Pre-Planning Planning

I’m not always Type A, but when I decide to commit to something, I go all in.


Maybe “all in” isn’t the term I’m looking for… more like obsessed? It’s like I can’t stop my brain from trying to plan for the future. What’s funny is that I’m really not all that obsessive about small details. So I don’t stress about things like what day an event is, how I’m going to there, or what time I need to be there (this drives my husband insane), but I do like to have a general perspective on what’s going on during the week, month, year, etc. I’m a big picture person and I like to set goals and accomplish them. Sometimes.

And by perspective I mean – spend hours and hours doing research. Obsessive, research. And I love every minute of it.


Truthfully, I love doing research, especially comparative research. It’s partially why I love my career – and also why I love Google so much. I will Google the crap out of anything. Sidenote: Need something Googled? Let me know.

The best part? My love for research carries over into running.


In fact, even though training for Chicago doesn’t start until June/July  – I am totally geeking out over here researching training plans.


Kinda like Jimmy Fallon and this lamb goat. Well, not really — I just really wanted to share this gif. Edited: Kara informed that it’s actually a GOAT. Derp.

I don’t know what my time goal is going to be (OK, I’m lying – my goal is sub 4:15 – but I would be happy with a sub-4:30 because… PR), and I don’t know what kind of speed work I want to incorporate. I SO know that I want to try a 4-day running schedule (like time I did 3 days) – with at least one day of cross training, if not two.

So these are some of the training schedule I’m currently looking into:

I’m actually NOT opposed to hiring a coach – because isn’t it GREAT to have someone hold you accountable???

I am also mentally trying to easy my way into “training season.” I think my biggest challenge is going to be waking up EARLY on a Sunday without a running group. I also want to do at least one longer run during the week (7-9 miles), so I’m going to try to figure out which morning works best.

So, as you can see, I am pre-planning planning.

What makes you nerd out??? Any marathon plans or maybe a coach you can recommend??

Marathon Talk

When I crossed the finish-line in Savannah 2 years ago (wow, has it really been that long?), I wasn’t DYING to run another marathon. I was disappointed in my marathon experience (mostly miles 20-24) and knew that I would run another one someday, just not right that second. Or year.

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 8.37.39 PM

I also knew, for various reasons, that I wanted that second marathon to be Chicago.


Not only is this lady from Chicago, but I’ve never been. Plus, I’ve heard the crowd support is like no other… and I definitely THRIVE on crowd support. Bonus — the whole family will be there. Yes, I want to drag all FIVE of us to Chicago. My kids need to see The Bean, right?

A glimpse of things to come. #trouble

Traveling with me when I’m almost 18 months old seems like an excellent idea. Bwhahahaha.

So, the plan was pitched. Chicago in 2014. This gave me time to get pregnant (check!) and have a baby (check check!). And maybe get some sleep (ummm… sure).

And then yesterday the race organizers made an announcement. The Chicago Marathon was going to be a lottery.


And not just that… there is guaranteed entry for those who qualify (3:45 for women, 3:15 for men — which, in case you’re new here, that is not me) and those who have run the race 5 times in the past 10 years (also, not me). Nothing was said about how many lottery spots there would be (probably because they don’t know at this point). All I could think was — this going to be another NY marathon. AKA a race I will never get into, although not from a lack of trying.

Paula and I briefly discussed the likelihood that we would BOTH be chosen to run it — and realistically I think those chances are small. And also, I’m not that lucky.

However, I am determined. We aren’t going to let some lottery system determine what we can and can’t race together! Paula still might apply to run it — but I’m skipping that whole lottery business. Yeah, my heart is set. I’m running it for charity.


I haven’t decided which one quite yet, although there are a few at the top of my list. (Have you run for any of these charities? Let me know!)I actually feel a little relief with this decision and excitement. And while $1000 is a lot of money to raise, I think I can do it.

However, that’s not the end of the story. In “I might be crazy news” I also want to run a local(ish) marathon. I’m currently leaning towards either the Jacksonville Bank Marathon or Space Coast. Space Coast is the closest, but it’s notoriously warm in November because… well, it’s Florida.I guess Celebration could be on that list too — depending on how next weekend’s race goes.

Point is, I have big plans to run TWO marathons in the next 12 months. And while I’m not ready to talk goals and time — one of these marathons is going to be a PR. I also know that also one of these marathons is going include a picture just like this….


Maybe with even cuter throw-away sweatshirts.

So basically… I’m really excited about running for charity, running two marathons, and really just running. Lots of running. And also writing the word “marathong.” That never gets old.

Confession Wednesday: Marathon Edition

Remember how I was going to stop writing about the marathon when I finished the marathon? Well, Paula told me that I should milk it until AT LEAST the end of the week. So blame her for this post :)

When I decided to run a marathon earlier this year I went in with a few preconceived notions. And a WHOLE lot of “what the hell was I thinkings?” Over the months and months (and MONTHS) of training – I’ve realized that signing up for a marathon is like being pregnant. You think you know it all. Training for the marathon is like having a baby and realizing you have NO idea what you got yourself into. And then comes the marathon. I’d like to think it’s like watching your baby graduate. The outcome of the training can go into many different directions during the race. Some you have control over with your training. Some you can’t anticipate or even train for.

So now that I’m a graduate — there are a few things I’d like to get a few things off my chest. Hope you don’t mind…

Sometimes “short” long runs, can be harder than the “long” long runs.
I really had no issues with the 18-20+ mile runs. I actually looked forward to them! But the 14-milers?? Woah. Sometimes those runs killed me. Maybe it’s psychological or maybe it’s because we generally ran harder during the short runs, but I was really beat up after some of them! That is one thing I DID NOT expect.


I still hate speedwork – but I LOVE Yasso 800s.
800 meters are my jam. Who would have thought?


Also the jam? Bart Yasso. He  is the man.

I cannot find my tempo to save my life.
I think I ran maybe one actual tempo run – where each mile was at the same pace as the previous. As I would type “Tempo Week XX” in Daily Mile each Tuesday I would feel like a fraud. So, I was REALLY surprised to see how consistently I ran during the race.

Running amnesia exists.
I vaguely remember the heat and humidity of this summer – even though it last for MONTHS and it was intense. The only thing I really remember about how uncomfortable the running was is being able to wring out my clothes with sweat at a water stop — after only running 2 miles. Seriously.


You can actually ENJOY marathon training.
Call me crazy, but I mostly enjoyed the last 5 months of training. The schedule gave me focus and the race gave me a goal. That is SO up my alley!


There is such a thing as training for “too long.”
5 months of training for one race is just REALLLLLLY long. Since it was my first marathon, I didn’t really know what I was getting into and I think I peaked too soon. I burned out in the last month and I was not pushing my weekly (shorter) runs hard enough. If/when I do it again, I may train for a similar amount of time, but I will take the first few months easy. I will gradually ease into the speedwork/hills/tempo runs. I won’t start out full throttle like I did this time.

Your appetite doesn’t have to increase.

I’ve heard so many stories about people gaining weight during training and having an increase in appetite, so what’s wrong with me? Sure, I had hungry days here and there – but nothing insane. I also didn’t lose weight (I probably gained a few lbs – maybe more muscle related?) – so I guess I was doing something right. Or maybe I’m just lucky. Everything in moderation!


There may not be tears.
Whenever I thought about crossing the finish line in Savannah I would tear up. Get a little ferklempt. Yet, while I was IN Savannah that didn’t happen. AT ALL. I imagined myself bawling once I crossed – and instead I just wanted a banana, a beer, and to sit down. Sitting never felt so good!

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 8.37.08 PM

 Have you ever had any preconceived notions that surprised you? Anything you have to confess?

It’s Time

153 days

65 runs

480 miles

And over 80 hours of running

I’m ready — I’ve GOT THIS.

I’ve even got my “Marathong” on…


Doesn’t that look comfortable?

I’m going to become a sappy fool for a moment… I know it’s just a race, but I would have never ever dreamed about running a marathon when I was younger. I was the non-athletic one. The one who cheered from the sidelines but never had the drive to play sports myself. In some ways, I run to prove to that girl that I CAN do it — and to tell everyone I know that ANYONE can do it if you put your heart into it.

Lastly, I wouldn’t have made it through this training (sanely) without my support team, including all of you. My heart is so, so thankful!

To everyone running Savannah today, have a wonderful race. Finish strong!!

It’s time to make 26.2 miles my b*tch.


The first stage in running a marathon is denial

I’m trying to accept the fact that it is Wednesday, but it’s not sticking.

I’m trying to accept that we are leaving for Savannah tomorrow and I’m not ready. My stuff isn’t packed. Things aren’t sorted out. There’s still a ton of stuff around the house I need to do.

Total denial.


I think I’d rather stay here for a little bit though…because we all know the next step.


Yep. Panic. And…I’m almost there. It’s all going to work out in the end, right?