Switching Shoes {A Continuation of the Mizuno Saucony Shoe Story Saga}

So, a while ago I bought and RAVED ABOUT Mizuno Wave Rider 17s.


I loved them. I PR’d in them. They were my jam. They made my feet happy!

1:54:14 (unofficial) #bestdamnpr @bestdamnrace

And then I started marathon training.





Not only was I running more, A LOT more, I was running more in higher temps. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that in Florida, in the middle of the summer, that shit gets HOT and it tends to destroy things.

This did not make my shoes happy.

Or my feet.

And, especially, my knees.


My shoes seemed to start wearing early (with less than under 150 miles). I thought, “eh, I’m sure this is normal.”

I kept running. I kept increasing my mileage.

A few weeks ago I reached a weird breaking point and I started wondering why the runs after my 20-miler felt hard. At first, I chalked it up to training just feeling tough because I was adding more mileage and feeling tired. Except, I actually took a cut week, so that didn’t make sense. Then my knees started hurting. And my feet — oh my poor feet were KILLING me. I would just wake up in the middle of the night with them aching.

Then I remembered to check out the outer soles of my shoes.


A-ha! Parts of my heel and toe were missing – and there was a lot of mid-section wear as well.

I was sad.

dean crying

Then I calculated my mileage (I started wearing my shoes at the end of May — I had JUST hit the 2-month mark and maybe 250, if that). W.T.F???

Maybe I’m spoiled, but I’ve never burned through shoes THAT fast before. I felt like I had been cheated, especially because I really LIKED the shoes. The kicker — I didn’t even RACE in those shoes.

So, I did what every person would do when they are angry at a brand for reducing the quality of their product… I found another one.


Meet my new shoes — Saucony Ride 7s.


I did a lot of research on these things. I needed shoes that could carry me through the next 100+ miles of training and 26.2 miles on October 12th (OMG, THE MARATHON IS IN 6 WEEKS).

My verdict, so far, is that they run a little shorter than the Wave Riders – so I have to half-size up. BUT, I don’t feel like an old lady after I run. In fact I had one of my best long runs in MONTHS last weekend.


They are the weirdest shoes in the best way possible – if that makes any sense. They are cushy, but not too cushy. They are light (around 8.5-9oz), but feel substantial. The outer sole is solid and from all of the 90878291 reviews I read – really hold up. I wear custom orthotics, so I can’t talk about the inner sole – but the one time I ran in them without my inserts, they were comfy and didn’t bother my ankle.

I’m hopeful. Which is a good thing since I just ordered another pair that will (if all goes well) be my Chicago Marathon Shoes, next month.


Imagine these shoes with a TON of names written on them. Can’t wait!

TL;DR version… the running shoe love story saga continues because companies keep changing designs and quality. Or they just like to piss me off and keep things interesting (verdict is still out).

Will I switch back to Mizunos when I’m running half marathons?? Will I try Brooks again? Will Saucony become MY SHOE? Only time will tell.

Shoe love/hate… Which brand has disappointed you the most?? Which brand did you not expect to love/wear?


  1. Lisa says

    I am definitely a brand hopper. My feet overpronate pretty badly so I’ve tried almost all the “special (I.e ugly!) sneakers of all the brands, Saucony, a Mizuno phase and currently on Brooks. My Sauconys were my favorites until I got a miserable blister and knee pain training for a half, I’m on my 3rd pair of Brooks Adrenalines since then and have to say I’ve been quite happy!!

    I hope the Sauconys work out for you!

      • says

        I’m too afraid to try Brooks again because that’s what tore up my ankle the last time I marathon trained. Mizunos were great to my ankles, but not to my knees. Hopefully Saucony can cure all… for now.

        I’m not a fan of Asics either. I used to wear them, but now they just feel so clunky to me.

        It does suck when you have “special” feet. My orthotics definitely help, but I still have to be cautious. Oh, and my stupid bunion on my right foot does not help (the toebox in the Rides is nice and wide — and I’m loving it!).

  2. says

    I’m a Saucony girl all the way! I have the ride 6, soon to order the ride 7. I switched to the guide when I was pregnant and loved those too. This is the longest I’ve been married to a brand :)

  3. Jim says

    Hi long legs send Mizuno an e-mail and tell them about your shoes they may send you a new pair i did it with a pair of Altra shoes and they sent me a new pair they said they were defective GOOD LUCK

      • Jim says

        Michelle no stay away from Altra they will kill your feet i have Mizunos now but the old style mizunos are better be carefull thanks

  4. Jessie says

    I was introduced to Saucony back in high school when I was having shin splint/stress fracture/bursitis issues, but I didn’t run for 25 years and I’ll totally admit that when I started running I went into DSW and bought the most expensive running shoes they had. I wanted to love Asics because everyone raved about them, but they didn’t feel good on my wider foot. I bought Nike twice and the 3rd time I bought Saucony Rides. I loved, loved, loved them. They didn’t have them the next time I went to DSW so good a leap and bought them at Runners Warehouse and just bought my 3rd pair. Since i am having issues with plantar fascitis but buying new shoes does tend to help (after about 150 miles I’ve been finding I need to change), but I know at some point I need to make it into a running store and have myself analyzed. But for now I am loving my Rides…and so much happier with the new color. The red wine colored ones I had earlier this summer, I hated the look :)

  5. says

    I had to switch back to Asics from Mizuno’s too — I put maybe 150 miles on my Wave Inspire 10’s and they were causing lots of knee issues for me. My Asics are definitely heavier and more clunky, but the extra cushioning makes my knees happy.

  6. Melissa says

    I used to be all Adidas, but then I got all injured and started trying some new shoes. I loved my Newtons, but they felt a little too clunky for the marathon, so I wore a pair of New Balance for that, and I actually really liked those. Then I switched to Brooks PureFlows, and I loved those, but my second pair I love less. They’re a different color and a half size bigger (because marathon training means swollen feet, right?) and meh. They’re ok. I need to figure out what I’m doing for the marathon!!!

  7. says

    I’ve ran in Asics, Brooks, Newton, and Mizuno’s and have yet to find the perfect pair. I mean I like them all but then something goes wrong. Glad you found a pair now that works for you. On my last visit to Fleet Feet I tried on both a pair of Brooks and Saucony. The Brooks felt better (more cushion) but sometimes it hurts on the right side of my right foot. It could be that my feet on swollen at the end of the day. Who knows.
    Zenaida Arroyo recently posted..Disneyland Half Marathon

  8. says

    I tend to hop from brand myself–just go with whatever has good reviews and feels comfortable, etc.

    But a suggestion. Maybe you should try emailing or calling them? Since they wore out so fast there’s a good chance they might be helpful and replace them for you if they’re under the impression it will help them keep a loyal customer :)

  9. Stephanie Vanos says

    I have these same shoes and I love them for the reasons you’ve mentioned. I liked Brooks but developed knee pain while wearing those. And we all know it’s the shoe not the training that causes our injuries, aches and pains:)

    • says

      I swear Brooks killed my ankles! I really liked the shoes, but they did NOT like me. I’ve heard great things about the Saucony’s laster longer too (well, longer than the Mizunos at least!). Wearing the wrong shoe can definitely mess you up. It DEFINITELY never has anything to do with the training :)

      • Stephanie Vanos says

        Tell me more about your ankle pain. I’ve been dealing with this terrible pain on the inside of my ankle that ultimately moves to the outer edges of my heel and sometimes straight up to my big toe. It’s not plantar, it’s not the bones but somewhere in between my achilles, ankle and heel. So annoying and it won’t go away. I even took 5 whole days off of running!!

        • says

          Mine was on the outside of my ankle – running right behind that outer bone up through my calf. My sister-in-law is a podiatrist and diagnosed me with peroneal tendonitis. I have high arches and a bunion on my right foot – which causes me to supinate and roll my feet outward. It’s pretty awesome. She gave me custom orthotics and they have helped SO MUCH. It still aches after long runs, but nothing like before.

          Maybe your pain is related to your flexor hallicus longus? That tendon seems to run from your calf to your big toe. Definitely worth getting it checked out by a professional if it’s really bothering you (I would refer you to my SIL, but she moved to Tampa). I learned that trying to tough it out did nothing to help my ankle.

  10. Kristen says

    I have been through the exact same three shoe brands. Started with the Mizuno’s, then went to Brooks. About a year ago I was fitted for Saucony’s and love them. My Brooks shoes now seem so heavy compared to the Saucony. Glad you found a pair that work for you.

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