Suck It Up, Buttercup 10K {Race Recap}

Oh hey there. Yes, it’s true… I’m still alive. Not only that, but I have my first official race recap of 2015 — because I love running again! I’ve actually been itching to post again about… something… anything… but I just haven’t had the time or energy or something. #excuses

So yeah… back to this race thing.

For the 8+ months I have been missing my racing buddy. She was injured. I hated running. Racing just sounded miserable. The races I did do were fun, but there were missing something. Really someone.



So, for her 29th birthday (it’s a big year!) I bought her the BEST GIFT EVER — a race registration. Not only that but a race register in the middle of the hottest summer we’ve had in YEARS. Oh, and did I mention there were actually hills? (I know, it’s amazing to hear that we actually have some here in Orlando that aren’t just overpasses) Sounds like a great comeback race if you ask me! I started this race weekend making very healthy choices. We went to a fantastic Imagine Dragons show on Friday night in Tampa.


Bedtime = 2am

I followed it up by going out for drinks and a showing of Magic Mike XXL with a bunch of my lady friends on Saturday night.

Bedtime = 12:30am Healthy choices guys. It’s a priority for me, obviously.

hodakathyleeanderson This means I slept maybe 8 hours in 2 days. I’m smart! So, it’s not surprising that I LITERALLY had to forced myself to get dressed and out the door to pick up Paula by 5am. Yay. Thankfully, race adrenaline kicked in (oh, and an iced coffee helped too!) and by the time we got to the race site, about 45 minutes away, I was wide awake.

We easily picked our bibs and t-shirts, dropped them off at the car, and then had plenty of time to use the porta potty (see Paula’s post for more on this) and mingle. I got there early so I could get into an East Orlando MRTT picture. I’ve only been running with them for a couple of months — but I already love them!

Paula and I also found our co-worker, Leah, who I might have talked into running this race.

We then stood around for a LOOOOONG time. The Race Director was MIA and apparently she needed to be there to kick this shindig off. We were supposed to start running at 6:30 – and it was closer to 7 when we started. But, I guess the good news is that it finally started and we were off.

And it was HOT. So, so hot and SOOOOO humid. It was like running in mud.

Suck it up, we did.

My only complaint (other than the late start) is that the 10k and the 5k started together and it was a cluster. The first mile was such a strugglefest – not just because of the hills (I secretly love hills — my legs can get some good traction!), but becuase of all of all of the bobbing and weaving. However, I kept pushing.

Around the 1st mile the 10K and the 5K split and things got a little easier. By easier, I mean there were less people. This course was still tough. I also managed to catch up with two of girls I run with during the week and chatted with them for a little bit (which I NEVER do during a race — who am I??) before an elastic on one of my braids snapped. EFFFFFFF! I suppose I could have continued on looking like a crazy person, but I was already really gross and sweaty and everything was sticking to me — so I pulled over and stopped (AGAIN — SOMETHING I NEVER DO). Thankfully, I was wearing a hat and I quickly pulled it up into the hat. I still probably lost about a minute. BUMMER.

Even though I lost my girls, I fought hard to keep them in my line of sight. I actually almost caught up to them, but we hit a loooooong incline between mile 4 and mile 5 and I slowed down a little. I was so happy to chase them though because I REALLY think I would have stopped to walk at least 8 times. They seriously kept me going.

After what felt like a million hills, I finally hit the decline towards the finish and all I could think about was how happy I was that this wasn’t a half marathon.


I finished in 1:02:26 and while that’s a far cry from my PR, I was happy. I am happy.


A happy person who looks like a toolbag with Paula’s sunglasses on.

I figured that I the humidity added at least a minute per mile to my pace (obvious statement: humidity is a BITCH) — and stopping to fix my damn didn’t help. I’m really just excited that I’m running and happily racing again. I also know that there are PRs to come. I was also excited to celebrate with some lovely running ladies.

That’s Paula’s favorite porta potty right behind us…

While we didn’t have beer (sad!) there was Dunkin Donut and munchkins (and unlike other races – they didn’t run out).

Overall, I really enjoyed this race. Summer races are hard to find here (for obvious reasons!) and I look forward to running this again next year — at an even faster pace.

My next race is still up in the air. I’m thinking about running the Stone Island 10K in August, because it can’t be any worse than the one I just ran! It will probably be just as humid, but at least it’s flat (and the 5K and 10K starts are at different times). After that I have the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon in October. Could it be a PR?? I’m not holding my breath. But next year?? It’s on.

Oh… and I also discovered that E still really likes medals.

Guess I need to keep running!

<3 <3 <3

I’m Alive! 2014 Space Coast Marathon Recap and Other Ramblings

Hey there – remember me?? I’m still alive! Barely. Life has been insane — between endless events, the holidays, and being busy beyond belief at work, blogging has obviously taken a backseat. I thought about quitting this blog about 20 times, but then realized that I missed it and here I am.

Let’s get this out of the way… I survived the Bad Idea Marathon. Obviously. It wasn’t easy and I wanted to quit about 800 times, but I got it done — and I’m SO HAPPY IT’S OVER!



Worth it.

I also surpassed my goal (which was officially “Don’t quit/die.”) and I also beat my 1st marathon time, which I have to admit surprises me immensely. It really just goes to show that my conditioning/training for Chicago was so much more effective than it was for Savannah.


Looks like someone else is happy I’m done.

I finished in 4:20:07. The most impressive (to me) part is that I ran/walked the last 5 miles because my heel hurt SO badly. Kinda makes me wonder what I COULD have done if I wasn’t haven’t plantar fasciitis issues. Damn heel.


Looking entirely too happy – bonking at mile 21.


Pretty much the view the entire time. Not horrible.

I would do a full recap of this marathon, but to be honest, I have mentally blocked the misery out of my mind. I will say that I enjoyed the first half much more than the second half and that I will never do Space Coast as a marathon again (I haven’t ruled out the half though!). I’ve also decided that I DO want to run more marathons, but one a year is sufficient. Half marathons are more my thing.

Also, I am incredibly proud of both of my running buddies – Paula and Tyler.


Paula was in the same boat as me — she just did NOT want to be running this race and kicked ass anyway.


At one point we lost Tyler and took selfies.

As for Tyler — he was aiming for sub-4, which I KNEW he could do as long as he didn’t go out too fast. Not only did he sub-4, but he came in 3:54!!


Tyler just loooooves this picture. 

I’m going to guess that he trained with someone even faster (not me!), that he would be able to many, many minutes off of that time. I’m not ready for him to quit me yet though. I have some serious spring half marathon PR goals and I need him to push me! #selfish

Oh, and another person I’m INCREDIBLY proud of? Victoria. She’s speedy.


As for what’s next — well, my heel is STILL bothering me, despite taking a month off from running. It’s definitely better than it was, but I need to get back into higher mileage (or any mileage) very slowly.

I AM running ZOOMA Florida (you should join me — use my code to save!) in January – probably the 12K (insta-PR!), and I have Best Damn Race Orlando February 28th where I have a major A+ goal — a 1:50 half. In order to hit that goal though I need my heel to be better AND I need to do some serious speedwork training. Ugh, I’m already dreading it. 

I have zero intentions run a marathon in 2015, BUT it’s still early. I could be talked into it. Maybe.

I do need to find some more half marathons to run in the next few months. Taking this month off of running has been great for my mojo, I definitely MISS it.

So here’s to 2015 – a year of running and other fun challenges, little injury (*fingers crossed*), and lots of fun. And maybe a little blogging.

Also… From my family to yours… Happy Holidays!


Tips for PRing Your Second Marathon After Your First One Sucked

When I added the Chicago Marathon to my “must run” list, a lot of people told me it was a PR race. My reaction was usually, “Sweet – who doesn’t love to PR?”

After my crappy Savannah experience and missing my goal time by 3 minutes, I knew I was out for revenge and WHY NOT make it Chicago?


I also knew I wanted to train differently. As I previously (and potentially stupidly) declared, I didn’t want to do speedwork. I’m not against speedwork, but I worried that my body just could not handle both speedwork and significantly increasing my mileage. It was a risk that I took. On top of that – shortened my training schedule and jumped RIGHT in to upping the mileage. This could have been an incredibly dumb decision.

BUT, that was my PR plan. Run more in a shorter period of time — and pray for nice weather.

Good thing it all worked out!

So what REALLY helped me? A few things, actually. Get ready for a list…

1. Enjoying my runs.

When I trained for Savannah, I remember hating my weekly runs. Now, I’m not going to say I love getting up at the ass-crack of dawn to run a 9-miler on a Wednesday before work (especially because E always picked those nights to wake up several times), but once I got up and got up there — I really enjoyed it. I think it really helped that I didn’t stress about how fast I was running. Sure, there were times when I upped my pace so I was pushing myself, but for the most part I turned up my iPod, peaced out, and just ran.


Those were some great runs.

2. Running a 20-miler solo.

The hardest run I did this summer was 20 miles –  by myself. It was mid-August and probably close to 95 degrees outside when I finished. I wanted to quit at mile 18.5. I completely bonked. I considered calling my family for them to come get me because I was THAT done, but I remembered that at dinner the night before the kids told me they didn’t think I COULD run 20 miles by myself. So, I sucked it up and finished. It was painful.

Having that experience in the back of my mine, pushed me to focus on nutrition and water during Chicago. I knew I could bonk and it could happen very quickly if I didn’t eat and drink enough. Without that experience I might not have grabbed a banana at mile 22 — or chugged that cup of water.

3. Running with a friend – a fast friend.

After running that 20-miler by myself, I was so ready to find a running buddy. At the time, Tyler couldn’t run Sundays and I couldn’t run Saturdays. It sucked. Thankfully, all of the stars aligned, Dan started a new job with weekends off (I’m still so excited about this!), and I was able to run with Tyler.


He’s also really good at playing ponies.

Now Tyler is 11 years younger than me and has waaaaaay more energy than me (although he does have a busy schedule) – yet, he still runs at my pace. Why? I’m not sure. I’m a good listener? He likes it when people whine to him? Whatever the reason, while he’ll run in my comfort zone, he’ll also push me to run faster at times. I need that push and as much as I bitch at him, I know I’m capable at going faster.


I’m planning on PRing the crap out of my half marathon time this spring – and Tyler is definitely part of that plan (as soon as he forgives me for posting that pony picture).

4. 1/4 Long Runs

I know I said I skipped speedwork – but one thing I did do, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND is 1/4 long runs (this is what I’m calling it – go with it). The first 3/4 of the run I would run at a normal long run pace (about a minute slower than race pace — for me this was between 10:20-10:40/mile) and then the last 1/4 I would pick it up and run race pace (9:30-9:40/mile). I didn’t necessarily do this every long run, but a good chunk of them. This approach was a huge confidence builder during my last 22-miler. I ran the last 6 miles on wet (it was pouring), tired legs at a 9:30 pace and it KICKED ASS. I did not feel ready for Chicago until that run.

5. Ice baths

Ice baths are….


But, they also helped me recover so much faster.


I didn’t ice bath after ever long run – just runs longer than 14 miles. I usually needed about 30lbs of ice and would shiver in it for 20+ minutes. The kids thought my torture was hilarious.

6. Running, running, and more running.

This is the non-expert, vague advice you were looking for, right?

When it comes down to it, just running and lots of it is what helped me PR. I peaked at 45 miles — I did a 5-mile recovery run, two 9-milers, and a 22-miler. That week kicked my ass, but I was 100% ready for it. I’ve always heard that if you want to run faster, you just need to run – and I didn’t necessarily understand it. But now, I kinda do. It’s still hard for me to run more than 5 days a week – but upping the mileage really did build up my endurance. I am not in my fastest half marathon shape right now — but I think I can easily get there.

7. Recovery Runs

I hated these runs with a passion. HATED. But, they were so important to my training. Most of my recovery runs were painful. I slogged for 5 miles the day after a long run – feeling it in my feet and in every leg muscle. Miraculously though, after that run I felt great. Instead of feeling like I just ran 18 miles the day before – my legs felt rested and ready to go. I will continue to do recovery runs for any future marathons (except this stupid marathon I’m running at the end of the month).

8. Cute Cheerleaders

Have cute people waiting for me at the finish line – and after every run, really, was a huge motivator.


Even if they would tell me how much I smelled after every run. That however, just made me realize that the people who love you the most are also the most honest.

9. Horrible training weather.

As much as I hated. HA-TED. running in the humidity this summer, it did nothing but help me.

I also ran 22-miler in the rain. I actually love running in the rain, but I’ve never run that far in it and I worried about slipping, chafing, and God knows what. Thankfully, that didn’t happen – I just looked like a drowned rat. And an idiot.


It was worth it – especially since up until race day, the weather-people-who-are-never-right were predicting rain — and it didn’t terrify me.

10. Running for Charity

Anytime I thought — I CANNOT DO THIS. I was reminded that there were millions of families that could not do this and mine was NOT one of them.


That’s pretty much the biggest kick in the ass you can give yourself, especially at mile 24.5.

11. Friends

They listened to me bitch and moan for 3 months – and they were super excited when I crushed my goal. That’s true friendship, if you ask me.




It’s also true friendship when they dress up with you on Halloween.

12. Luck

Who am I kidding?  You can have the most perfect training cycle and a million things could go wrong on race day. It could have been hot. It could have rained. I could have gotten sick or sprained my ankle waiting around the city. My kids could have boycotted sleep (oh wait…). As much as you can train for a marathon and feel 100% ready (although – does anyone feel ready?) — you can still have a horrible race. Me? I was lucky.

The big question I have now is — how will this training plan hold up with Space Coast (which I am no way looking forward to – why did I think a second marathon would be a brilliant idea?). While I am still running, it’s taken me a little bit to recover (oh, and I ran a half two weeks after my full — kinda dumb). It is mentally challenging me to put in higher miles – and I plan on capping my long run at 16. I’m going to get over this, right? I don’t plan on PRing, but my goal IS sub 4:30. And to have fun. Or something. Maybe my goal should be to complain less than 100 times on race day? That plans sounds more accurate.

Any tips for PRing?? What’s your dream race? Best Halloween costume?

Eating For A Cause {Taste Of The Nation Orlando 2014}

As you may or may not remember, last year I was Paula’s date to Taste of the Nation Orlando.

Well, this year – I signed on to be a Media Ambassador for Taste — and I brought a date of my own.

Ready to Taste the Nation!! #OrlTaste

I have to say, I have yet to be disappointed by this event. So much food. So many drinks. So little time. This year was no different.



Dan and I arrived at the World Marriott around 5:30 to check in early and take a media tour of the event. I have to say, I’m glad we did this because we were able to scope out the booths that we KNEW we wanted food from and ones we wanted to pass on. We also had the chance to meet Melissa d’Arabian (she was judging a taste off and repping for Food Network!). Unfortunately, she was running late and well – food called. I did get a picture from afar…


She seemed nice.

Speaking of food… I agree with Paula’s assessment – the food was just plain BETTER this year. The restaurants in attendance (many were repeats from last year) really brought their “A” game. I was truly SAD when I got full (and I mean FULL). The best part of this ENTIRE event?? The $$$ spent on the tickets go charity. All of the food and drinks are donated by the restaurants. So while the $150 is a little steep — it’s NOT being pocketed for profit. In fact, a record breaking $301,317 was raised that night. Yay!

Another perk of the night? I got to hangout with Paula, Cheyanne, and Katy.

Love these ladies! #orltaste #sofull



I did not drive home.

I think Dan had fun too.


He loves being adored.

As far as favorites go — I have to say Darden really BROUGHT IT (which surprises me slightly). Capital Grille was by far the best food and Bahama Breeze had the best drinks (fruit infused mojitos — Dan had a jalapeño pineapple mojito that was AMAZING) – although Tito’s was a pretty good second. Other favorites included K Wine Bar, Marlow’s Tavern, Calla Bella, and Disney’s Yacht Club (the last two were neck-to-neck with their scallops!).




This is what happens when you too busy making out with your food to take pictures.


There were also pirates.

I was a little (like teeny tiny) disappointed in the wine selection – except for the wine at the Longhorn booth (again – Darden spared no expense!). Most of the pours were tiny in comparison. Maybe it was me though? Maybe I looked like I didn’t NEED anymore wine? (it’s becoming abundantly clear that was probably the case as I look through my pictures ;)).

As for dessert… one word: DONUTS. Marriott whipped up some fresh and melt in your mouth cinnamon-sugar donut holes with dipping sauces. I’m not one for sweets, but I could definitely go for a few of those right about now!


I tried some of these too, but nothing compared to the donuts.

So in summary – I ate A LOT and I had so much fun being a Social Ambassador for Taste of the Nation OrlandoI’m beyond thrilled it was yet another great event that just keeps getting bigger and better every year. The best part (besides the amazing food – which by the way – was perfect after running a 15-miler!),was meeting some really great people doing amazing things for Orlando.


Especially Second Harvest! We’re looking forward to Family Night next week.

I’m looking forward to being involved with these organizations for a long time. Thanks to Share Our Strength and TOTN Orlando for the wonderful opportunity!

Things Lately

Hey, remember me? Is this thing on?


As you can probably tell, things have been…busy lately. Maybe busy isn’t the right word, because I swear I’m always busy. Hectic? Beyond busy? Chaotic? Yeah, that’s it. Needless to say, my life has been blowing up in front of my face — and for some reason I feel compelled to document it.

1. Rhode Island is GLORIOUS in the summer.




Today we got a little lost and ended climbing over rocks (cue anxiety!) before hitting the Cliff Walk. Still ended up chasing the sunrise with this amazing view. #seeonmyrun #newport #wooendorphins #sunrise




I could probably post 25 more images that look vaguely similar, but different than this. I was in Newport last week for work and while it sucked being away from my family – the rest of it really did not suck. Although, I think I said “I wish I was on vacation…” about 100 times a day.

While I was in Newport, I squeezed in some awesome runs with my coworker.




What’s funny is that this was taken at 5:30am — those are some EARLY sunrises!

I love that I work with people crazy enough to meet me at 5am for a good run! Both times we managed to hit the Cliff Walk at sunrise and both times is freaking amazing. The second day, however, we got a little lost and I ended up climbing over rocks with a very apparent look of terror on my face.


I’m a wuss. 

The last night we were there we took a group trip to the Cliff Walk and it turns out that Woody Allen was shooting a movie.


All of that lighting was for the movie.

We didn’t see him (nor did we really care to), but we did see Emma Stone. Truthfully, it was more exciting to hang out in the beautiful weather, with my coworkers. You can tell we were having a horrible time. The weather was just terrible.




Oh, I ate a eat gigantic lobster along with some mussels and clams. Give me alllll of the New England food, please.


Newport, why must you be so fantastic? *sigh*

2. Girl’s Night Out happened. Again.


For the 3rd year in a row, a bunch of us got together, got silly, and drank waaaay too much.

This year we went to a super secret speakeasy (which, I loved – maybe I’m a hipster?), a rooftop bar where I managed to tweak my knee dancing (don’t ask), a bar where one of my friends almost won a twerking content (technically she did win because we got free shots), and a club/tattoo parlor (?) with stripper poles.






I don’t even recall taking half of these pictures. For more fun check out Paula’s post...

3. The Girls’ Night Out plague is REAL.

The first year we went out, I ended up with an ear infection and a horrible summer cold. Last year,was just NOT a good year for a bunch of us. I was in a postpartum/baby haze, so I don’t really remember details. This year was GREAT, until we got home. One person has pink eye, another ended up with a stomach virus. While I didn’t get sick – B came home with stomach issues and E ended up with Coxsackie virus (OMG THIS VIRUS IS SO HORRIBLE).

What sucks? Coxsackie virus What doesn't suck? Hanging out with this guy. Just wish it was for a happier reason.

Poor baby.


It does not keep him from being adorable though.

This week was exhausting. But it was worth it. Well, the hanging out with my ladies was worth it. The kids being sick though? Totally sucks.

Oh and one side effect of this whole ordeal is that E refuses to nurse (can’t blame him) — so we might be done. I’m still pumping (barely any milk) in the morning and at night – just in case this is a strike (he still loves the milk), but it’s not looking good. I never thought I’d wean this early (it’s early for me!) and without any kind of warning. My Dr. wasn’t kidding when he said “third kids tend to be a bit of a wild card.” The saddest/possibly most ironic part is that it’s during World Breastfeeding Week. Sigh. Bad timing.

4. I found myself a long-run running buddy!

Cut back week! 10 miles with Tyler. Running buddies are the best.

It’s funny because even though Tyler and have raced together — I never thought to harass him to come run with me. Although I think we are very similar in that we don’t necessarily NEED to run with anyone, but the company is always nice. He’s also training for Space Coast (you know that OTHER marathon I am running this year?).



I actually had to change this writing my post because I received a donation from my aunt that tipped me over. Wooooo-hoo! One less thing to worry about. Now I just have to worry about running that race. #cuepanic

But in all seriousness — THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who have donated! I can’t wait to share my Chicago Marathon experience with all of you.

6. I finally FINALLY cut my damn hair.

Suddenly, I feel 5 yrs younger and 10lbs lighter. I also feel kinda like a douche taking a selfie in these sunglasses.

I’ve been procrastinating – but the last time I had my hair done was in JANUARY. I love it though and I love my stylist. She is seriously the best.

I’ve gotten a little wiser and scheduled my next appointment already. It’s 2 days before I leave for Chicago. I might have to go a little crazy… hmmmm.

7. If you need a good dystopian book to read, I’m currently reading/rereading the MaddAddam trilogy. I’m pretty sure I read Oryx and Crake years ago — but I have book amnesia.


Apparently, it’s going to be a series on HBO, so you should read it now and throw in your friends faces when they get addicted to the series and want to know what happens. Not that I would do that.

And with that… it’s 9pm and time for bed. I have 14 miles in the morning, Taste of the Nation Orlando tomorrow night, and a whole bunch of other stuff in between.

What’s the last book you read? Where’s your favorite place to vacation?