That Time I Went To A Taping Of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Something kind of miraculous occurred on Monday… I snagged two tickets to see the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon — for the next day.


I checked the site (ok, I was stalking the site) and all of a sudden there were tickets available for Tuesday. I know I said I was bad at the internet, but somehow it all worked out!

My heart was about to leap out of my chest while I entered my information and I’m pretty sure I didn’t breath until I received confirmation. As you can imagine, I was OUT OF MY MIND excited. Maybe not as excited as a having a baby, getting married, or seeing a positive pregnancy test — BUT CLOSE.

Of course, my excitement was briefly halted when Dan reminded me we had three kids who needed to be picked up at three separate locations while we were at the taping.


I wasn’t going to let that stop me though and it didn’t. Thankfully, my dad came to the rescue. I seriously OWE him and Wanda! After we figured out those logistics, we were good to go (thankfully, work was flexible for both of us!).

So, on Tuesday morning we dropped the kids off and headed out to Universal Orlando Resort for a day sitting around and being reminded that taking your kids to a theme park (and really on vacation in general) is HARD WORK (seriously, watching these families on vacation was exhausting).

I had heard conflicting reports on picking up tickets for the Tonight Show, and we didn’t know WHAT to believe. The reservations say that you need to be there between 10-2 to pick up your tickets — BUT that they always oversell and it’s first come, first serve. However, I knew from Twitter that they ended up having extra tickets for Monday’s show that they were just giving them away around 2:30. We also weren’t sure if the tickets were distributed based on when you arrived or if they were pre-assigned, so we took a casual approach and arrived early, but not TOO early.


This was the halfway point.

Apparently there were people who got there at 6:30 to get in line!  We got there around 9:45 and waited about an hour after they started distributing tickets. The girls in front were super nice and they nicely took pictures of us and didn’t try to run away with our phones.

Hello boob sweat.

Turns out the tickets were pre-assigned (which really sucked for the people who got there at 6:30) and once we grabbed out tickets from the REALLY AMAZINGLY NICE Tonight Show Staff – who have probably had to put with idiots for days – we just hung out in City Walk for a few hours.

We started at Starbucks, drinking our $4 water and bonded with a few other Jimmy Fallon fans. For lunch, we tried Red Oven Pizza Bakery which was surprisingly well priced AND very tasty.

Dan and I both ordered the Alla Benno — a red pizza with mozzarella, jalapenos, pineapple, and prosciutto. Honestly, we SHOULD have ordered just one pizza, but thinking “we’re at a theme park – that’s probably only enough to feed one person.” WRONG. It was good we stuff ourselves silly though (we both ate all but one piece) because we didn’t really eat dinner last night and we were in NO WAY hungry during the taping of the show.

After lunch, we walked around for a bit and checked out some of the City Walk stores.


So cute.

I haven’t been to Universal in YEARS (I think the last time I was there was when B was 1 — 7 years ago.) and it looks like they are giving a huge (and much needed face lift). Still there though, was Margaritaville. We figured — well, Jimmy Buffet IS a guest on the show tonight, it’s only fitting that we stop by and have a margarita or two.


Somehow the afternoon just flew by and before we knew it we were doing some last minute prep for the show.



The doors opened at 4 and the show pretty much started at 4:45 when the doors closed. They cautioned us to use the rest room before we went through security (otherwise, you’re peeing your pants) and to not be late. No pressure.

We quickly made it through security (again – nicest people) and hung out for 10 minutes or so before we went inside. No cameras were allowed (and they are SERIOUS about that rule – the girl in front of us snuck in a few – but she got caught) so this was the last picture I got…


As for the show itself — it was really a lot of fun. We had GREAT SEATS —  Row E, seats 36 and 37. I’d be surprised if you saw us on camera since we were kind of tucked away, but it was perfect viewing for the interviews and even the monologue.

Once we got seated, we watched clips of the show and then Seth Herzog came on and warmed us up for about 15 minutes. He then introduced The Roots (AH-MAZING) who then did a little song and dance for us.  They played a few songs and then introduced Higgins.

The crowd was giddy and high on laughter at that point so Jimmy’s introduction just crazy. He could not get us to stop clapping. He must feel like such a damn rock star after these shows!! Also, he’s even cuter in person (although, I’m not sure Dan would agree).

As for the show itself, it just flew by. It was really interesting to see what goes on when they go to break – mostly makeup touch ups and camera redirection. Jimmy talked to the audience a few times to let us know what was happening next – and while he was doing promos for different broadcasts. He did 6 of those and did not mess up once. Actually, for the entire show he only had to do one retake, which I thought was REALLY impressive (especially because he could NOT hold it together on back in the day on SNL). Overall, the vibe on set was fun but you can tell that Jimmy and the crew really bust their ass to get the show done.

My favorite part of the show was when they revealed this clip….

We were all in tears – and Kevin Hart really WAS terrified. Also, he was so adorable. I wanted to pick him up and put him in my pocket. He’s 5’1 – it could happen.

After the taping they let us out into the park (Universal – not Islands of Adventure, which would have been more exciting for me because… Harry Potter) and said we could stay and “play” until Jimmy Buffet took the stage (around 9) OR you know, go home. Which is what we did, mainly because Jimmy Buffet isn’t REALLY our thing and we were freaking EXHAUSTED! Plus, you know – we have those kids :) We were so tired, we haven’t actually watched to see if we were even on the show yet. I am assuming not, but honestly I was happy we got that seats over being on camera.

Overall, it was a really great experience and I’m glad I stalked for tickets for weeks on end like a crazy person. I also learned a valuable lesson…Sometimes acting like a crazy person gets you things you really want and a day off with work to hang out with your husband.

If YOU’RE reading this because you have tickets to see Jimmy — get ready to wait, but know that it will be worth it!! I can’t wait to go see Jimmy in NY… someday.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done because you REALLY wanted something?

Who Searches For This Stuff???

The internet is a strange place. Now, I’m not knocking it – I willingly put myself on it and I’ve met some really awesome people (who I now actually hang out with in real life), but admit it, it can be creepy, weird, and just plain funny sometimes.

For example, I got an email tonight from Twitter (who knew Twitter could email?) letting me know about all the great things happening on there. They sent me some stories (mostly about the GOP, which I found odd. Do I follow a lot of Republicans? Fess up peeps.) and some tweets that I might have missed. Like these.


Wow Twitter, thanks! Glad I didn’t miss out on that tweet.

Then there are the keyword searches. I know Paula and Jackie have done some posts on these – and Katy used to post them every Friday, but it never fails to amuse me how people “find” me. Again, sometimes they are weird, strange, and creepy:




Other times I just feel bad for them. I ,obviously, was not who (or what) they were looking for.




(No, I’m just the bitch in this house!)

And then sometimes you question if people know how to use Google at all. When they click on the same image 4 times in 6 minutes you start to wonder (and yes, this happens frequently).


Then there are my friends. People frequently search for Paula. Or someone name Paula Michelle, who runs in Miami and is obviously totally awesome.


They also search for Paula’s blog.


It makes me want to tell them that all they have to do is add a .com and they’ll be there. And that they are doing it wrong.

And then there are momjovi’s toes.


Whoever searched for her toes then stayed on MY blog for 10 minutes.  I wonder if they ever found them?? I’m not sure if I should thank her or not?

My top 3 search terms are not as exciting — crazy running legs (shocking!), discussion for In the Garden of the Beasts (it’s probably the MOST search for term – just in different variations), and running inspiration. Not sure how that last one got in there, but that’s probably my favorite.:)

What’s the weirdest thing YOU’VE searched for? If you have a blog, what’s the weirdest search time you’ve seen? 

Confession Wednesday: I’m An Idiot and Other Random Confessions

So funny story…

Today my co-worker, Jackie, mentioned that she’s now connected on Linked In to an old customer. It actually reminded me that I haven’t checked Linked In in a while, so I decided to log in. Next thing I know I clicked on some screen and sent 46 invites to people who are connected to my gmail account.

Screen shot 2012-02-22 at 6.56.10 PM

Seriously, I’m an idiot. While some of these are people I’d want to be connected to anyways – some are people I’ve never met or parents of B’s classmates. Some of people I’ve emailed for other reasons – like creating birthday favors (i.e. Etsy).

Super awesome!

So far only the people I would have sent an invite to have accepted (I’m up to about 12 people). But really, how embarrassing!

In other, somewhat idiotic news, I went running last night after eating dinner. The run wasn’t bad and the weather was gorgeous. It was nice and leisurely. However, around mile 3 I thought I was going to puke up my dinner and I also noticed that my middle toe was hurting – in a weird way. I pushed through and ended up running a respectable 5 miles in 47 minutes (and no puking ensued!). I wasn’t until after I got home, checked my email, and updated my Daily Mile status that I noticed this.


Gross. Yes, that is a bloody shoe. (PS -hope you weren’t eating while you were reading this) And my entire foot was bloody as well.

Apparently, I bled buckets while running because my toenail, which grew at an awkward pointy angle, was digging in my 2nd toe. It hurt – but it probably should have hurt more. And it’s totally fine today. Oddly, I’m more annoyed that I have blood on my NEW shoe. Running is a strange and wonderful thing.

Speaking of strange and wonderful…this guy is adorable (I’m biased).


He’s going to the dentist tomorrow and told us (more than once, I might add) that, “If he doesn’t have any cavities again he’s going to get a gold tooth.”  Who has this boy been talking to? Lil’ Wayne?

Any confessions you want to make?? Ever sent an embarrassing email? An old co-worker (and my project manager at the time) once sent an email addressed to “Booby” instead of “Bobby.” Still makes me laugh.

Things That Make Me Laugh – Part II

Sometimes I think that Tuesdays are HARDER than Mondays to get through. At least on Mondays you get to catch up with your co-workers or friends. Tuesday is just lame.

So to get you through this day…I’m bringing you a little funny. Or at least things that I think are funny…

Modern Family Outtakes (I can’t find Season 1 – but here are the ones from Season 2)

Barefoot Foodie’s emails to Andy

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 8.35.10 PM

Suri’s Burn Book

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 8.21.11 PM

Go Fug Yourself’s Fug the Show: Ringer Recaps

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 8.42.12 PM

How I Met Your Mother Outtakes – Season 6

Television Without Pity (TWop) – My FAVORITE site for TV recaps and reviews

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 8.20.42 PM

and of course Damn You Auto Correct still makes laugh till I cry. Everytime.


What’s been making you laugh lately??

Hope your Tuesday isn’t lame!!