Hooked On A Feeling {Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Review}

Alternative Post Title: The Time My 8-Year Learned How To Use Inappropriate Words, Appropriately

Last week I was invited to see a preview screening of Guardians of the Galaxy.


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This movie has been on my radar for a while because B is SUPER into comics and he was given a GOTG Comic last year at the screening of Iron Man. He read that thing until it fell apart and it has been SO excited about seeing it play out in the theater. We watched all of the trailers together and he gave me the back story to every single one of the characters.

Let it be said that my expectations going into this thing were low. I mean, a talking raccoon and a tree? Really? I do love Chris Pratt, but… A TALKING RACCOON AND A TREE?


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I’m going to get a little ahead of myself here and say that I was 100% WRONG about the talking raccoon and tree — and in the meantime, I fell in love with this little ($175 million dollar) movie.

I found the set up a little more complex than other Marvel movies — and since a large part of movie is about how the Guardians get together I won’t go into it. All you really need to know is that it’s about a band of misfits, in space, who are on a mission – of sorts. Sound like a few other movies you know?? While I’ve seen it compared to Star Wars (and Avengers), I feel like there’s more of a Firefly/Serenity vibe. Also, while it’s Marvel and it DOES tie to The Avengers storyline, this is free-standing movie that has nothing to do with any of the other Marvel movies out there.

So, let’s get to that whole talking animal tree thing… Is it just me, or did the commercials/trailers make them seem lame and like a distraction?? Maybe they didn’t want to ruin it, but I actually thought Rocket and Groot (and their relationship) got some of the best laughs and emotional moments. No, really. I completely attribute this to Bradley Cooper doing some stellar voice work, as well as being easily amused by a tree that only says three words.


As for the others — I thought Zoe Saldana did a fantastic job as Gamora. She doesn’t put up with any BS (yay – more strong female characters) and her fight scenes are legit. Dave Bautista surprised me as Drax. I mean, he’s a WWE wrestler and he pulled off a performance I didn’t expect. Lee Pace (the main dude from Pushing Daisies) plays Ronan (aka – the big bad) and I have to say I didn’t even REALIZE it was Lee Pace until after I got home – mostly because he’s in blue makeup, but also because he is so sinister.

© Marvel 2014

© Marvel 2014

Why so blue?

The real star of this show though is without a doubt Chris Pratt as Star Lord/Peter Quill.


 Hello ladies…

I might have had a soft spot for Chris since his days on Everwood (watch it… cry…laugh….fall in love with Bright Abbott) and of course he’s one of my favorite parts about Parks and Rec — but this movie is his show and he is FANTASTIC to watch. I’m actually a little mad that now I’m going to have to share him with the WORLD (and I suppose galaxy).

Another aspect of the movie that I loved (and don’t typically pay attention to) was the soundtrack. A big plot point in the movie is Peter’s 1980’s Walkman and mixed tape from his mom – and they did a great job of streamlining it in. Ever thought you’d watch a prison-break scene to the tune of the Piña Colada Song? Yeah, me either.

As far as B’s review… Yeah, he loved it. Was it a little violent? Sure. But no more violent than Star Wars or the Avengers. Were there several jokes that went over his head? Yep. I will warn you that he learned a few new choice words that were not previously in his vocabulary.


And that’s not the worst of it…

This movie had more profanity in it than the last four Marvel movies combined (I defend my parenting choices here by saying that we did talk about how their is a time and a place for profanity — and at this age, it’s never). There was also a scene in the beginning of the movie that made him (and me) a little sad – regarding Peter’s mom. So parents, be prepared for a few questions.

I did think there are a few weird quirky parts that I just couldn’t get into (I found all of the “Collector” scenes bizarre – perhaps I am not a big enough Marvel fangirl?), but overall it was a highly enjoyable 2-hour summer movie.

So bottom line — Get really to cheer on a bunch of oddballs for movies to come. And Chris Pratt? Welcome to “Top 5 List.”


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    I think FF finally gave into the good hype and we’ll probably see it this weekend. I’m looking forward to some Chris Pratt abs!

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