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It’s June – which means it the most expensive time of year (for me) and the busiest. Looking at my calendar for the next few weeks makes me both excited and exhausted. While we kept things super low key last year thanks to the addition of E, we have no choice but embrace the crazy this year!

First up is this little lady.


We have a whole double whammy thing going on with her this weekend – not only is she graduating from PreK (O.M.G. how is that possible?), but it’s also her dance recital. L is a little performer through and through and she is so freaking excited about taking the stage.

Oh, and if you follow me on Instagram you already know that her dress attire for her graduation is black and white business casual.

Umm.. What is considered business casual for a 5-year old?

Umm, what?

We got some clarification what that meant (I think L is a little too young to shop at Banana Republic/LOFT) and ended up buying her a super cute (and sparkly) black and white dress. I’m not sure WHY she needs to wear black and white business casual apparel, but there’s bound to be a reason. RIGHT?

It’s also the end of the school year for B this week, to which I just want to shout THANK GOD!


Maybe I’ll go into it in more detail someday on here, but this year has been particularly challenging. It’s never easy to receive feedback on your child’s limitations and that has been the theme of this school year. I continue to be perplexed by this whole parenting business and I can truly say that 2nd grade both amazed and humbled me. I am seriously amazed at what my kid has learned, but so frustrated with what I thought was just “boy behavior.” I’m almost terrified of what 3rd grade will bring. I’m glad I get a little break though. Bring on summer, no homework, and camp wearing the heck out of my kids.

Speaking of questionable parenting, I attended an advanced screening of Maleficient last week and I brought B along. I figured that at almost 8, he wouldn’t be scared – and I was right. Now, I definitely could not have brought L (she was terrified at parts of Frozen if that gives you perspective). That said, I really didn’t expect it to be SO VIOLENT. I personally didn’t LOVE the movie, though I did think Angelina Jolie was AMAZING and perfect for the role (they really missed the boat on so many of the other characters though). One thing I DID learn, is how to pronounce Maleficient. Man, that was not an easy word for me to learn.

In other non-running, but kind of running related news, I booked our flights to Chicago today (PS – Southwest is having a big sale right now)!! We’re actually staying an extra day because it saves us money (weird, right?). Next up is planning trips to the zoo/aquarium/museums and meet ups. I AM SO EXCITED!! I am going to remember this excitement every time I have to wake up at 5am for a training run.

In running related news – I JUST remembered I’m running a half marathon on Sunday. This should be interesting.

Oh – and speaking of races. I am HORRIBLE at the internet. Let me explain — a few weeks ago I tried to get Jimmy Fallon tickets (did you hear he’s going to be in Orlando in two weeks?). I spent ALL FREAKING DAY stalking the site (while multitasking, of course). I was updating people when they were going to have tickets and I let people know when the tickets were available. And I managed to get ZERO tickets (while my coworker got them without a problem). Then this last Sunday it was the registration for Best Damn Race Orlando (where you have the change to register for $1, $5, $15, etc). I was READY to go – I even went to the early church service (with a slight hangover, if we’re being honest) and put E down for a nap to ensure I would be able to get the best price possible. I clicked refreshed probably 100 (000) times —- and despite all of the effort — I was #55 and ended up paying $35 for the race (which is $20 better than last year but COME ON!!!). So lesson learned — don’t ask me to win any kind of internet contest for you.

And finally… this picture just cracks me up.


Are you in there mommy?

Could this post BE more random?


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    Those pictures are great! And E’s hair looks SO red! Totally cute!
    I definitely don’t get the black and white business casual for L’s graduation. My college graduation wasn’t even that specific. We just had to wear “appropriate clothing”…which basically meant something other than cargo shorts and Phish t-shirts.
    Theresa recently posted..Twenty

    • says

      Thanks – about once a year I bust out the fanci camera! Ha. And yes, E’s hair looks really red in the sun/natural light – but brown and blonde inside. He is my little chameleon.

      Yeah B didn’t even have a dress code and that was 3 years ago! Lol. The dress I bought her is SO CUTE though (and it was only $12) so I guess I can’t complain.

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      It gets easier and harder all at once! Easier because they are used to the routine, but man, parenting is not for the weak. Why can’t they just stay babies??

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    That’s a lot of planning for Chicago! I was just thinking of planning a dinner with my brother and winging the rest of it. Maybe that’s not a good idea?

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    Ha. Bring on the random. My brain doesn’t work in straight lines anymore. I don’t know why kids need business casual either, but I’m sure they’ll look darling either way. Speaking of which, yours are all adorable!
    Tiff recently posted..Functional Fit Friday!

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