Five for Friday: Halloween

In honor of Halloween on Monday – here are some of my favorite costumes over the years…

1. Geisha Girl & Mullet Boy


Seriously – check out this mullet

Mullet Man

2. Buzz and my Ballerina = <3


3. White Trash Girl vs other Super Heroes (including He-Man)




4. Angel vs. Devil

No, I wasn’t pregnant – but yes, Jackie was (pregnant angels are awesome!)


5. Woody & the Fairy

I really don’t think I could have gotten a better picture of these two…



What was your favorite costume? I really enjoyed being White Trash Girl. Or maybe I just really enjoyed that party :)

Happy Friday!!!

Five for Friday: {Random} Things on My Mind

Happy Friday!

This week has flown by entirely too fast. I admit, I’m somewhat in a funk today. Too much going on, paired with not enough sleep OR exercise makes me cranky. Due to this, today you get the top five (random) things on my mind.

1. Damn these jeans are tight.

Don’t you hate it when the washing machine takes the stretch out of your jeans that you worked so hard to create? If it weren’t for small hands (not mind – mine are huge), a clumsy owner (that would be moi), and the whole “sometimes you have to wipe your hands on your pants” (don’t pretend you don’t do it!) thing I might NEVER wash my jeans. But alas, I did and they are making me regret it.


{Why is she kneeling on the bed??}

2. So excited about Disney on Ice tonight!

L is calling this her Princess party. What’s funny about this is that she’s not even into princesses. She would rather play with her babies, blocks, or steal B’s toys. Princesses — eh. And she doesn’t watch movies. She’s too busy. She has a Tinkerbell costume on loan from a friend that I COULD dress her up in tonight, but should I? Do I want to force the Princess thing on her?

 Truthfully, I don’t really have anything against the “Princess” phenomena. I think Disney has an amazing marketing team and they’ve given girls something to fantasize about. Nothing wrong with that – as long as they know it’s just fantasy! And since I’m already rambling – you MUST watch this video. If you love Honey Badger – you will love this

3. Mmmmm… It’s Gelati Friday

My coworkers and I have started a tradition. Jeremiah’s Gelati Friday. Jeremiah's Need I say more?

 4. Sunflower Butter is awesome AND it doesn’t make my mouth itchy or my face break out. Win!

I’ve been having a secret love affair with Sunflower Butter behind Paula’s back for a while now, but I’ve been eating this with breakfast for the past week and it makes me so happy! If you haven’t tried it already – you should. It’s just as good as peanut butter in my opinion (almond butter, you do nothing for me – SORRY). Plus, it’s NOT a nut.


5. Women are bitches.

Thankfully not the ones I know, but there are some seriously crazy and bitchy women out there and I don’t get it. What power does it give them? Does it make people feel good?

I’m not going to stay I’m not snarky. That I don’t judge. That I don’t gossip – because, yeah I do. But keep it in your pants ladies (and men for that matter). No need to make a public spectacle out of it! Jealousy breeds hate. Let’s set a role model for the younger generations to come and stop being bitches, shall we?

On that note — Happy Friday!

Hope your weekend is drama and bitch free (Not likely if you are my husband – ha ha).

Five for Friday: September Happenings

Heeeeellllllooo September and Happy Friday!

September is going to be an INSANE month. I am basically taking as many deep breaths as I can right now because things are about to go FULL throttle.

Here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to this month:

1. NASA Tweetup – I don’t think I announced this – but I was picked to take part in the NASA Tweetup for the GRAIL lauch next Thursday!! I totally signed up on a whim thanks to Katy and I was picked! I confess, I’m a little nervous because there seems to be so many smart people going – but I love NASA, I love Twitter, and I’ve never seen anything launch (except from my house – which is really pretty darn close).

2. CFL Lady Blogger Meetup – I can’t wait to see these girls again!!


3. 20 miles – Take 2

Be prepared for more carb loading, ice baths, and mimosas the weekend of Sept 17th. This time 20 miles IS going to happen!


4. Miserable Miracle Miles

Let race season begin!! My first race is the Miracle Miles 15k in Downtown Orlando. I am NOT looking forward to running in the heat – but I am looking forward to the racing :)

5. Just Dance II REMATCH


It’s ON Trisha — you better watch out :)

Runner up: Disney on Ice with Jackie !!!We’re taking our girls – can’t wait!

What are you looking forward this month? Happy 3-day weekend!!

Five for Friday: Random Thoughts

Happy Friday!!!

Today you get random thoughts from Michelle…You’re welcome.

1. How do you pronounce aspartame?


{I *think* it’s the latter}

2. These are some of my favorite {newish to me} bloggers right now….

Some of these are well established, some of these are on the new side — they all keep me reading :)

3. Since when did throwing a shower for a 2nd baby become so common?

4. Do people really text their names to things like “Love Match”? If so – WHY?

5. How does Klout determine your score??? Why does mine keep going up and down? Why does Klout say I am influential about glasses??

Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 9.55.01 PM

Aren’t you glad I wasted 20 seconds of your life today??

What are you random thoughts?

Five for Friday: O-Town

While it was good to be away and I love MA with every fiber of my being, Orlando is my home and it’s where my heart is.

I didn’t always love Orlando. I was bitter for a long time about leaving. I hated living here throughout middle school and high school. I left as fast as I could, and went as far as I could without looking back. I rarely came back to visit while in undergrad.

It took going to college and living in Tallahassee for 7 years for me to fall in love. To realize what I was missing and what I never say before. When I moved back in 2004 I realized that Orlando WASN’T lame – it was pretty awesome — and here are the top 5 things I LOVE about MY city.

1. I will NEVER run out of things to do. (and those are just the touristy thing!) And people are ALWAYS willing to visit!

There are theme parks. There are regular parks. There are festivals. There are museums and gardens. There are food trucks. There are conventions. Orlando is the furthest thing you will ever get from boring.

2. Orlando truly IS the city beautiful, especially when you’re running around in it. It is green and lush almost every single month of the year. There are 104 (named) lakes and it’s a very clean city.


3. While the weather may suck in August & September  (and sometimes in October when it hits 102)– the mild winters make it worth it. Sometimes I could do without it being 80 degrees on Christmas Day – until I watch the news and see everyone freezing their asses off. I’ll take the heat, thank you very much!

4.  Orlando is big. We cover a lot of area — and include a lot of surround cities under the definition of Orlando – including Winter Park, Kissimmee (I’d love to hear guesses on how you guys pronounce this), Lake Mary, Altamonte, Longwood, and Windermere. There are areas of this city I’ve NEVER BEEN TO. Some I don’t want to go to, but most I definitely want to explore.

5. My family, my friends, and a lot of awesome bloggers live here! Orlando is generally a very friendly city. We are open minded, have big hearts, and always looking to make a new friend.

I truly believe that HOME is where YOU make it, but if I was going to choose ANYWHERE to live? It would be Orlando (and maybe somewhere in North Carolina, if everyone else moved with me). Good thing I’m already here!

What do you love about YOUR city?