Blogs I’m Reading Lately + Airheads USA Giveaway

I haven’t been posting much lately, not from a lack of content, of course. No, it’s Murphy’s Law. When I want to write, I don’t have the TIME. Hence this very random post. On one hand I wanted to share with you my “reading list”… on the other hand, I have a giveaway. What to do? Oh, umm combine them. You’re welcome. Maybe?

One thing I have been doing lately, besides working (yes, I’ve actually been productive lately!), spending a lot of time with my crazies, and loving on this little guy…


Is read blogs, posts, articles… the whole internet, actually.

It’s pretty amazing how many blogs you can read in 15 minutes 3-4 times a day. I’ve actually added a bunch to my reader list! I’m always looking for more though – so here’s a list of my favorites and new additions.

Old Favorites

New(ish) (to me)

Send me to your blog if I don’t have you listed!! If you haven’t noticed, I love to read :)

On a completely different note – I was contacted by Airheads USA a few weeks ago about hosting a giveaway. My love of bouncing and any activity that burns an enormous amount of energy (for me AND more importantly my kids) made me say YES! immediately.

What is Airheads USA?

It’s a kickass entertainment center where you can jump, sweat, and play. <–check out their website!

Why do you care? Well, if you live in Orlando, Tampa, or St. Pete I have 2 Unlimited Fun Passes (good for a month of jumping) to give away.


Check out the Rafflecopter and comment below :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends on Wednesday!

Things I’m Loving Lately

First things first…the winner of my giveaway is Kristen!

bestowedwinner1 BestowedWinner2

Yay Kristen!! I really want to try those Picky Bars. They sound amazing.

Look for an email from me (umm, sometime soon) with more info :)

So…I have to admit, things are pretty boring around here. While I have no problems getting out and about – IT’S EXHAUSTING. I’m still recovering from this weekend where we managed to go the Splash Park, Barnes & Noble, Davis Bakery for a family breakfast, a birthday party, and grocery shopping.

Hoping this wears them out! Where do they get all of their energy??


While the kids are at summer camp, Evan and I are sitting around recovering. He has had a case of the grumps for the past two days.


But, he’s still cute. And getting SO BIG!





Despite the relatively boring days (I mean how exciting it is sitting on the couch?) there are a few things that I’ve been loving on lately that I thought I would share. Bonus: none of them are baby related!


Obviously I’ve had a lot of computer time and therefore a lot of blog time. Here are a few new (to me) blogs that I’ve been reading regularly. I don’t always comment because typing with one hand gets old. Actually, some of these people have no idea that I read their blogs. Surprise! I stalk you.

Have any blog recommendations for me? Check out my list of other blogs I frequent HERE.


For a while now, Jackie Jovi has been trying to get me to watch Parks and Rec. Well, congratulations Jackie YOU WIN.

sharpest rings
I’m almost done with Season 2 and I don’t see any signs of stopping. I have to say I adore both Amy Pohler and Rashida Jones. And whoever does their makeup. They always look glowing and amazing. Can they come do mine?


Dan and I went shopping last Wednesday (he was thrilled to go to the mall on his day off) and I bought four of these shirts from Loft.


I was actually tempted to buy it in every single color available, but I restrained myself.  It’s perfect because I can wear it with anything, it shows off my newly acquired chest nicely (and not in a pornstar kinda way – though I could totally rock that look too right now) and it’s billowy enough to hide my postpartum pooch.

I did learn during this shopping trip, however, that I should not be allowed to talk to strangers. I’m pretty sure I told the saleswoman that I planned on “tasting the rainbow” (because I bought this shirt in so many bright colors) – obviously and that it’s a good thing I “couldn’t wear all of the shirts at once.” I’m a conversationalist.


I got to be a real adult last Friday night and got to celebrate this girl’s birthday!


Next time I might actually do my hair!

I might have only had one drink (which was amazing – I finally got to enjoy an Eola 101! I need to recreate this at home) and got home by 10:30, but it was good to get out and not think about anything baby related for a little while. I’m not 100% sure I formed coherent sentences or had a lot to offer to any conversations, but hey I was out.


I’m a little obsessed with the Sabra Garden Humus and carrots.


In fact, I might be eating it right now.

I have scary, scary dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep (don’t believe me? check out yesterday’s selfies.) and in effort not to scare people outside of my house I have been using this concealer under my eyes.

concealerstickIt’s probably NOT the best concealer out there, but it’s cheap and it does the job. You are welcome strangers.

I am not on the whole organic train (I love pesticides in my body) – but this bottle wine was 2 for $10 at Publix on Sunday — and who am I to pass up a deal like that?



For those who can’t read the tiny label that says Natura Cabernet Sauvignon.

I only bought two bottles because that’s all that was left. I totally need to stop by again soon to see if this deal is still going on because a) it was really good for cheap wine and b) I am all about stocking up, especially since I drink a glass and then pass out. I know it’s not going to be like that forever. I know I’ll be back to drinking an entire bottle in one sitting soon (I’d say I was kidding, but we all know I would be lying). I really should have sought out deals like this while I was pregnant – but I felt weird buying wine in bulk.

So yeah, it’s the little things that get me through the days (and nights!).

What are some of your favorite things? 

Giveaway Winner + BBB Feature

What up Tuesday!?!? So glad you are (almost) over because despite the burst of energy I got from working out today, as soon as sat down at work I just wanted to curl up in my bed (and my soft, soft sheets) and sleep. Of course, now that I’m home I’m wide awake.


As promised – here’s the winner of the PRO Compression socks….


Congrats Karen! Your wish is my command.


Please email me ( your address ASAP so that PRO Compression can send these out to you!

I have to admit, I was tempted to skip the Random Number Generator and just give the damn socks to this girl. It’s funny because it’s true.


In other exciting news – I am this week’s Best Body Bootcamp featured member of the week!


Check out Tina’s blog to read why I started doing BBB in the first place and the driving force behind my motivation.  Thanks, Tina, for featuring me!

And now I’m going to lay around and stay coherent for as long as possible. And maybe make an unhealthy snack. I’m not making any promises, but I’d REALLY like to stay awake for The Mindy Project. Confession: I love Morgan.

Move Monday: Workouts I Can’t Wait to Try!

Pssst… My PRO Compression giveaway ends tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to enter!

Absence really DOES make the heart grow fonder. Not just with people and places – but burpees, mountain climbers, and all of the weird workout moves I typically despise. Now that I can’t do them, it’s all I WANT to do. Of course.

What’s even more difficult is that I torture myself.  I am insane and love it when people post their workouts. I seek them out each week and pin the crap out of them. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing the same 5 workouts on Pinterest every time I search. There have to be more workouts out there right? (I admit, I’m just as guilty – I’ve pinned the 100 Workout just like 90000 others!). That said, here are 10 workouts I am REALLY looking forward to doing (once I am free and clear) in a few months.











(Yes, the last one is my own – I cannot wait to do Bootcamp workouts at my gym again!!)

I know there are tons of other workouts out there – so PLEASE share. What’s your favorite workout (can be your own or someone else’s, I’m not picky).  What’s your go-to workout?

Five for Friday

1. My first ever giveaway is closed and I’m excited to announce the winners!


Thanks to everyone who entered! I hope you all will still sign up for bootcamp (remember today is the last day before the price increase!).

All winners have been contacted via the email address you provided. Please let me know if you did not receive anything from me! Looking forward to bootcamping with all of you :)

2. It’s been a weird week. I’ve been crazy busy at work and I feel like I’ve barely seen my kids! In fact, L got spend her birthday as an only child (Surprisingly, I don’t think she was a fan).


B spent 2 nights with my dad and on Wednesday went to a Spring Training Baseball games(Nationals vs. Braves).


They sat by the bull pin and one of the pitching coaches for the Nationals gave him a ball. He was psyched!

They weren’t really rooting for anyone (born and raise Red Sox fan right here!) but the Nationals won. B also got to witness his first foul ball incident – the ball bounced off something and hit a teenager in the nose (breaking his nose). Apparently it was not pretty. Dan actually caught the ball after it hit the kid. Don’t worry, he gave the ball to the kid.

3. Last night both kids spent the night with my mother-in-law and Dan and I went on a REAL DATE.


It was impromptu, but we went to Seito in Baldwin Park.  There was a massive amount of sushi involved. (FYI – My favorite roll in the world is at Seito — the Torchamaki: Spicy crawfish, asparagus, cajun mayo, wrapped in whitefish and set ablaze with a torch…drool.). Ahhh – so good. For the record, I did eat ONE spicy tuna roll… everything else was cooked. We ordered WAAAAY too much as you can see from the picture (but it was an awesome lunch today!).

It was sooooo bizarre getting up for work today without having to worry about the kids. I’m pretty sure we were both up and out of the house in under 45 minutes. I got to work at 8:15!!!

4. My yard has mulch!!


Yes, it still needs a few more bags…

Do you know the last time my yard had mulch? Umm… neither do I, it’s been that long. And I’m NOT 100% sure why we didn’t mulch it sooner.

Here’s the thing — my HOA covers lawn care (THANK GOD) and they used to mulch our yard once a year. Then the neighborhood switched from the builders running the HOA to the homeowners running the HOA (as it should be). When this happened things went a little nuts. They added speed bumps. They made new rules and they added a gate guard. They still pay for lawn care – but the the mulch is out. Truthfully, I think they would rather just give us mulch. We’re lazy like that.

5. I was going to save these links for tomorrow’s post but they are just too good not to share now.

First up is Kara’s post on Twitter etiquette  Please read this if you are on Twitter. I know I’m guilty of doing some of these things, but I understand her rage.


Second is Lindsey’s post on blogging. Even if you aren’t a blogger, you might appreciate it because she (nicely) points out a lot what I see happening in the blog world. I love reading blogs, but when you go from being personal and sharing your life to constantly doing giveaways and sponsored posts I just want to delete you from my reader. Plus it’s a great reminder for us bloggers to be ourselves.



And with that… I’m out. I have a very uneventful Easter weekend ahead of me. Minus a trip to the gym, we have zero activities planned (everything was cancelled due to Spring Break/Easter). Maybe I’ll even relax a little? Yeah right.