

I’ve been pretty consistent about doing 8-12 mile long runs for the past two months, and hitting between 20-25 miles a week, so it’s not about the miles. It’s about the damn humidity.

Could tonight have been more beautiful? #nope #orlando #nofilter #seenonmyrun

Awwww, so pretty. Looks are deceiving.

For example, I woke up relatively early on Sunday. I was out of my 10-miler around 7am, and about a mile into it the negative thoughts came pouring into my brain. Just one right after another – as the humidity sucked out all of my energy. Seriously, ALL OF IT. I really wanted to quit. I really wanted to run faster. I hated seeing my pace and knowing that I wasn’t going to be making it home anytime soon. Instead of listening to my inner voice, I just kept going.  And somehow, I finished.

I never sweat. This humidity made me sweat like a beast. You're welcome.

You can’t tell I’m sweating in this picture, but I think this is the most I’ve ever sweat in my life. 

But seriously. Why did I sign up to run not one, but TWO fall marathons?? WHHHHHYYYYYYY?

How am I going to survive 16, 18, and 20+ miles in weather like this? (and yes, I will wake up earlier to get it done, but the humidity? Regardless of the sun, it will still be there) I am, obviously, a glutton for punishment.

So in other words, “Let the marathon complaining begin!!”

I AM creeping closer to finalizing a training plan. I’m just a tiny bit worried that it’s not realistic.


Can you even read this?

I had to rearrange some of my long runs due to a few social events (where I will be drinking a lot of alcohol), so there are a few weeks in there that look crazy.

I’m also seriously considering making that Thursday “Crosstrain” a Yoga class. Not that I’ve ever been to yoga, nor do I know it there is an actual class close to me, but as I was stretching last night I realized that this is now me….


And even then, it’s painful. We’ll see if I actually follow through with this though. In theory it sounds like a good idea. I think I need someone to force me to go with them (anyone looking for a Thursday night yoga buddy?).

And finally, I leave you with this…


This moment last all of 10 seconds. So glad I captured it. <3 <3 <3

Do you sweat like a beast? Yoga – yes or no?


  1. Christina says

    I am horribly inflexible, but I like yoga. I’m not sure where in town you live, but I like Orlando Power Yoga. It’s on South Street near Bumby.

    Good luck training! I always forget how hot it gets until the heat and humidity come back around.

    • says

      That’s far for me (I’m on the east side of town), but I’ve heard great things about OPY! I will definitely have to try a class this summer.

      And agreed about how hot it gets! We get SO spoiled in Feb-May, I guess I can’t complain. I would rather have heat any time over snow!

    • says

      Yeah – I’ve tried doing DVDs, but I suck at doing them by myself! I need someone to tell me I’m doing it correctly and that extra motivation to keep going.

  2. H says

    YES to yoga!! I’ve been going weekly up here and I love it. That is the most I’ve seen you sweat ;). Keep up the good work training. I know you will do great during the marathons!

  3. says

    No complaining yet! Oh wait, I’ll probably complain too but don’t know about what but I know I will. Hang in there! Stay focus and be positive. We can do this. Let’s hold each other accountable for getting out there and completing our runs.

    I’ve done Bikram yoga. It is a love and hate relationship. I love how it makes me feel but hate that it is so freakin hot. I have five more visits to my current studio and then will look into another one in which the room isn’t so hot.
    Zenaida Arroyo recently posted..Three Things Thursday, May 29, 2014

    • says

      Yes – let’s hold each other accountable! I have the hardest time getting up on Sunday for my long runs. I really wish I could do them on Saturdays – but I can’t with Dan’s schedule. BOOOO! We’ll make it happen though.

      I don’t know if I can handle HOT running and HOT yoga. I need to do something though!

  4. says

    Yes and yes! I sweat like a beast (sadly, all year long) and absolutely loved doing regular yoga. I just don’t do nearly enough of either these days. Running is nonexistent again…it’s been over 3 weeks now since I last ran…and I stopped taking weekly yoga classes years ago. I do the occasional at-home class though. The Yoga Studio app is pretty good, but nothing bears a real class!
    Theresa recently posted..Twenty

    • says

      Now I just need to find the confidence to go to a yoga class!

      And thank you! I ended up ordering it as a canvas to hang above the bed in our room.

  5. says

    I am just getting used to running in the heat, and not to rub it in, but am so glad it isn’t humid here as well! I think that is one of the biggest things I miss about living in SF, the absolutely perfect running weather…

    And perhaps we will be complaining together about this marathon training! Need to decide soon. Like really soon.
    Jane recently posted..Picking Up.

    • says

      I am soooo excited that you are running Chicago. We will keep each other in check. We will party hard when we are DONE!

      SF is so freaking beautiful — actually that whole area. I AM retiring in Sonoma.

  6. Melissa says

    I got a free podcast from that’s for bedtime yoga or nighttime yoga or something like that and I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Plus, it only takes 20 minutes before bed, and it makes me sleep like a baby. Since I’m not there, we can do virtual yoga together!

    I think your plan looks good! And I really appreciate that you rearranged your long runs around your boozing. Way to have your game face on.

    <3 that pic of the kiddos.

    • says

      OK – once I get into take a class or two (and I have some idea of what I am doing) I will try the podcast. Sleeping like a baby sounds amazing. Unless that baby is my baby and he wakes up 4 times a night. Maybe E needs to listen to the podcast?

      I will not be giving up the boozing until September at the earliest!

  7. says

    Oh yes, I definitely sweat. Like, a lot. Unlike yoga. I definitely don’t do that a lot. I keep saying I’m going to work on it because I know it’s really good for me, but I slack.
    Good luck with training!

    • says

      Thank you! Too bad you aren’t in Orlando — We could motivate each other to go. Or we would say we are going and then go drink wine. :)

    • says

      Yes – that’s my story too! When I can get up at 5am :) It’s hard, but always worth it. It does make me appreciate our “winters” though!

  8. says

    I hear you on the sweating. Training might suck, but it will be worth it on race day. Chicago should definitely be cooler, so you will feel super fast.

    I feel so much better when I am doing yoga regularly. Everything zen yoga on Woodbury is nice. I love Full Circle in Winter Park, but it is a pain in the butt to get to.
    Heather recently posted..10 Months with Baby E

    • says

      I’ve heard good things about Full Circle too – but yeah, it’s just too hard to get to!!

      I am definitely excited about the Chicago weather – hopefully it will be cool this year (a couple of years ago it was in the 80s!).

  9. says

    Oh lord! I cannot even IMAGINE training in Florida year round. I don’t think I could deal with the heat. I would probably either become an awesome treadmill runner, become nocturnal, or stop running. Haha. So much power to you!

    The running episode of Big Bang is one of my favorites. Oh Sheldon! I might need to watch that one tonight.

    I’m seriously so excited for you to run the Chicago Marathon. It is such a great run! I’m living vicariously through my friends that are doing it this year. :)
    Kelly @ Running Kellometers recently posted..Two Rivers Meet 5k – Race Recap

    • says

      I actually have started running at night because E is just not cooperating and it’s not TOO bad. Although, I DO think you need to come down here and run a race. Maybe in the “winter” when it’s not so hot :)

      I’m sooooo excited about Chicago!!! I just booked our flights today so it’s REALLY happening. Eek!

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