Five for Friday – Things Not to Say to an Overdue Pregnant Woman {Revisted}

Two years ago, I wrote this post



At the time, my coworker was very, very pregnant and I felt for her. To update, she ended up delivering her son a week late, after being induced (IS THIS CONTAGIOUS?? I only have a handful of friends who have gone into labor on their own).

This post is still fitting today, but I figured I would add five more tips to the list since I am experiencing them, once again. Please people, don’t say these things to your overdue friends.

1. Still no baby?

People have asked me this question to my face. Seriously. I don’t know if this is just an automatic response or if they don’t really mean to ask it in question form, but I promise you I didn’t have the baby and then put it back up there again. You can clearly see that I am still pregnant.

2. When will you have the baby?

Since I do have an induction date I can answer this with, “Hopefully no later than next Wednesday!”, but dude, your guess is as good as mine. I’m not a baby birth predictor and if it was REALLY up to me, I would have had this kid already.

3. Go into labor!

My Dr. has said this to me at the end of every appointment for the last 3 weeks. At first it was like, “OK – ha ha! I will!” and this week I just gave him the stare down. I think I scared him a little. Because it’s JUST THAT EASY.

4. You STILL don’t know what you’re having?

I actually find this question kind of funny, but I’ve heard it so often now it also makes me a little ragey. Nope, we opted not to find out and since the baby is still inside of me, we still don’t know.

5. You look like you’re carrying so high! That baby is never going to drop!

I know it looks like I am carrying the baby ridiculously high, but I promise you I am not. I have really long legs (I have a 35 inch inseam), a VERY short torso, and my hips are just really high. I actually feel like I look silly — like I am a walking belly — but the baby is not (and has never been) high.


Telling me this though makes me feel like there is something wrong with how the baby is positioned. And even know I KNOW it’s not true, a small part of me gets paranoid. Also, only first babies are known to “drop” early. My hips and pelvis are totally ready to give birth… if only the hormones would kick in!

So, now I have given you 10 nuggets of information regarding overdue pregnant women… and I guess what it boils down to this: don’t talk to us. OK, not really. You CAN talk to us — even ABOUT the pregnancy (I mean, it IS all we are thinking about), but try to make sure they aren’t dumb or obvious questions/statements. Better yet, tell us a joke or a funny story that gets our mind off the fact that there is a very small human sitting on our bladder and smushing our internal organs. I promise, I won’t even yell at you if you make me pee my pants.

Five for Friday

1. My first ever giveaway is closed and I’m excited to announce the winners!


Thanks to everyone who entered! I hope you all will still sign up for bootcamp (remember today is the last day before the price increase!).

All winners have been contacted via the email address you provided. Please let me know if you did not receive anything from me! Looking forward to bootcamping with all of you :)

2. It’s been a weird week. I’ve been crazy busy at work and I feel like I’ve barely seen my kids! In fact, L got spend her birthday as an only child (Surprisingly, I don’t think she was a fan).


B spent 2 nights with my dad and on Wednesday went to a Spring Training Baseball games(Nationals vs. Braves).


They sat by the bull pin and one of the pitching coaches for the Nationals gave him a ball. He was psyched!

They weren’t really rooting for anyone (born and raise Red Sox fan right here!) but the Nationals won. B also got to witness his first foul ball incident – the ball bounced off something and hit a teenager in the nose (breaking his nose). Apparently it was not pretty. Dan actually caught the ball after it hit the kid. Don’t worry, he gave the ball to the kid.

3. Last night both kids spent the night with my mother-in-law and Dan and I went on a REAL DATE.


It was impromptu, but we went to Seito in Baldwin Park.  There was a massive amount of sushi involved. (FYI – My favorite roll in the world is at Seito — the Torchamaki: Spicy crawfish, asparagus, cajun mayo, wrapped in whitefish and set ablaze with a torch…drool.). Ahhh – so good. For the record, I did eat ONE spicy tuna roll… everything else was cooked. We ordered WAAAAY too much as you can see from the picture (but it was an awesome lunch today!).

It was sooooo bizarre getting up for work today without having to worry about the kids. I’m pretty sure we were both up and out of the house in under 45 minutes. I got to work at 8:15!!!

4. My yard has mulch!!


Yes, it still needs a few more bags…

Do you know the last time my yard had mulch? Umm… neither do I, it’s been that long. And I’m NOT 100% sure why we didn’t mulch it sooner.

Here’s the thing — my HOA covers lawn care (THANK GOD) and they used to mulch our yard once a year. Then the neighborhood switched from the builders running the HOA to the homeowners running the HOA (as it should be). When this happened things went a little nuts. They added speed bumps. They made new rules and they added a gate guard. They still pay for lawn care – but the the mulch is out. Truthfully, I think they would rather just give us mulch. We’re lazy like that.

5. I was going to save these links for tomorrow’s post but they are just too good not to share now.

First up is Kara’s post on Twitter etiquette  Please read this if you are on Twitter. I know I’m guilty of doing some of these things, but I understand her rage.


Second is Lindsey’s post on blogging. Even if you aren’t a blogger, you might appreciate it because she (nicely) points out a lot what I see happening in the blog world. I love reading blogs, but when you go from being personal and sharing your life to constantly doing giveaways and sponsored posts I just want to delete you from my reader. Plus it’s a great reminder for us bloggers to be ourselves.



And with that… I’m out. I have a very uneventful Easter weekend ahead of me. Minus a trip to the gym, we have zero activities planned (everything was cancelled due to Spring Break/Easter). Maybe I’ll even relax a little? Yeah right.

Five for Friday: Things I Miss About Running

Oh hey, remember when I used to do this every Friday? It’s been a while!

Since I whined about how maybe I’m not really a runner anymore (but believe me, I know I still am!), let me tell you about the things I miss about running…because damn… I really do miss it.

1. The long run – Yes, I know that I might be considered certifiable by some, but the long run is definitely my favorite kind of run. The mornings are early (like 3am early), but there is just something about the long run that gets me out of bed. I miss logging 14-16-18 miles. I miss the conversational pace. I can’t wait to do that again!

2. The people – Of course, I miss this girl the most (even though I do get to see her every now and then!), but this spring my running group lead moved to Las Vegas and it just hasn’t been the same! I know he is enjoying Las Vegas, but I am selfish. I need to find new people to run with.

3. The races – Hands down the best part of running is racing. The night before jitters, the morning of jitters, the people, the inspiration, the medals, the post-race beer. I miss them all.

4. The food – When I’m running — my appetite is INSANE. Now, I still eat a lot (my friends can vouch for this), but I definitely can’t eat as much as I used to – and yes, this a bad thing. I love, love, love food. And I want to eat lots of it while I can and without major consequence.

5. The challenge – I can spin, I can strength train, I can Zumba (ok, I’ll probably won’t ever do that) — but nothing challenges me and gets my hear rate higher MORE than running. Nothing feels more natural either. It’s such an interesting balance – and a balance that I miss.

So now I’m ready to run a marathon again — who’s in? (kidding…not ready, YET)

Do you run? What do love about it? If not, what do you miss?

Five for Friday: Revenge

Holiday weeks throw me off a bit. They always feel like they are so much longer than they really are. I could have sworn that yesterday was Friday. All day I thought – thank goodness tomorrow is the weeke…DAMN it’s only Thursday. Well, FINALLY it IS Friday. Not a moment too soon.

So one of my biggest guilty pleasures right now is Revenge. The drama, the clothes (seriously – who ever styles this show does an amazing job), the pretty people. THE REVENGE.


I admit, I’m a sucker for a slow reveal. I love TV shows that take their sweet time rolling out the plot and then punch you in the gut with their twists and turns. The revenge IS the best part of the show though. It’s not even the superficial kind of revenge. It’s the well thought out, imploding from the inside out kind.

Of course, watching the show has made me think about the things I want revenge on – oh, and there are a few…

1. My hair in middle/high school.


WTF is going on here people? (we’ll take about the clothes later) Remember this was pre-flat iron. Thank goodness for that little invention. (I’m pretty sure these pictures were also pre-braces. Thank goodness for those things)

2. Cancer.


Sorry to get all serious here – but cancer is a BEAST I want serious revenge on it. It’s taken too many people I know and many people I’ve never met. I know I’m not alone, but it can make you feel so alone.

3. The fast food I ate (and ate, and ate) in high school.


(In case I need to clarify – not me) (source)

Perhaps I needed to go through this phase to understand the importance of healthy eating and healthy living. Mostly I’m just annoyed I didn’t enjoy it MORE – is that weird? I don’t enjoy fast food at all now. The closest I get to it is a salad from Chik-fil-a or a burrito from Chipotle (owned by Mickey D’s). It just repulses me and makes me feel sick, which I am kinda thankful for.

4. Clomid and Femara.


These are drugs I took when I was trying to get pregnant (before B & L). They gave me hot flashes, mood swings, horrible acne — and didn’t work. I did get a sneak peek into menopause. Lord help us all.

5. Kate Middleton


Bitch. (OK not really, I love her — Prince William went up a few notches with that one. Yay for brunettes!)

What/who do you want revenge on? Do you watch Revenge??

Five For Friday: Great Moments of 2011

Woo-hoo — it’s the last Friday of 2011! One more run, one more day of work, and one last night Friday night before 2012.

While I don’t do resolutions, I do like to review my accomplishments of the past year and build on them. I have to admit 2011 was pretty GREAT year and I achieved more than I ever thought I could. It might be pretty hard to top!

Here are my top moments in 2011…

1. I ran a Marathon. I know you guys have probably forgotten ALL about this – but I obviously haven’t. I’m pretty sure I retain the rights to brag about the marathon for at least a year, right?

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 8.37.46 PM

As of right now, I don’t plan on running another marathon until 2013. It’s weird that I just don’t have the drive or desire? I DO want to break 4:30 though. Someday.

2. I ran a sub 2:00 Half Marathon –  Accomplishing this goal felt AMAZING and makes me want to run faster and faster. I’m hoping for a repeat performance in 2012. I just need to keep pushing myself!


3. My “baby” graduated from Pre-K and started Kindergarten – These events were both exciting and tearful. It’s amazing how fast 5 years of your life can just fly by! Let the school days begin.


4. Lots of travel happened. I flew to Dallas, DC, Boston, and Las Vegas. I also visited St. Pete, Tampa, Sarasota/Bradenton, and Savannah. Next year there’s even MORE travel including Vegas (yes, again) and Sonoma Valley for my brothers weddings. I’m also hoping to hit the lotto to fund these trips :) Or perhaps someone wants to sponsor me?


5. I met fantastic people. I started a new job, I met people through the blog, and I joined a running group.I’ve really stepped out of my comfort zone this year and I have to say it was SO MUCH FUN.


2011 was a fantastic year — 2012 has some TOUGH competition!

What are some of YOUR favorite moments? Do you set resolutions/goals?